Honey, I'm coming for you!

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Dylan's p o v:

Finally, everything felt right, everything was going as planned. Soon, Danny would be back to see her father, giving me my golden chance to catch her. Once we would have her, Nick would be hapless, and all his world-changing plans would be washed away.  I couldn't help but enjoy the renewed sense of satisfaction that I had gotten by punching that worthless piece of shit. My knuckles were pulsating with ache, but even then, my smile never faded. Damn, the knuckle dusters must have got him pretty well.

My phone started ringing. I checked the caller ID, Dad. Why would Dad call this late hour of the night? It was almost 3. I picked it up, "Was sup dad? Insomnia? Don't you have a drug for it?", I chuckled.

"Dylan, get your ass up at the dock. And don't even try to kid with me now.", he yelled at me and cut the call. I knew for sure, it was something damn serious. I grabbed my jacket and car keys. I drove the car as fast as I could towards our warehouse near the dock. When I reached there, I was sent into a Dad's office. Thomas was already present standing beside Dad and his right hand, Martinez, all their faces having a don't-mess-with-me look. 

"What the hell happened?", I asked them.

"It's the second time in the past 2 weeks.", Martinez was the first to speak. I wasn't able to understand what he was talking about. Seeing my confusion, Thomas decided to fill me in.

"We've been busted."


"Drugs to Hugo were supposed to be delivered today, but the cops got hint about it and the warehouse was raided.", Martinez added.

"And this is happening the second time?"

"Yes, the first time was last to last Sunday.", he replied.

"A spook amongst us?", I asked him.

"Seems like that, because the detailed address of the warehouse, it's map, where we hide our stuff, exact time of deal, every minute detail was known to the cops. Has to be a spook.", Martinez complied with my theory.

"Who are the new guys who have been employed in these last few weeks? ", my dad finally spoke up.

"Draco, Paulo, Cullum and Bradshaw", Martinez promptly replied, "and I forgot the last one, what was his name, Ric, Rico ... Ricoh yeah"

"Call them up, I would like to have a chat with them personally", he spoke with his eyes spiked with a thirst for blood. He removed his Glock 19 from his drawer, pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. Get ready for a bloody show.

4 guys stood there, all wearing the conventional black color meant for crime. One of them had his head dipped, sweat beads formed on his head. My dad walked over to them, I could feel the rise in tension in the atmosphere.

"Hello, my fellows.", he moved to the one who was shivering, "What's your name young one?"

"D..Draco", he stuttered because of my dad's intimidating personality.

"Draco, so did you have anything to do with the fizzle that happened today?", he coldly asked, "I'll ask this just once. If you love your life, answer me correctly."

"N..No sir", he stammered again


One down, three to go!

Neither Martinez, nor Thomas, or me flinched as the bullets left his gun. Within a span of 2 minutes all of them were sprawled on the ground, bullet-shots in the head. By now we were all so used to this ruthless side of dad, that I at least, practically didn't find it ruthless anymore.

"What about the last one? Ricoh right?", I asked Martinez.

"He's been sick for the past  few days.", something was definitely wrong here.

"How does he look?", I asked him.

"Tall, dark haired and brown eyes, long beard with moustache.", Martinez described me fully the appearance of that Ricoh guy.


"Around yours."

"Where do you think I would find him now?"

"Home, it's right by that famous Cathedral, second turn to the left.", Martinez replied.

"I'll go pay him a visit", I announced.

"I'll come with you", Thomas said.

Both of us made way to my car. I keyed in and the engine roared to life.

"So, what happened between Nick and you?", Thomas asked me.

"Nothing much. Chit-Chat that's all", I grinned.

"Erickson, chit-chat? You mean punches and kicks?", he snorted.

"Something like that. So, our secret is still safe right? That girl?"

"No, Elena has no clue that I work with you.", he replied.

"That's good. She is the key to complete the story of the Carlson's", I informed him, "Damn precious. You know that right?"

"Yes", his voice going meek. This girl was making the mighty Thomas a pussy. "Did he say anything? What he and that cop are up to?", he changed the topic.

"Nope, nothing at all. But I have a hunch this busting has something to do with him."

"What? How's that even possible?"

"When was he first seen in town?", I waited for his answer.

"Last to last Sunday", he spoke up realization dawning upon him, "The day of the first raid."

"My point. This Ricoh's description perfectly matches him too, tall dark haired. I know there are millions fitting this description, but those millions don't hold a grudge against us right?"

"Dylan you do make sense. Costing us loss of millions of dollars, getting half our men caught, our goods taken away. It is something Nick could do as a favor to cops."

"Exactly, he is like cancer. Stealthily, he is spreading and causing harm without our knowledge, but right under our nose. But it's time for chemotherapy now.".

I pushed the brakes and the car came to a halt, tyres screeching. Both of us got down and made a dash to the house, that was all quiet and dark. There seemed to be no inhabitation here. I stood in front of the door, gun in hand, kicked it hard causing it to break and fall down, a bang resounding the air. Thomas followed suit. It was pitch dark inside, so I walked taking support of the wall hoping to find the switches. I finally located the switches, turning them on and flooding the room with lights.   

The house was empty, not a single cupboard or piece of furniture or even a piece of paper for that matter. My doubts were slowly turning into solid proofs.

"There is nothing here. Is it the right house?", he shouted from the other end of the hallway. I climbed up the stairs, and broke into the other rooms, searching for anything that could help me, anything that could prove to me that my hunch was not just a hunch. But to my disappointment, the house was a clean chit. While moving towards the staircase, I heard a crunching sound. There was a small crumpled chit of paper. I bent down and picked it up. It had an address written on it. No name or anything, a plain address.

I read it again because it seemed really familiar. One second, wasn't this the area where my guys had lost track of the evanescent Danny. Voila, jackpot!!

"What are you doing here Dylan?", Thomas was standing by my side, "There is nothing here."

"There is never nothing Thomas, there is always something, always.", I wittily replied.

"What's this?"

"Danielle's address.", I cheekily spoke, "Honey, I'm coming for you."

*****Author's note*****

 So again two chapters, as I said I don't want to mingle pov's. But this was a super important chapter. I hope you guys like it. Please comment and vote.