It is for the best...

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Elena's p o v:

"Nick Carlson, leave this room right now, I don't think you'd want me to call the cops.", my dad spoke with clenched teeth. He took an intimidating step towards us. His eyes flickered to our intertwined hands. I tried to pull away my hand from Nick's, but he only tightened the grip.  

Nick didn't make any attempt to move. He simply stood up from the stool, almost blocking my view. He slowly turned to face my dad, but his hand never left mine.

I could see my dad's face contort with anger, and the next thing I knew was that they were standing toe to toe, with my dad's hand lifted, ready to punch Nick.

"Dad, wait! Let me explain", I screamed.

"Elle, you stay out of this", dad shouted at me.

"It wasn't completely his fault but...", I continued.

"I don't give a damn. All I care is he is standing upright, while you are lying on a hospital bed, bandaged.", Dad was now staring at me, I could see a mixture of anger, pain and worry in his eyes.

"Nick, I think you should leave", I told Nick, taking my eyes of my dad.

"Lena, I'm not going anywhere.", he said blatantly.

"Nick, leave, please", I pleaded him, because I knew that if he stayed any longer, my dad would eventually either call the police or manhandle him himself. I didn't want any of it.

He hesitated initially, but he took one look at me and he knew how serious I was. So, he spoke up, "Take care Lena, I'll see you tomorrow."

Before I could respond dad yelled, "Tomorrow? There is no tomorrow. You are never seeing her again."

"Stop me if you can", with that he stormed towards the door, taking one last look at me.  

Now, I could see all of them. Meg stood there with her arms folded across her chest glaring at me. I flinched at the amount of anger and disppointment in her eyes.

My mom slowly started making her way to the bed.

"Sweetie, how are you feeling?", she spoke up, her voice hoarse from crying probably. I felt guilty suddenly for having caused so much trouble to them. But it wasn't my fault exactly. How was I supposed to expect a surprise blow on my head?

"I'm fine mom, don't worry", I tried assuring her.

"Fine? You're fine? You've been out for the past 12 hours. Do you have any idea how much blood you've lost?", Meg shouted at me.

"She's right. You have no clue how worried we've been. Your mom has been crying inconsolably since the past 12 hours, afraid that she would lose you. Meg hasn't eaten a morsel of food praying that you'll open your eyes. I have been standing for the past 12 hours running from one floor to another, talking to anyone and everyone appearing out of your room, hoping to get some good news.", dad continued, "And when we come here, what do we find? Nick kissing you? The reason for you lying here on a hospital bed kissing you?"

"Dad, please it's not like that. He isn't at fault.", I was crying now.

"So now you decide to take his side huh?", Meg came over to my other side.

"I'm not taking anybody's side. I'm just stating the truth. he had nothing to do with it", tears were flowing down my cheeks. My head started to hurt a bit.

"What is the truth Elle? Are you trying to tell us that all of a sudden, out of the blue, two gangsters appearing out of thin air and trying to kill you is a mere coincidence? Ohh not to forget that Nick was right by your side too!", Meg howled at me.