Finally a new friend...

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Picture of Andrew Thomas----->

Elena's p o v:

Soon enough, the bell rang. I packed my bags putting all the books inside. I went up to the door when I saw Andrew following me, " So, you do like Math huh?"

"Like? Love would be more appropriate.", I added.

"Nerdy much?", he smirked.

"You could say that. Stay away before the bug bites you",I stated.

He chuckled. He was walking by my side when I saw Meg rushing to us, "Andrew Thomas?"

He nodded.

"I'm Megan Reynolds, the president of the welcoming committee. Actually we are short of volunteers today, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a while before we find you someone to show you around the campus."

"Well, Elena could do it. I mean if you don't mind it.", he asked me.

"Ya, that would be great Elle!", Meg beamed.

"Frankly speaking, I don't think you'd want to be associated with me.", I said, "Unless you're fond of being at the bottom of the social ladder."

"You know, I'd rather be associated with people, humans like you then with animated sticks!", he said pointing to Amy.

That was it. Anybody who hates Amy and Jason makes it to my friends list.

"I'd love to show you around, Andrew", I giggled.

I went to my locker placing all my things inside. Surprisingly both of us had an almost same schedule, leaving a few periods. We had a free period now and then lunch break later.

We started walking, I pointed to different things and explained him the school's working. I also told him about the populars. I showed him the different rooms, dance room, music room, gym and some others.

We'd reached the football ground. He started walking towards the bleachers. I saw two guys already seated there.

I was walking looking at them trying to figure out who those two were afraid that they would be one of the populars. Suddenly, I slipped. I yelped. I felt a strong pair of hands drape around my waist. Andrew steadied me.

"Are you ok?", he asked me. I nodded but my eyes fell on the guys sitting on the bleachers. Nick and Riley McCain, Nick's best buddy since mid-school sat there, their faces turned towards us.

I saw Nick's eyes glare at Andrew's hand around my waist.

I quickly regained my position and thanked him.

"Hey Elle, wassup?", Riley spoke up. He was a tall, well built guy. He had blond hair, crew cut and his eyes were a shade of light blue.

Ever since Nick left, Riley tried to help me face the bullies feeling it as his duty to protect me. But with time, he understood that there was no point since they were too innovative.

But nevertheless, he always helped me if he was around. "I'm good..How was your trip to Vegas?", I smiled at him climbing the stairs of the bleachers with Andrew in my tow.

"Ow, it was fantastic. Rick has been asking for you. He misses your chocolate chip cookies.", he spoke up. Rick was Riley's kid brother who I used to play with, when I used to accompany Nick to Riley's place.

But somehow, I had managed to maintain contacts with them even after all that had happened.

"I've been a bit busy with work and stuff. But I'll definitely try to swing by next week.", I told him.