Once upon a time...

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Elena's p o v:

"Ah", I heard a loud bloodcurdling scream. My eyes drifted to the direction from where the sound came.

"Did you hear that? What's is going on there?", I asked Andrew who stood there as bemused as me. I quickly got down from the hood of the car and clasped the frills of my dress, I ran down towards the beach. I saw 3 goons beating up a guy who could hardly stand. Before I could run any further, Andrew grasped my hand, "I don't think it's safe to go there."

"Andrew, that guy might just die. I can't stand here and watch a fellow die in front of me."

"I'll go", with that he ran towards the men. I couldn't make out from this distance what was going on there, but it appeared as if he was conversing with them. He suddenly punched one of them and the rest of them ran away, carrying the guy who Andrew just punched. Seeing them run, I made my way towards the hurt man. He was lying on the beach shore, wet and bleeding. I turned his body and what I saw was something I'd never ever expected to see. I shouted to Andrew, my hands shaking with fear, "Andy, call 911, immediately!!"

"Do you know him?"

"Yes, he's Nick's father, Tom", I spoke up, my voice almost as a whisper.

"Oh my god, ambulance will be here soon, don't worry, everything will be fine.", he tried calming me down but I sure as hell knew it wasn't working. I tried hard to control the tears that were threatening to fall. For the past 2 years, there had been no news of his existence, and now when I had finally found him, he lay on the verge of dying. He was Nick's only parent, Nick's world, how could Nick ever survive this? I heard the noise of the ambulance. Few people rushed to the spot and picked him up from the ground placing him on a stretcher. The medicos got to work, piercing needles and pipes into his lifeless body, wrapping bandages on his wound.

"Common Andrew, let's go", I grabbed his hand and took him to his car. We followed the ambulance to the City hospital. I called up Nick in the meantime.

"Hello", he spoke up sleepily.

"Nick, it's me", I spoke between sobs.

"Lena, are you ok?"

"It's Uncle Tom, rush to the City Hospital, please."

"I'll be there. Just tell me, is he alive?"

"I think", I doubtfully replied, and the phone line died.

Andrew and I got down and followed the stretcher. It turned towards the Operation Theatre. A doctor came up, "Doctor, is he going to be ok?", I asked him worriedly.

"I can't say anything right now. But we'll definitely try our best. Are you his daughter?"

"No, I'm his son's friend. He was my neighbor."

"Oh, have you informed his son?"

"Yes, he'll be here soon"

"Ok, just ask him to approach Nurse Meyers. he'll have to fill some documents.", I nodded and with that the doctor went inside the room.

I stood there eagerly waiting for any form of news.

"Lena", I heard Nick call my name. He ran towards me, his face dripping with concern and worry, "Where is dad?"

"He's undergoing an operation right now.", I replied.

"How did you find him?"

"Andrew and I were by the beach side and all of a sudden I heard this agonizing scream. There were 3 goons beating up your father. Andrew rushed and saved him."

Nick's body was throbbing with anger, "You're not hurt right?"

"I'm fine. But I'm just scared for Uncle Tom.", I spoke up, tears finally made their way out, fear overpowering my will to stay strong. Nick moved towards me, his arms were placed gently on my shoulders.