Run baby run!

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Elena's p o v:

I couldn't believe my eyes.


And I was standing here, half naked in front of him and calling him my saviour while in the past two years, my life had become a nightmare only because of him. Infact today I was in that situation only because of him. Way to Go Elle!

I took a few steps away from him.  

He cleared his throat to get my attention and then smiled feebly, "Hey!"

Ok, was that 'hey' supposed to mean, 'Hey, Let's see how many bullets does it take to kill you' or 'Hey, let's play a shooting game with your head as the target'.

 I knew I was over-reacting and probably being melodramatic as well.

But, he was  a murderer who had spent 2 years in a rehabilitation centre somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

And most importantly, I was alone with him, right beside his car, away from the beach crowd, where no one could hear my screams. Doesn't sound good right?

Was he planning to kidnap me first and then brutally murder me leaving no evidences of my death? Sweet baby Jesus!

 I had to run. I had to get away from him. I turned myself around and started running in the opposite direction.

 I wasn't athletic at all. My parents used to tease me for being slower than a snail. Elle, if you love your life, you have to go for strict jogging routines from now onwards. 

 After running for sometime, I could feel my legs giving up. Common legs, don't give up so soon. Please, this is the only way we can escape him.

 Just a bit more, just till we reach the car. I didn't turn around because I was pretty sure he would be right behind me considering the fact that I was no Usain Bolt.

 After what seemed a millennium, I reached my car and got inside. I locked the doors and started the engine. I looked in the rear view mirrors and to my surprise he hadn't followed me.

 I drove as fast as the speed limits allowed and reached my house to find it deserted. Just freaking great.

This is what happens when both your parents work. You are left alone for most of the time. I was contemplating whether or not to get down from the car, since it was a pretty secure hideout. But it would take only a second for a seasoned criminal to breakthrough the windows and kill me.

I shuddered at the thought and so I quickly got down, fumbled with my keys a bit, before I managed to open the door. I got in and locked it.

I raced to my parent's room and grabbed dad's baseball bat. I then went to my room, locked the door. I also checked the windows since they were big enough for any elephant to slide in too.

Our house was pretty big considering the fact that only three of us lived here. Most of the time it would be me and my solitude living alone, since my parents used to work overnight on some of the crucial cases.

I sat on my bed waiting for my heart to calm down a bit. My heart had stopped racing but I heard an awkward noise. Great, my stomach wants fuel. I hadn't had anything since the morning.

I caught hold of the bat, opened the room door, checked the hallways for any signs of an intruder. When I found it safe, I got to the stairs and took my own time descending it.

I still didn't find any signs, so I ran into the kitchen. I opened the fridge to find Lasagne. O mom, I love you.

Lasagne was one of my favourite dishes. I quickly shoved it in the oven and waited for it to get heated. I grabbed a spoon and started binging. Delicious as always. Mom made the best Lasagne in the world. Wonder when she got the time to prepare it.