Masks and Hoods

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Picture of Elena's look for the party ----->

Elena's p o v:

"Elle, sweetie, open the door.", my mom softly knocked on the door. Nick and I stood there transfixed, eyes popping out.

"Nick, hide somewhere, quick.", I said pushing him around the room, "the closet, yes the closet. Come on quick."

Nick quickly went around my bed to reach the closet, but he bumped into my bedside lamp, causing it to fall to the floor making an ear piercing noise. He stopped for a minute looking back at the lamp.

"Go, don't stop, get in.", I said opening the door of the closet and managed to successfully push him in and shut the door.

"Elle, what was that?", mom shouted over the door worriedly.

I ran a hand through my hair, messing it up, and rubbed my eyes so that I could get the out-of-bed-look. I pulled over the bed cover to the side of the lamp.

I jumped over the bed to open the door.

"Honey, what happened in here?"

"I just fell from the bed mom.", I quickly replied.

"Oh, you're not hurt right?"


"Oh good. I need to talk to you."

"And I don't get a good feeling about this."

"O Elle, it's not an I told you so session. It's actually about the party tomorrow night."


"Well, the annual 'Law and Law protectors' party?"

"Oh right. I almost forgot about that."

"Well, the theme is masquerade. There's going to be couple dances and all."

"Ok...", I drawled, not at all getting a good feeling about the party, its theme or my mom's next few words.

"So I was thinking...", my mom continued, "Why don't you invite Andrew to it?"

And she proved me right. 'I need to talk to you' always ends into 'Why did I let her to talk to me?!!' feeling on my part.

"Mom, he's not really fond of parties or dances for that matter.", I told her recollecting the ballet show.

"At least ask him Elle. I'm sure he'll say a yes."

"Do I really have to come?", I asked even though I already knew the answer.

"Yes, you have to come Elle. You know how dad will react if you won't come to this and you do know how sentimental your dad is about this party."

"And I never will understand why."

"You don't need to. You just have to come to the party and have a good time.", she tried spreading her enthusiasm. It was difficult to have a good time when Amy Wilson was present, continuously trying to trip you or push you down the stairs.

"So, I hope you'll ask him.", she asked me hopefully.

"Yes mom.", I said in an uninterested tone.

"That's great. Sleep well sweetie."

"Ya, night mom."

She leaned in to kiss me and then made her way out of the room. I jumped up from my bed, locking the door. Nick came out from the closet looking a bit angry.

"Was there a bug in there that bit you?", I joked.

"I got to go.", he snarled.

"What? But I thought you came here to talk about Danielle plus we have to talk about Jason too."