He's back?

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Elena's p o v :
Summer was officially coming to an end bringing with itself the dreadful senior year. 

Senior year at high school was a dream for most of the girls, prom night, love at first sight, kiss under the moonlight...  

But for me,  it was like any other monotonous and horrific school year.

As boring as I may sound, I never attended parties or did sleepovers. Infact, I had not gotten my first kiss yet. 

I hadn't been very blessed in the friends department as well. I had had only two friends throughout my school life, Megan Reynolds and Nick Carlson, but as bad as my luck could get, I ended up having only one, Megan. 

I wasn't always a nerd actually, but as things changed I became shy and introvert.  

As far as looks were concerned, I wasn't too unlucky. Definitely not as attractive as Megan or some of the girls in my class, but definitely not repulsive. 

I had dull brown eyes and pale skin. My hair was plain brown with natural waves and they went upto my midback. I always kept them in  a messy bun or pony tail. 

My frame was petite, 5'4. My closet was full of jeans and sweats, which girls of my age considered trash. 
As cliche as it sounds, I had been working at the town's local pizza parlour since the past 8 months. It wasn't because I came from a poor family or so.

Infact my parents were lawyers who owned a private firm. So they earned pretty well and I was their only child too.  But that was why they always insisted on me earning my money on my own so that  i would realize the value of it and wouldn't end up like the snotty rich kids.

Today was the 'end of summer beach party' organized by the populars in my school. As in,  Jason Crawford,  the jock and his girlfriend Amy Wilson, the official bitch of the school.  Both Amy and Jason were blonde and had a body to die for. They were perfect for each other, sexy and brainless.

They had made it a point to ruin my life since a certain someone went away. I never knew why though. But, thanks to them, senior year didn't at all seem inviting. 

I was at work thinking about all the things I'd do once high school was over. I planned on pursuing a career in law just like my parents. 

I was in my own world,  when I heard the phone ring. I answered it, 

"Hey, this is Jones Pizza Parlour,  how may I help you?"

A familiar voice spoke up on the other side,"I need a quick delivery of 10 pizzas at the beach."

"Sorry mam, we're short of staff today, so delivery service is not available.",I replied. 

"Hey Elle? Meg here. Why don't you come and deliver the pizza? You'll get to be a part of the party that too during your working hours! Common,  convince that boss of yours.", Megan spoke up from the other side. 

As inviting as that sounded I wasn't interested because I knew attending the party meant being insulted and bullied by Jason and Amy infront of the whole school. 

"Na, I'll pass.", I replied almost instantly. 

"O common,  this is our senior year. Probably our last chance to attend wacko parties with horny teens... Don't be a party pooper ... "

" Meg, it's Jason and Amy's party for crying out loud... You can't seriously expect me to come... ", I cried. 

" Who cares.. I'm here so is our entire class . Besides they are too busy sucking each other's face to even notice you. ", She squealed. 

That's true. The whole school would have been invited so there was very little chance that they would even notice me.

I agreed."Ok, I'll just deliver the pizzas and come back. Fair enough? "

I could almost see her smirk." Let's see!"

I approached my boss Larry, "Hey, I just got this phone call asking for delivery of 10 pizzas at some beach party. Should I deliver it?", I was praying silently that he would say a no. 

"10 huh? That's a pretty big catch. Do deliver it kiddo, and take the day off. You have school from tomorrow right? ", he replied. 

I sighed,"Ya, I'll see you on Tuesday then". 

I got the pizzas ready and sat in my small and sweet yellow beetle. I reached the beach in 20 minutes.