Life As A Pastors Family by LovePineapples123
Life As A Pastors Familyby DreamBig123
Have you ever wonder how life is really like as a pastor family. How it is the have your husband or Dad as a pastor. How life is different than others? Well then follow...
  • son
  • pastor
  • attitude
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Klance: Nothing by Klanceshipper13
Klance: Nothingby Keith the Space Gay
Keith likes Lance. Lance like Keith. everyone knows. something happens during truth or dare, but what? you better find out. There may or may not be some fluff 😏
  • keith
  • klance
  • lance
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The Tutor by Kurvpted
The Tutorby Kurvpted
"Then you shouldn't have a problem with having someone tutor you." There's just a teensy, weensy thing I forgot to mention... I do have a problem with that. I...
  • class
  • wyatt
  • rich
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Jensen Family by LovePineapples123
Jensen Familyby DreamBig123
Jensen from (Supernatural) and his wife is rasing their 4 kids. Even though he is busy with his acting career he takes time to be with his family, which also includes di...
  • life
  • ackles
  • spanking
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Daddy, Love Me Please (1D Fanfiction) by ZiamKlaineson
Daddy, Love Me Please (1D ZouisMyReligion
Harry Styles and Jenna Lawrence have been married for 15 years and they have four kids. They love each other and love their son. But everything changed after Jenna died...
  • zaynmalik
  • child-abuse
  • daddyharrystyles
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Katherine punishes elena by renesmeecullen2
Katherine punishes elenaby
Katherine is gonna trade elena for her freedom ? but what happens when she kidnaps her . it takes place back in season 2 and season 3 . lets see how it is.
  • teenager
  • grounded
  • pierce
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Jesy nelsons daughter by renesmeecullen2
Jesy nelsons daughterby
Hi I am Jesy's daughter I am 14 years old . my name is Jaclyn jade Nelson ; my mom is jesy from little mix and I am a troublemaker ; I am best friends with my aunt jades...
  • teens
  • leighannepinnock
  • jesy
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Doctor Stranges Daughter by LovePineapples123
Doctor Stranges Daughterby DreamBig123
Stephan Strange (Doctor Strange) is rasing his teenage daughter in New York. Even though he has super powers (mystic arts) he still has time to spend time with his daugh...
  • mystical
  • grounding
  • strange
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Water - Complete by FickleLife
Water - Completeby Merryn Smith
What happens when water meets rock? Eventually one wears down the other...doesn't it? Meet Ilyse, kind of heart, happy go lucky and a complete odd-ball. She is known...
  • detention
  • grounded
  • summer
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Flash Man gets grounded series by PopukoAndPipimi
Flash Man gets grounded seriesby PopTeamEpicCringeFan
These stories were orginally made on Mega Man Amino App on my account
  • flashman
  • funny
  • grounded
Grounded On Juniper Island by JohnAnraad
Grounded On Juniper Islandby John Anraad
****Wattpad Featured NOV 2017*** WINNER in the Wolf Awards! Runner Up in Hidden Gem Awards! Third in Gem Awards! Oleg lives on the beautiful Juniper Island where there...
  • hiddengemawards
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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Things To Do When Your Grounded by Double_Ja
Things To Do When Your Groundedby Double_Ja
Know your about to be on punishment and need to plan what your going to do so you won't get bored? Sneaking over here to Wattpad because you love to read but you k...
  • bored
  • thingstodo
  • random
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Grounded by gagamyqueen17
Groundedby Bianca Alyse
A 19 girl named Bella just out of her horrifically depressing teen years wants to move on from that chapter of her life and start something new and wonderful gets an art...
  • daughter
  • mom
  • family
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//Grounded// by Pinkie_Heartz
//Grounded//by Asia♥️
The story was created through the new challenge JesusLoverLife7 and I made called , ' The Idea Swap Challenge' where each of us gives the other three characters, 1 topic...
  • ducktales
  • triplets
  • brothers
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one tree hill next generation by renesmeecullen2
one tree hill next generationby
you grew up with kids from tree hill now experience with their kids. this is a story it shows ten years later.
  • peyton
  • hill
  • sam
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