The Almost KISS!

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Elena's p o v:

I could feel my heart ready to pounce out of its cage. My stomach clenched. A tingling sensation ran through my body. Surprisingly, I felt alive now.

He lifted his hand to tug a loose hair strand of mine. He then softly placed it on my cheek. I shut my eyes trying to enjoy the warmth it radiated. He traced circles there with his thumb. Shivers ran down my spine. My breath hitched in my throat. I was incapable to move. His touch was  so soothing and calming, it made me pine for it.

He  slowly started tracing it to my lips. His thumb brushed my lower lip gently and I felt a jolt of electricity flow through me. I bit my lower lip to avoid letting out a moan. His other hand was now on my waist pulling me closer to him.

I happily complied. My body was no longer in my control and my mind had lost all its ability to think rationally. I realized that we were only inches apart now. I could feel his minty breath fan across my face.

I opened my eyes to find that, Nick too had his eyes closed. He looked cherubic with his big black eyelashes. His lips parted slightly  and his head angled. Realization dawned on me,

Nick Carlson was going to kiss me!?

Before anything could happen, I felt a hard hit on the back of my head. More like a blow with something metallic. I let out a shrill scream, "Ouch".

Nick's eyes fluttered open, "Lena!", he quickly stood up and pulled me towards his chest supporting me. He placed his hand on my wound. I cringed as his hand made contact with that spot. It hurt like hell. My vision was blurring slightly due to the tears forming in my eyes and my head was throbbing incessantly with ache. I could feel blood ooze out from that spot, sticking to my hair.

I turned my head slowly to take a glance at my hitters.

A short scrawny fellow stood there, accompanied by a tall brawny one who had a baseball bat in his hand with blood on it. Bile rose in my throat as I realised that it was my blood. I started feeling  a bit dizzy.

I heard the shorter one speak, "Nick Carlson, we have come to warn you. If you go against us, then this", he said pointing towards me, "is nothing. You ,must be knowing by now what we are capable of."

I felt Nick go stiff. His grip on me loosened, he stood up, "You Son of a B*tch!!"

He punched the scrawny hard, in his gut, and as weak as he was he fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. But, by this time, the brawny had come closer to him, ready to hit him with his bat. Nick, successfully dodged it. His hand caught hold of a chair kept on the porch. He quickly lifted it, and hit the guy with as much force as he could muster. The guy staggered a bit. Taking advantage of this, Nick kicked him hard in his knees, causing them to buckle, and he fell to the ground. Nick quickly ran over to his side and kicked him hard in his stomach. The guy crouched in pain.

"Don't ever dare to touch her again, or I swear it would be your last breath", he kicked him harder this time.

I saw the door blast open, Riley stood there with his jaw dropped. He quickly rushed to my side.

"Oh my god Elle!", he held my bleeding head, "You're bleeding."

"Riles, call the cops, quick.", Nick spoke up, holding the hands of the brawny behind his back, twisting them.

"But her? She needs to be rushed to the hospital.", he declared as if it were news.

"I'll take care of her", he shouted. Riley ran inside his house, probably calling for more help.

I heard shuffling of feet.

"Elle!!", that would be Meg. "O Elle, you're bleeding. Get towels please.", she ordered.

I saw Josh run over to the side of the scrawny fellow. He hit him hard on his nose and then twisted his hands to the back making him incapable to move. I heard the sirens of the cop's car, and that was the last I saw or heard before I blacked out.

I heard the beeping of machines. It was matching my heart beat. I opened my eyes slowly only to be greeted by the sight of white walls. It most probably was a hospital room. All the memories came rushing back to me. The Party, Proposal, Our almost KISS.  

I had this sudden urge to drink water. My throat was completely parched so I lifted my hand to grab the glass placed on my bed side.

"Ouch", I yelped.

I felt a prick in my wrist and a pulsating ache in my head as I tried to sit a bit. I looked over my hand to find that, I was being given blood through I.V. .

"Lena, you're awake?", Nick was sitting by my bedside. His eyes were bloodshot red and they were a little swollen too. His hair was all messed and his stubble had grown a bit longer. He looked as if he hadn't slept for ages. But even then, he managed to look hot.

"How are you feeling?", he asked me his voice on verge of breaking. His eyes were full of concern and there was a pain hidden in them which I couldn't understand. 

I gave him a cheeky smile, "Uh, wonderful", I tried to joke but his face contorted with anger. He stood up, kicking the stool.

"Stop it Lena, it's not the time to joke. You're hurt here. You could have almost died out there. I could have lost you forever.", I was too shocked to hear those words. I wasn't able to react. I could feel tears pricking my eyes.

 He came over to my side, crouching down on his knees. He held my other hand in his.

"This was why I wasn't telling you the truth, Lena. Even if I want to tell you, I can't.", he spoke softly.

"What, some kind of promise you made to somebody?", I managed to speak.

"More like a death threat that they gave me.",  he chuckled. He continued his face all serious by now, "If I break it, they will hurt anyone around me," he paused for a little while before he spoke up again," and right now you are the only one."

My heart stopped beating. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't hear the machines beep either. I couldn't  even feel the blood being fused into me. I couldn't feel my pain too. The only feeling that I had  right now was fear.  

Nick probably sensed my fear. His grip on my hand tightened a bit and he spoke up, "Lena, I would never let anything happen to you."

Somehow, his words were sufficient to calm me down. I felt a sense of security whenever he was around. Like, nothing could ever touch me. As if he were the China Wall in front of me stopping all the danger from coming my way.

I don't know what came over me but I spoke up, "I know Nick."

He was staring at me, his eyes tracing every feature on my face. They stopped on my lips. I could feel my heart rate pick up again. He slowly started leaning in, his eyes still focussed on me. 

This was going to be my FIRST KISS and I was really excited about it. I knew that I shouldn't be doing this, and I knew that this was wrong. Especially because now I had a boyfriend.

But somehow I did not feel like backing out, somehow, it felt right, somehow it felt like this was how it was meant to be.

When we were almost about to kiss, the door burst open revealing a poker-faced boyfriend, a  perplexed mom, an angry bestfriend and a raging dad.  

Heaven, here I come.

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