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Dylan Erickson's p o v:

It had been 2 long years, since I hadn't visited this hell hole. I stood outside my father's sprawling white mansion.

Yes it was big, but at the same time it was highly uninviting and dreadful.

All the memories of that day came back to me, the blood flowing across the floor, 4 dead bodies lying in it, gun shots and screams of fear and pleas of forgiveness. But more than anything, what was distinctly etched in my memory was, "I hate you!"

I slowly opened the door to the living room where my dad would probably seated on his stool with a glass of champagne and a roll of cigar. I shuddered at the thought of meeting him.

"Hello son", my father stood up from his favorite crimson colored stool, "What should I say? Never expected to see you again.", giving a fake smile, "That would actually be the truth. Ok, how about happy to see you again!", he gave a crooked smile,"But, that would be a lie."

After 2 years of incessantly hearing about how incompetent I was and how stupid I was, his words had stopped affecting me now. But even then, I couldn't help but roll my eyes at that. It was the exact same reaction that I had expected him to give, after all what could one expect from somebody who was cunning, bitter, egoistical, and evil to say the least. 

Donald Erickson or the drug lord as the world knew him to be was one of the shrewdest and meanest person you could ever come across. He could literally go to any extent to satisfy his needs and wants and that would include killing his own wife and daughter too.

Yet, here I stood right in front of him, and unfortunately it was more out of will than fear, will to prove him wrong, will to show him my worth.

"Please tell me you have good news.", sitting back on his stool, he took a swig at the champagne that was placed in front of him.

"Well almost", I sat on the stool beside his chair.

"Of course!! You still aren't in love with her right?", he looked at me with accusing eyes. I could see his eyes scanning my every movement. So I quickly composed my self and prepared myself for the next statement that came out from my mouth.

"No, no dad, I never was and I never will be."

"Let it stay that way, because she is nothing but cancer to us. Better be eliminated before it becomes the cause of our death. You get me right?".

"Yes", I spoke up, keeping my voice loud.

"So spill the news. Have you gotten her location?"

"We have found the house where she temporarily lives whenever she comes to visit Nick or her mother's grave. But we haven't been able to trace her beyond that. "

"That's better than your last effort. What's your plan then?"

"Well, next weekend is it's her mother's death anniversary. And as far as I know her, she'll definitely come back on that day to visit the grave. It will be our golden chance."

My father started nodding his head, approving of my plan.

"What about the boy? Are you keeping an eye on him? He is far more deadly than his sister actually."

"Yes, I have it covered. A very trusted colleague of mine is helping me out with that.  As far as I know, the kid is genuinely into this senior year thing.", I said recollecting the scene of Nick kissing the girl.

"Prom, first kiss etcetera etcetera?", my father laughed, "No son, you are mistaken here. Nick is too smart to be carried away by such things."

"What do you mean?", I exclaimed, puzzled at his thinking.

"If he can come out from the rehabilitation center exactly 2 months after going in, then he definitely is damn smart."

"2 months? It's not 2 months dad, it's 2 years.", I stated.

"Son, get your facts correct. He was out within 2 months. 2 years was just for the papers and for people like us. He is onto something and I think I know what that is."

I stood there, trying to grasp the information just revealed. Nick was out within 2 months? How was that even possible? And how could he have stayed unnoticed all this while? I must give credit to the Carlson's. They were damn good at hiding.

"Track the boy's every move. Every single person he meets, every footstep of his." , dad spoke up ordering me now, "I want to know everything about him. Information on every damn breath of his", he added and then he turned back to his glass, indicating the end of the chat. I stood up from my stool to proceed to get back to my work when he suddenly spoke up, "How's Thomas doing by the way?"

*****Author's note*****

Extremely sorry for a mega late upload and a very short one too. But I swear, I'll be up with the next one soon enough.

Yeah, I decided to do a change in pov, and Dylan as I said is a damn crucial guy to the plot, so there will be more from his side in the coming chapters.

And, one last thing, you guys do remember who Thomas is right?

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PS : I have editted a few portions in the last chapter. It was really unfair on me to end Meg and Elle's friendship like that, so I've removed that portion.