Party and Proposal...

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Elena's p o v:

I was stunned by his question. I had never expected any guy to ask me out, let alone handsome ones. So, this was definitely unexpected.

I looked into his eyes and saw a sincerity there. I had never dated any guys before. But there was always a first time. Hell, it was my senior year, if I didn't do it now, then I would always regret it and I hated living with regrets.

His eyes were expectantly scanning my face. I started nodding my head slowly, and a smile made it to my lips, "Yes, Andrew, I'd love to go out with you."

His eyes twinkled and for a second I felt that I saw a sly smile creep up his lips, but it was quickly replaced by a relieved look. Maybe I had just imagined it.

He slowly leaned in, his eyes were closed. His soft lips were only a little away from mine. This was going to be my first kiss. My first boyfriend giving me my first kiss.

Shouldn't I be excited?

I didn't know what came over but I turned my face at the exact time his lips touched me and he ended up  kissing my cheek instead.  He quickly opened his eyes and his face wore a confused and disappointed look.

I started squirming in my chair, unsure of how I should respond, so I quickly got up, "Um, we should go, it's getting late."

"Ya", he stood up and after paying the bill, we started going back to the car. But, this time the journey seemed even longer. There was an eerie silence between us. I turned to look at him and saw him do the same. We both spoke up at the same time, "I'm sorry"

We started laughing then. Thank goodness, we at least did not need to behave like strangers anymore. I felt relieved.

I heard him speak, "I'm sorry Lena", I was too shocked to hear him use that name. It somehow didn't sound right from his mouth. Somehow, only Nick made it sound right. Here you go Elle!

"Elle", I corrected him.


"Elle, you called me Lena.", I said.

"Oh, sorry, I guess it just came out.", we had reached the car by then. I climbed in and within 20 minutes we were back to school.

It was late, so the school parking lot was empty. I saw only two cars. Two guys were leaning against one car parked right beside my yellow beetle. I couldn't make out the car from the distance or the two guys for that matter.

Andrew pulled up his car in the spot right on the other side of mine. He quickly got down to open my door, I gave him a smile and then got down.

He walked me to my car. Just as he placed his hands in mine, I heard someone shout.

"Lena, what are you doing with him?", I turned my head to face the two guys. I saw Nick and Riley stand there with puzzled look on their faces.

Nick started moving from his position and I saw him coming towards me. He had a serious look plastered on his face. As soon as his eyes fell on our intertwined hands, they darkened a bit. I saw his body go stiff. I felt terrified by the amount of anger that was filled in his eyes.

"Lena, I asked you were had you been with him?", his eyes were fixated on Andy.

"I...uh...", the great speaker that I was, I started stuttering because I had lost all my ability to form simple English sentences. I just didn't understand how he could affect me like this. It was not that I was cheating on him or anything, yet I somehow felt guilty.