Do I really know you?

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Elena's p o v:

It was another new day and I had to go back to the hell like place people often called school. The sun was shining brightly. Its bright rays made its way into my room and lit it. It was only 6:30. So, I still had time for loitering around my room.

I was still a bit moved by yesterday night's incidents. I had no clue of  whatever was going on with Nick, the cops and the thugs. But, I had to stay out of it.

My mind was still trying to find out a reason why Nick could probably be involved with the cops. But I couldn't come up with one suitable reason. Maybe it was just my hyperactive imagination which had imagined the nod.

But then why was Nick running in that exact direction of where the cops were positioned? It was like he knew they would be standing there. This boy had a lot of things going on and whatever was going to happen to him, I would not get involved in it. I just wished for a peaceful senior year, that's it. And then, I was going off to the law college.

I started cleaning my closet which was usually as dirty as a pig sty. My mom always used to tease me that I was more like a boy when it came to cleanliness. I rummaged through the clothes pulling out all my skirts and shots, stacking them in front and pushing back all the sweaters, jackets and cardigans. I then made a pile of my tank tops and camis.

It was 7 by then. So, I made my way to the bathroom and took a long soothing shower. Yesterday, had been a very long first day. All, my energy had been sucked by it. The shower rejuvenated me. I blow dried my hair and allowed it to set down in its usual wavy form.

I picked out my favorite navy blue top and white shorts. I then wore my blue flip-flops. I got down and went into the kitchen. 

"Oh honey, you look great! Come on, sit down and have breakfast. I don't want to start on how important breakfast is", she rolled her eyes. 

"Thank you mum. My eating breakfast depends on what is being served", I smiled at her.

"Blue-berry pancakes, but I guess you don't want it right?", she smirked at me, taking away the stack of pancakes from right under my nose. God, it smelled like heaven.

"Mom! Please don't do this. You know that they are my first and last love!", I begged her.

"Ok ok...You're so melodramatic kiddo, Amelia, just give her pancakes.", my dad hugged me and then kissed me on the forehead. He then took a seat beside me on the kitchen stool.

My mom placed the stack of pancakes in front of us. We started our usual competition on who could stuff in more. He always used to win it, but there was no harm in trying. Who knew, someday I might actually  beat him at it. 

As usual, I lost. I was full to the point that even one little jolt would cause me to barf. Ok just kidding. I made my way to my car after bidding my parents a good bye.

I found Nick leaning against the hood of his car, parked right in front of our house. He had a lost look on his face. As soon as his eyes met mine, I could feel myself get drawn to it. He gave me a small smile. 

Did he just expect me to forget everything that happened yesterday? How could he even dare to smile at me. 

"Nick, could you remove your car from our driveway, so that I can remove mine?", I said not bothering to  look into his eyes, which had a bit of guilt and worry writ in them.

"Lena, I need to talk to you.",I rolled my eyes. 

"Remove your car Nick", I said with my teeth clenched together. He was causing the anger to rise in me. I was not going to allow him to apologize to me because I was very bad at keeping grudges. And I was pretty sure I'd give in if he apologized to me sincerely.