Chapter 49 Let The Battle Begin. Part 2

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Kalina's POV.
All I wanted to do was to pay the ignorant man that stood before me, a lesson. He deserved every bit. I don't know what compelled me to say that I'm third in line to the throne, I just wanted to threaten Drago.
"You!" He growled at me.
"Yeah me! Remember what you put me and my dragon through? Well your gonna pay for everything!!" I snarled back.
"Let's dance little dragon girl!"

I flicked both switches on my staff and my blue shades that go in front of my eyes. He tried to spear me with his staff but I dodged and hit him behind his head. He growled and swung the staff. I blocked. This happened a few times. Little did I realise that he was steadily pushing me back towards the edge of the cliff. He suddenly charged at me. I went to jump to the side but I felt nothing.
"Kalina!!" Star screeched. She dove down and caught me just in time.
"Alright. Let's get rid of Drago once and for all!" We said in unison. Star dropped me near Drago and then flew up in the air.
"Dagur! Follow Star!" I yelled. He nodded and Lightning took off after her.
"Back down! Or face my fury!" I snarled at Drago. He smirked. I then roared and struck the ground with my staff. Drago was taken aback. The ground started to shake, and Realm followed by ten Whispering Deaths burst from the ground. Dirt and dust flew everywhere. Star shot through the dust and blasted at Drago. Lightning came up from behind Drago and basted as well. Now if a Skrill's lightning bolt strikes a plasma blast, their is a massive explosion. And if someone happens to be in the middle, their history. And in this case, Drago was standing in the middle. I won't go into details, but body parts went flying everywhere. Thankfully most of it went over the cliff into the sea.
"We've won!!" Hiccup shouted out. Everyone cheered. Even a few of Drago's men cheered. Snotlout walked up and wrapped his arms around me. I sighed.
"You were great today babe." He kissed my forehead. Or should I say, my mask.
"And you did good as well." I replied taking my mask off. I then turned around to face him. He smiled kindly back. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He kissed back. Just then Dagur landed and dismounted off Lightning. Snotlout and I broke apart quickly, blushing like apricots.
"Oh.....sorry. I'll to you later." Dagur stumbled his words and turned to walk away.
"Dagur. It's okay. What did you want to say?" I stopped him.
"I just wanted to say thank you. For.....for trusting me. I know I'm not the most smart man. My title states that. It's just that......if it wasn't for you....I wouldn't have Berk as my allie."
"And you wouldn't be calling me your brother." Hiccup walked up next to us. Dagur backed up a bit. Was he scared of Hiccup?
"I'd like to thank you and Kalina. Kalina for helping Berk and bringing Dagur back as a friend. And Dagur.....for listening to Kalina and not trying to steal Toothless." Hiccup explained. They then shook hands and then wandered off in deep conversation. Snotlout and I mounted our dragons and went our own ways.

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