Chapter 26 The Truth

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Hiccups POV.
As I watched the oncoming ships I had this gut feeling that this time Berk will lose. I hope not but it's possible. I wonder where Kalina went? One minute I saw her in the sky and the next she was gone. Oh well, I couldn't worry about that now. A war was about to begin and I needed to focus as much as possible.
"Gobber! Man the catapults!" I ordered.
"Righty O! Prepare the catapults!!" Gobber shouted to some of the men.
I raced of to do one more thing.
"Astrid!" I called out to her.
"Over here!" I heard her reply coming from her house. I hurried over to see her putting Stormfly's saddle on.
"What is it Hiccup?"
"I just wanted to say, that whatever happens today.....I will always love you!" I tried to say as calmly as possible. Astrid just stood there shocked, before running over to me and kissing me on the lips.
"I just want to say that I love you to!" She smiled with her bright blue eyes shining in the sunlight.
I smiled before kissing her back and then running of to find Toothless.

.......................................................................Time Skip.........................................................................
Hiccups POV.
Everyone was mounted upon there dragons and armed with one weapon or more. I waited till the ships were just about to dock before yelling.
About fifty riders came and tried to stop people getting off the boats while the rest of Berk fought side by side with their dragons.
"Plasma blast!" I told Toothless who fired a shot at some men who had trapped some berkians. I saw some bola's heading straight for us.
"Look out!" I flicked Toothless's tail to auto allowing him to dodge easy.
"That a boy!" I praised him.
The fight was hard and it almost seemed as if it was going to be a tie. I wish my mum and the Bewilderbeast was here. But they were probably having a nice flight exploring islands. Toothless and I dodged and blasted as much as possible, but Toothless was getting tired and so was I. That's when I saw several bola's coming straight for us again. Toothless dodged as well as he could but there were just to many, and one of them went around his tail.
"Raaawwghhhh!!" Toothless roared as we plummeted to the ground.
"No! Arghhh!!" I screamed out holding on to Toothless for dear life. I closed my eyes knowing that this is the end. I didn't want to die, and I certainly didn't want to die like this but at least I was doing it for Berk. I thought of Astrid and the gang, Toothless and my mum and even Cloudjumper for a fleeting moment.
"I'm sorry!" I called out to them as if they could hear me. We were about twenty feet away from the ground. I closed my eyes and waited for impact.
"20,21....." I was counting up until we hit the ground.
"30......" Surely we should've hit the ground by now? I opened my eyes only to see sky! I grabbed on to Toothless's saddle and looked around. I saw a Night Fury above me and two Gronckles under Toothless. I head peered over the Night Fury above me.
"I wasn't about to let Astrids boyfriend die now would I?" Kalina's voice said.
"Thank goodness your here!" I exclaimed with absolute relief. Kalina smiled before climbing down Star's tail and cutting the bola of Toothless's tail and then climbing back up. Toothless must have felt that he could fly because he growled to Star who let him go.
"Thanks!" I called out to Kalina.
"No problem!" She shouted back before hovering opposite Drago's boat.

"Hiccup! I thought you died!?" Astrid shouted from up on top of Stormfly.
"I would've, but Star caught us." I shouted back.
"Star? Is Kalina here?!"
"Yeah, she's just opposite Drago" I gestured to Drago's ship.
"Okay!" Was all Astrid said before flying away.
Kalina's POV.
After Star and I rescued Hiccup I flew over to Drago's main ship. I knew that he would be on that one. Sure enough I was right. He was standing right on the very edge yelling out instructions to his men. Star hovered in front of him.
"So Hiccup, you decided not to surrender." He asked in his creepy voice.
"I'm sorry to destroy your hopes Drago, but I'm not Hiccup!" I shouted at him.
"You!" He gasped, realising who I was.
"Oh, and just saying Drago. You won't win!" I snarled at him before Star shot up into the air.
"Now let's use my plan!" I talked to myself. Star flew up and hovered over Berk. I stood up on her back and then roared out a call, whilst swinging my staff around in circles. About two seconds later every single dragon from Dragon Island was behind me. And that included the Screaming Death with about five Whispering Deaths behind her. I glanced down at Drago and saw absolute horror on his face. I swung the staff one more loop before pointing it down at Drago's fleet. All the dragons behind me shot forward and started attacking the boats. About ten minutes later the boats were starting to retreat. Drago obviously wasn't ready to retreat though, because he started shouting at his men.
"Don't retreat!! We can take them down!!" But his men were afraid and didn't want to fight anymore.
"Drago, there's to many dragons! The men are afraid to fight." One of his men came up and told him. Drago must have thought of something because he gave in, and the boats started to drift away.
"We've won!" Hiccup yelled out to the Berkians below and in the sky.
"Yeah!" Berk cheered.
Hiccup and Toothless came and hovered opposite me.
"Thanks again Kalina. I don't know what Berk would have done without you." He said calmly.
"That's alright Hiccup. But it's not over." I gestured to the disappearing ships.
"What do you mean?" Hiccup asked worriedly.
"Drago never gives up till he gets his way. I know him to well." I told Hiccup.
"How do you know him?"
I sighed. I knew that one day I would have to tell Hiccup the truth.
"Let's land, and give our dragons a rest. I'll tell you then." I replied before turning Star towards the ground.

We landed our dragons and everybody gathered around to congratulate me.
"There will be a feast at the Great Hall tonight!" Hiccup told them. That seemed to calm them down. When they all left to do whatever they do, Hiccup turned to me.
"So how do you know Drago?"
"When I was 12 years old, I had been on a long flight with Star and had landed on a nearby island to rest. In the end I decided to camp the night there. So I made a fire and fell asleep. The next morning when I woke up, Star wasn't there. I immediately thought that she'd gone to catch some fish. But when I followed her tracks they led to an underground icy world. No sooner than I realised that someone had captured Star that I was nocked out. When I woke up I was in a prison cell with Star. My ankles and hands were chained and Star's feet were chained. Her tail also had a rope rapped around, but she wasn't muzzled which surprised me. About an hour after I woke up a large Viking man came in. It was Drago. He said that I have two choices. To serve him and I can use Star, or he will kill both of us. I knew that if I served him I could possibly get away, so I said that I'd serve him. Star and I served that wretched man for six months! Until I finally saw a chance to escape, plus I managed to take two Rumblehorns with me." I sighed.
"Wow, you know more about Drago than any of us. And we might be able to use that to our advantage!"
"How?" I asked Hiccup.
"I'll tell you later. Thank you for telling me." He replied before running of to help the village.

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