Chapter 38 My Masters

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Kalina's POV.
It's now been a week since the dragon attack. A week since I found my sister. A week since the gang and I saw the dark grey Night Fury. Hiccup and Alvin had talked with Chief Forest and asked if we could stay here until we head back to Berk. Forest had agreed readily saying that he 'would like the protection of the dragons against the other ones'. Hiccup and I were still dumbfounded as to who was on the dark grey Night Fury and why they were attacking this island. Forest had told us that this island was called Tree-Top Island because of the vast forest around the village. And he was right, this island was completely covered in trees besides the beach and the village. Hiccup had told us that when he would have some spare time he is going to explore the island and map it. Karniki wants to come with us but she still refuses to ride a dragon. Even though Dawn has taken a liking to her. It was now about ten in the morning and I was heading over to the beach to see Realm. She'd made a tunnel in the ground in between the beach and the village.

"Hang on!" She replied from down in the tunnel. I waited a few minutes until the tunnel started shaking and Realm burst from the ground. She did a backflip and then hovered in front of me.
"I was just coming to make sure your okay?" I stared in awe at her. Even though I've seen Realm so many times, she still makes my mind say 'what a beautiful beast'.
"Yeah. I'm fine. I was just confronting a Whispering Death I found in one of my tunnels." She explained hurriedly.
"A what?!" I gasped in shock and confusion. Whispering Deaths don't live on this island so how did one get here? This question kept playing in my mind.
"A Whispering Dea............" She stopped talking because suddenly a completely black Whispering Death shot out of the ground. Realm shot after it and screamed at it making it stop mid flight. Star came bounding over and looked up worriedly. I mounted on her and she took of up to Realm. Hiccup and the gang mounted their dragons and followed us. Star came up behind Realm, veered over to her left so that we could see this Whispering Death clearly, and hovered so that I could take a good look at this thing. It was completely black all over but with pearl eyes. That's when I noticed that every-single spike, that covered his body, was covered in a dark armour. Dark grey armour. Hiccup must have noticed because he suddenly said.
"Grey Night Fury scales!"
"Of course!" I muttered under my breath.
"Someone who owns a Night Fury has kept the scales and has put them on this Whispering Death!" Hiccup said out loud.
"And that someone owns the dark grey Night Fury!" Astrid finished.
"I need to talk to it." I said out of the blue.
"" Hiccup looked at me.
"Toothless! Take control of it!" I shouted to him. He nodded and then started to glow blue, his eyes turned into slits as he sent out homing signals. The Whispering Death shook his head and growled, but then turned to face Toothless. His spikes flattened and he relaxed.
"Now he will follow us and we can tie him down or something until he speaks." I explained. We all turned and headed back to the beach. Once there, I grabbed some long rope and lassoed the Whispering Death. Alvin held one end and Eret and Snotlout held the other. Toothless stopped controlling it, and within seconds, the Whispering Death started to fight the ropes. I walked up in front of him.
"Stop fighting the ropes! If you answer my questions I will let you go." I growled in dragonesse.
"You can speak dragonesse? I thought my master was the only one." He said quietly as he calmed down.
"Your master? Who is your master?"
"A man and a woman. That's all I can say." He didn't say anymore.
"Okay. Just two more questions. Is there another Night Fury? And who rides it?" I asked with a determined look.
"Yes there is another Night Fury. And the woman rides it." He started to fight the ropes again.
"Thank you for answering my questions. And when you go back to your masters, please tell them to stop attacking this island. Because they won't win." I said and then nodded to Alvin who let his rope go. Eret and Snotlout let their rope go and watched the Whispering Death fly away.
"So what did you learn?" Hiccup approached me.
"Not a lot. Just that there is a man and a woman who are responsible for the dragon attacks. And the woman is the one who rides the Night Fury. I told him to tell them to stop the attacks, but for some reason I don't think they will." I told Hiccup and then I walked back to the village.

"Karniki! Can I talk to you for a second?!" I walked into the forge and nearly ran into Gobber who was having a good talk to another man. Karniki usually works in here to make weapons and stuff.
"I'm in the back room!" Came a muffled reply. I walked to the back and opened a door that opened up into the back room. Karniki was just finishing a drawing of a dragon when I walked in.
"Nice drawing. Umm.....can I talk to you for a minute." I asked her. She nodded and gestured for me to sit.
"Well. It's kind of a delicate question. When mum and dad were taken by a Night Fury, did anyone see them get killed or did they just get taken?"
"Well I saw them get taken not killed. Why?" Karniki replied sadly.
"Oh, I was just wondering. That's all." I quickly said before I exited the room. Leaving a confused Karniki. I ran out of the forge and straight back to the gang.
"Hiccup! I think I know who is riding the Night Fury!" I gasped for breath as I had just ran the whole way.
"Whoa.....Kalina. Calm down. Who do you think is riding the Night Fury?" Hiccup tried to calm me.
"My mother!" I sat down on the ground.
"Your what?!?" The whole gang said at the same time.
"Karniki told me that she didn't see our mum and dad killed. She saw them taken." I explained hurriedly.
"Wait a your saying that your mum befriended a Night Fury?" Tuffnut suddenly chipped in.
"For once I am actually going to say that you are completely correct Tuffnut."
"Unbelievable. I think I know what we should do." Hiccup stood up straight. We all looked at him for an answer.
"We look for this Night Fury!"

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