Chapter 9 My Life

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Hiccups POV.
"Morning milady" I said as I grabbed Astrid and swung her around in a circle before kissing her passionately.
"What are your plans today?" Astrid asked curiously.
"Well I was thinking of seeing if I can get that new girl to tell us her name? I thought that perhaps a flight around Berk would do the trick. Would you like to come?"
"When will you leave?" She asked quickly.
"After lunch" I said.
"Okay" said Astrid before giving me a kiss and running of.
I walked over to mums house as that's where the girl was staying.

I knocked on the door and said, "Mum it's just me."
"Oh, come in," she replied. I walked in to see her sitting on the couch with the girl leaning her herself against mum and crying softly. "What happened!?" I asked quickly. Mum looked at me gravely and mouthed that she'd tell me later. "Ok," I mouthed back before leaving, I stopped at the door and quickly said" if you want to fly star around with me and Astrid your welcome to." And then I shut the door.
I turned to walk down the stairs only to see Snotlout walk past looking very...odd.
"Snotlout," I asked sharply. "What are you doing snooping around? You should be up at the Great Hall, and ...what's behind your back?" He quickly showed me some flowers.
I looked at him dumbfounded. "For who?" Is all I could say. "The new girl" he said quietly.... "But please don't tell anyone."
"I won't, but now is not the best time either" I said. "She's crying for some unknown reason. Just go in quietly and see what she says, but don't say I didn't warn you!"
"Ok," replied Snotlout before jogging to the house.
Snotlouts POV.
I jogged up to the house. I was wondering about what Hiccup said. Why would she be crying? I got to the front door, took a deep breath and knocked. To my surprise, the door opened and the girl was standing there.
"Yes?" She asked.
"I...ah...ummm...bought you! "
She looked at me confused.
"It's just...I might like to home."
"Oh!" She replied. "Thank you!" She smiled and took the flowers. "Would you like to come in?" She quickly said wanting to be polite. " I would but I'm going flying with Fishlegs and the twins, sorry."
"That's ok, can I join you?" She asked suddenly.
"Sure," I said, slightly surprised. "Meet you there in 10 minutes!"
Unknown POV.
Here I was, crying, my head in Valka's lap. I was crying because I had just told her everything about my life. About my parents dying my sister seriously ill, ( and I don't know if she survived ) the dragon army attack, how I got to know star, and on. The only problem is that I don't remember what my name was. Since I left my little sister I haven't really had contact with people until now. I have always been called Dragon Rider or Dragon Conquerer. I remembered that my sisters name was Karniki and that she was 2 and a half years younger than me. But I don't remember my name.
"Well" said Valka, "you could always pick a name and we could call you by that if you wish."
"What name would suit me?" I looked outside rather lost.
"Hmmm......" Said Valka,
"How about we ask the gang? They might think up something."
"Well I'm going there now, I'll ask them." I walked to the door, I paused and turned around to face Valka. "Thank you," I said, "your the first person I have ever told my story too."
"That's okay," she replied, "it's good to let it out sometimes."
"Thanks" I said again. As I was about to open the door, someone knocked on the other side. I opened the door to see Snotlout standing there looking very full of something. "Yes?" I asked slightly curios. " some flowers.." he said stumbling badly in his words. "Oh!" I said, "thank you."
"Would you like to come in?" I quickly asked. "I would, he replied , but I'm going flying with Fishlegs and the twins, sorry."
"That's okay.....can I join you?" I quickly asked. "Sure!" He replied enthusiastically. "Meet you there in 10 minutes" he said before running leaving me there holding some flowers. I turned and looked at Valka, she started laughing and said, "I have never seen Snotlout blush before!" I giggled, and put the flowers in some water. "I best be off now," I said before grabbing my helmet and running outside. "Star!" I called, I heard a roar and she came and landed by my side. "Heading over to the Academy I'm presuming?" She said sounding slightly annoyed. "Yes" I said as I mounted on her.

As we arrived at the Academy, I could hear the twins wrestling.
"I got here first!" Said Tuffnut.
"No! I did" said, Ruffnut.
And that kept going on for a few minutes. "So....."I said, trying to change the subject, "what are we doing today?"
"Well," said Hiccup, "I was thinking of doing some trust exercises, and then finishing of with a race back to Berk. "
"Cool!" I said, looking over at the twins, "what about them," I pointed to the twins. Hiccup sighed, "we either leave them or get someone game enough to stop them," said Hiccup sarcastically. "That's my cue" I said.
I walked over to the twins. "Will you two stop fighting already?" I shouted. "No way! said Ruffnut, I have got to win otherwise he gets my desert for a month!"
"Star" I said "will you help me out?"
"Ok, ok," she replied before running up and grabbing Tuffnut and pulling him away, I grabbed Ruffnut and held her back. "Now Quit It Already!" I shouted. "Ok ok."They both said in submissive voices. "Good" I said, letting Ruff go, Star let Tuff go and watched him for a second before giving a satisfying nod. "Now let's go!" I said looking over at Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Hiccup. They were staring at me. "Umm?..... Hello?" I said waving my hand in front of Astrid. She snapped out of her...trance and quickly mounted Stromfly, "sorry" she said, "you seem to make everything look easy."
"That's because it is" I said. By then the others were mounting their dragons. "Let's go!" Shouted Hiccup.

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