Chapter 39 Karniki on Sky?

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Hiccups POV.
After I told the gang and a stunned Kalina that we are going to search for this Night Fury starting tommorow, I ran off to tell Alvin.
"Alvin! Pack enough supplies for about a week. We're going to search for that Night Fury!" I ordered and then ran off towards Karniki's house. She was just walking out when I ran up.
"Hi Chief Hiccup!" She smiled.
"Hi, Just call me Hiccup please. Umm......oh that's right, I came to tell you that the gang, including Kalina, Alvin and I are going to search for that Night Fury we saw. If you want to come however, you have to ride a dragon."
"Oh." She said sounding a little sad.
"And we're leaving tommorow." I added and then walked off to find Toothless.
Kalina's POV.
I was just standing there with a dumbfounded look across my face. Hiccup had just told us that we're going to search for that Night Fury. I looked up at the gang, they all had either confused or shocked faces.
"So I guess I better start packing." Astrid said wandering of. Everyone followed suit. I jogged off to Karniki's house as that's where I was staying. Hiccup suddenly jogged past me calling Toothless.
"Oh Kalina! We're leaving tommorow." He said sounding out of breath. I nodded and then called Star. She came bounding over with a happy look over her face.
"And your excited about what?" I punched her playfully.
"Dawn and Thunder are ten months old today!" She jumped around with joy. I mentally face palmed myself for forgetting.
"Of course. How could I forget. But why are you so excited?"
"Well it means that in two months for Thunder, Rusty can ride him. And for Dawn, someone can ride her." She explained hurriedly. I nodded, understanding her excitement.
"But anyway. Why did you call me?" She quickly changed the subject.
"Well I have to get you prepared for a week long trip around the island. A few of us are going to search for that Night Fury."
"Ohhhh........okay." She seemed to like the idea. Personally I was a little nervous.

Once I was inside my bedroom I started to pack some stuff and to put armour on. I then put Star and Dawn's armour on. I was mentally counting everyone who was coming. So their was Hiccup, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Astrid, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Eret, Alvin, and I wasn't completely sure if Valka was coming. Dawn was going to follow us in case something was to happen, she could then come back to the village and call for help. I sighed as I hooked a canteen of water to Star's saddle. We weren't leaving until tomorrow but if I get everything ready now then I won't have to panic in the morning. That's when I realised that I haven't seen Karniki since morning. I jumped down the stairs and landed with a thud before walking outside. Sky suddenly zoomed past with someone on her back. I jumped back but Star caught me. I looked up and saw Karniki sitting in a brand new Deadly Nadder saddle on Sky. And she looked happy. I mounted Star and we took of after her.
"So who made you decide that dragon riding is your thing?" I smiled as Star glided alongside Sky, who I noticed looked very happy.
"Well Hiccup told me that if I ride a dragon I can come along with you's. So I told myself that I can learn to ride now or never. And now seemed to appeal more." She replied happily.
"Wow. That's great! And you picked Sky. She needs a good owner after her old one." I said. The thought of Drago killing Mary made me want to punch the first thing in sight.
"First owner?" Karniki looked confused. I nodded.
"Sky had another owner named Mary. She was a very good dragon rider and was very kind. But.......she got.......killed by Drago Bloodvist!" I answered Karniki with anger in my voice. Drago will pay for what his done double time! Even if I have to do it. I was so lost in my thought of Drago that I didn't hear Karniki talking.
"Bloodvist! Are you serious! He's still alive? I thought Hiccup killed him?!" Karniki shouted so loud that Vikings below us looked up.
"Well the Bewilderbeast that Toothless beat took Drago down with him into the ocean. That Bewilderbeast is still alive. He came back and now rules with Toothless. You'd think that Drago would be dead but he isn't. He's overtaken Berk and that's why we're here. But we'll go back and defeat Drago with everything we've got. And that's a promise."
"Oh." She nodded understanding what I was saying.
"So how long are you planning to stay?" She looked at me sadly.
"At least a year." I replied. I then thought of something to lighten the mood.
"Race you to the beach!"
"Your on!" She shouted back. Sky turned out to be pretty fast but not faster than a Night Fury. Star landed at the beach about five seconds before Sky.
"That was fun! We should do that more often." Karniki whooped with joy.
"Back on Berk we used to dragon race often. But Hiccup usually won." I chuckled thinking of Snotlouts angry face as he was cursing Hiccup for winning again.
"It sounds like you do a lot of things back on Berk. I'd like to hear more." Karniki smiled as she patted Sky who purred back.
"One day I'll tell you everything."

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