Chapter 24 Names

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Kalina's POV.
As I woke up and remembered that Star had given birth to twins yesterday. And today she was going to show them around Berk. I jumped out of bed, got dressed, and ran down the stairs to make breakfast.
"Morning Star." I nudged her gently.
"Hmmm............morning." She replied sleepily.
"I'm making breakfast, and I was wondering what do you want to give the twins to eat?"
"Fish will do." She replied as she nudged the twins awake.
"Okay.......hey have you named them yet?"
"Toothless and I are going to talk about that today. Do you have any names in mind?" She asked looking at me.
"Not really. I don't even know what gender they are!" I chuckled.
"Oh! Well the green eyed one is a boy and the Aqua eyed one is a girl."
"Really! I've got quite a few names in my head." I gave her, her breakfast.

...............................................................Time Skip....................................................................
Star finished her breakfast and so did the twins. Now was the big moment, showing them to the world of Berk. I opened the door and Star walked out followed by the twins. Toothless and Hiccup landed near me and walked over.
"Wow there cute!!" He exclaimed.
"Aren't they!" Astrid landed on Stormfly and wandered over.
Soon nearly everyone on Berk was crowded around Star and Toothless. And I could they were on the verge of having enough.
"Alright everybody!! Let Star pass through! You'll see the twins often enough, now scat!!" I shouted to the crowd. They quickly dispersed.
"Wanna show the twins the academy?" I asked Star. She nodded, so we headed towards the academy.
When we arrived at the academy know one was there, which was good. Star showed the twins all around the cages and the equipment that we use for training. That's when I noticed that one of them had stopped at a makeshift target. I walked over and noticed it was the boy. He seemed to be just staring at it, and occasionally he'd tilt his head.
"That's a target we use in practice." I told the boy in dragonesse.
"Wow!" He exclaimed. His voice was very similar to Toothless's.
"Do you want an example?" I asked him.
"Sure!" He replied.
"Toothless! Plasma Blast at the target." I told him and pointed to the target. He shot a Plasma Blast at the target making it fall over.
"There you go." I gestured to the fallen target.
"Awesome! When can I shoot at one." He jumped up and down.
"Only when you can make a Plasma Blast and shoot straight." I confirmed before walking over to Star.
"Kalina I've decided on their names!" Star said happily.
"Great! What's their names?"
"The boy will be called Thunder, and the girl will be called Dawn." She said happily.
"I love it! Those names are perfect." I exclaimed before hugging her.
Star gave me a gummy smile before calling Thunder and Dawn over to tell them their names.

It was now the afternoon and I was heading back home followed by Star, Thunder and Dawn.
"Hey babe." Snotlout's voice came up behind me.
"Hey, where have you been today?" I asked him.
"Dragon island, Hiccup sent me and Fishlegs to study some dragons." He replied proudly.
"That's good. Oh! Have a guess what their names are?" I gestured to Thunder and Dawn.
"Hmmm.............flower, lightning, storm, don't know."
"Thunder is the boy and Dawn is the girl!" I exclaimed excited.
"Damn, that was just on the tip of my tongue." He said sarcastically.
"Oh sure." I pushed him over.
"Hey! What was that for?" He shouted.
I chuckled before running away to find Astrid.
"Astrid!" I called out to her.
"Kalina? What's wrong?" Astrid asked quickly as she saw my exhausted face.
I didn't say anything, but instead I hid behind her. Snotlout soon came running around the corner and looked around for me. Astrid must have got the picture because she shouted to Snotlout.
"Who are you looking for?!"
"Kalina! Have you seen her?!" He shouted back as he jogged towards us.
"No I haven't. Why?"
"She pushed me over then ran of! And I'm gonna get her back." He replied.
That's when I had an idea. I jumped out from behind Astrid.
"You gotta catch me first!" I laughed as I ran of.
"What!?" He gasped then ran after me.
I realised that I needed to get back to my house. So I turned and started dodging inbetween houses and Vikings when suddenly someone jumped out and made me fall over.
"Tuffnut!" I yelled at him.
He just smiled. That's when I realised that Tuffnut was actually purposefully scaring people. I knew that Snotlout would catch up soon.
"Tuffnut, if you want to give someone a really good scare, scare Snotlout for me."
"Is he coming this way?" He asked me cheekily.
"Yep." Is all I said before running of to my house. Snotlout never came.

"Phew!" I sighed as I walked into my house.
"Kalina! Where have you been?" Star growled.
"Sorry girl, I had to run away from Snotlout."
"Oh" Is all she said before walking back to Thunder and Dawn.

Sorry for the short chapter everyone! I was just in such a hurry. But anyway, I promise the next one will be longer and more interesting!
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