Chapter 7 Too Smart.

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????????? POV.
I slowly woke up to the feeling of being comfortable.
I pulled the blanket I had over me so covered my neck. Wait! What?! A blanket?!! I shot up in bed and looked around.
I could see my mask and shoulder pads sitting on the floor as well as a window that looked outside.
I got up and looked outside. What I saw shocked me. Because here were Vikings walking round doing there usual jobs but nearly every one was followed by a dragon.
Star instantly entered my mind.
"Star?" I gently called.
There was no answer. I put on my shoulder pads and my boots. I grabbed my mask and brought it with me. I opened a door that led downstairs. As I walked down I saw a large room with a table in the middle. I heard something move.
I got down and looked under the stairs, "Star!" I shouted. She looked up and quickly bounded over to me, only to nock me over and lick me.
"You know that doesn't wash out!" I replied, chuckling slightly.
"Ahhhh," said a voice. "Someone finally decided to get up!"
I jumped up quickly and stared at a.....woman?
"Wh...who...are you?" I asked.
"I'm Valka," said the sweet voice.
I relaxed a little bit.
"Would you like anything?"
"I would like to know where I am?" I replied.
"Well" she chuckled" come out and have a look.....oh..... you won't need your mask."
I looked at my mask and put it on the table. "Okay" I said.
I stepped out side, only to feel, suddenly right at home.
"She's awake!" said a few voices.
Star suddenly roared and jumped in front of me as if to protect me. "What's the matter?" I asked.
"There's a lot of them!" Star replied.
"I don't think they mean any harm, just calm down a little bit," I said.
"I'm sorry" said Valka, "but I didn't catch your name."
"I....ah.....have...never told anybody my name." I said hesitantly.
"Oh," she said. "Why?"
"Kn...know reason." I said.
"Well!" said a mans voice suddenly. "Our new rider decided to wake up? I'm Hiccup...the Chief of Berk."
"The Chief!?" I Shouted. "Why didn't you tell me earlier? I wouldn't have given you such a cold shoulder when we first met!"
"Sorry," he said. "I don't usually go and tell people that I'm Chief."
"Hmph" I muttered.
"Feel free to explore your surroundings and make yourself feel right at home!" He said cheerfully.
I turned to Valka and said" he is too smart."
"And he's my son," she replied, before chuckling.

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