Authors note! Must read!

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Hi everyone.
So I've been thinking on how to end this book. And I've decided that it will definitely be finished by chapter 50. I won't give anything away.
So how do you think about Kalina getting her whole family back together?!
And I was also thinking of doing a quiz competition. I will ask 5 questions based on HTTYD 1-2 and the first person to answer all the questions correctly will be able to give me some suggestions on finishing my book. AND. I will ad them to my friends list and I'll follow them. So the five questions are.

1: What is the wingspan of a Night Fury?

2: What flower does the Scauldron like?

3: What does Gustave name his Monstrous Nightmare?

4: What's the shot limit of a Hideous Zippleback?

5: And why did Alvin save Snotlout from the Screaming Death?

Let the competition start!!

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