Chapter 34 Meet Rusty.

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Kalina's POV.
So. Today's the day that we leave Berk for a while, and maybe for good. We've managed to build five ships, large enough to hold about twenty Vikings in each. Hiccup had ordered everyone to wear there battle outfits just in case we come across enemy ships whilst traveling. It was now early morning, the sun was just peeking over the mountain. I was putting Star's armour on and deciding what I should put on the twins. That's when I remembered that I had two spare Gronckle iron helmets for Star. But they would probably fit the twins by now.
"Thunder! Dawn! Come here." I called the twins over. I grabbed one of the helmets and put it on Thunder, it fitted just right. I put the other one on Dawn, it fitted good as well.
"Good. Now you's will have some sort of protection." I smiled. Thunder walked away looking very proud with himself. The Nadder spikes on the side of the helmet made him look a lot more grown up. Dawn on the other hand didn't think she needed protecting and tried to get it off. Star told her that she needed to keep it on for safety. Dawn mumbled something under her breath but kept the helmet on. Nearly everyone was up now.
"I'm gonna go see if Alvin needs help." I told Star before walking towards Torch. Alvin was just putting his helmet on and wandering over to Torch when I walked up.
"Hello Kalina!"
"Hi Alvin. Do you need any help?" I asked him.
"No I don't think so.......actually yes. How do I ride a Typhomerang?" He gestured to Torch.
"Well first you'll need a saddle or something to help you hang on." I walked over to a box that had some bits and pieces in it. I pulled out a rope.
"Torch! Bring your head down here!" I shouted to him. He instantly dropped his head down to my level. I wrapped the rope around his neck a few times but not to tight.
"When we settle down on the new island, Gobber is going to build a makeshift forge. Ask him to build a Typhomerang saddle. But for now, you are going to have to ride like this." I mounted Torch and he flew up into the air hanging on to the rope. Torch did dive bombs and turns before landing in front of Alvin. I slid down his back which was fun, and walked back to Alvin.
"Now you try." I gestured to Torch who dropped his head down so that Alvin could mount him. He got on and Torch flew up into the air. Within a few minutes Alvin was riding like a pro, and Torch looked very happy. I smiled and walked back to camp.

..........................................................Time Skip.......................................................

"Let's go!!" Hiccup yelled out to everyone. The spare dragons started to pull the ships. Valka had left a few minutes earlier with the Bewilderbeast and the water dragons. Hiccup, Astrid and I were in the air leading the way for everyone. Alvin and Eret were in the rear making sure that know one got left behind. It was quite a sight really. Looking back over your shoulder and seeing all these dragons and there riders, in there armour and all with determined faces. Then the ships below us with a couple of dragons pulling each one. If anyone was looking, they could see that it was quite a sight.
"Kalina. Are you okay?" Astrid veered over towards me.
"I couldn't be better." I replied happily. Astrid smiled and looked over her shoulder. I knew that she was thinking the same thing.

...........................................Time Skip......................................

Everyone had now been flying for ages and evening was approaching. There was a small island below us. Big enough to hold everyone though.
"We will land on that Island!" Hiccup ordered before swooping down towards it. Soon the ships were docked there, and all the dragons had landed. Thunder and Dawn were absolutely exhausted. They fell asleep the moment they hit the ground. Star was also asleep next to the twins, and Toothless was on the verge of sleeping. Torch helped light some fires before falling asleep too. I ate a chicken leg before lying against Star and falling asleep.

I woke up with a start. I looked around and saw that everything was normal. It was still dark so it must be about midnight. But what had woke me up? I glanced at Thunder and Dawn and saw that they were still asleep. That when I heard a branch break. I had fallen asleep in my armour so I grabbed my staff and walked towards the sound. The island we were staying on was mainly beach, but in the middle it was all bushy. I saw something large move near the tree line. I walked over towards it. Unfortunately I stepped on a branch making it snap. Whatever was there moved away. I ran after it and hit it with my staff. It fell over and then looked at me.
"Kalina! What on the earth did you do that for?!" Alvin glared at me.
"What the? Alvin! What are you doing out here?" I gave him a hand up.
"I heard something in the bush about half an hour ago. So I've been keeping watch." He replied. Another branch snapped. We both swung around back-to-back and looked into the dark bush. I could see some movement. It looked like several smaller people but dressed up looking like trees. That's when a small flowery bush suddenly seemed to grow. Alvin and I gasped. It was actually a person covered in leaves and flowers.
"Who are you?" I stared at the person. He or she didn't say anything, but walked around us before making a sound. Two more bushes stood up and walked around us.
"Alvin. We need to get back to the dragons!" I whisper shouted to him.
"How?!" He whispered back.
"When I run, follow me!" I told him. He nodded. I saw a gap in between the three bushy creatures and made a runner. I heard Alvin's heavy footsteps behind me, but I could also hear smaller footsteps.
"Star!!" I roared in dragonesse.
"Torch!" Alvin yelled out.
Star's POV.
I suddenly woke up to someone calling me name. I jumped up and realised that Kalina wasn't next to me.
"Torch!!" I heard Alvin's familiar voice. I saw Torch wake up and look around. Hiccup had woken up to all the commotion.
"What....what's going on?" He woke up sleepily. He spotted me looking towards a panicked Torch.
"Guys. Wake up, Kalina is missing!" He shouted to the gang. Astrid woke up and mounted Stormfly.
"Alvin is missing too!" She pointed to Torch who was flying over to us.
"Star!!" Kalina called my name again, which woke up the twins. She sounded like she was in trouble. I roared to Hiccup.
"What is it Star? Do you know where Kalina is?" He jogged over. I nudged him towards the bush.
"Guys! Mount you dragons and follow Star!" He ordered before mounting Toothless. I glanced back and saw the twins looking at me eagerly. They wanted to come, and I wasn't going to stop them.
Kalina's POV.
I called Star again. The little footsteps seemed to be going then getting closer. Alvin was gasping for breath. I could see the beach just up ahead. Suddenly there was a Plasma blast just behind me and Alvin. Star grabbed me and tossed me in the air. I landed on her back.
"Boy am I glad to see you!" I sighed with relief.
"Kalina! Help!" Alvin shouted before tripping over. Star swung around and Plasma blasted behind Alvin.
"Need any help?" The gang hovered behind me.
"Alvin needs it!" I pointed to a struggling Alvin. That's when I realised that the sun was starting to rise and I could see these bushy creatures better.
"Oh my goodness!! What are they?!" Astrid screamed pointing at Alvin. I looked back and saw hundreds of these bushy persons running towards Alvin who had a rope around his feet.
"Ruff, Tuff! Gas around Alvin!" Hiccup shouted to the twins. They swooped down and Barf let out his green gas around Alvin, before Belch sparked. The little bushy creatures stopped in there tracks before running in the opposite direction. Torch swooped down and grabbed Alvin.
"Star. Let's go and grab one if these bushy things hey?" I asked her. She nodded with a gummy smile. We dived down dodging trees and she grabbed one of the creatures before flying back to the camp.

Once we landed I grabbed the creature and threw him against a rock so that everyone could see it. Hiccup walked over and gasped before face palming himself.
"Care to tell me whatever this is?!" I shouted to Hiccup. He sighed.
"I remember reading about this island in a book. There are these people that dress up looking like part of the bush so that they can hunt." Hiccup explained.
"So........wait a second..........thus is actually a person?" Ruffnut asked scratching her head.
"Yes." Hiccup replied.
"Please.......don't....hurt me." The creature spoke quietly. I sighed.
"I believe we started of on the wrong foot. I'm Kalina." I sat down in front of the person and gestured to myself. He nodded. The rest of the gang introduced themselves.
"Would you mind taking your leafy mask off?" Astrid asked annoyed. The person sighed before taking his mask off to reveal about a fifteen year old boy with a few scratches on his face. He had black hair and light brown eyes and looked friendly.
"Do you have name?" I asked gently.
"My name is Rusty." He replied looking at us. Thunder and Dawn walked through right at that moment. He new we had dragons but he obviously didn't know we had more than one Night Fury.
"Nigh Fury!" He shouted trying to get away.
"They won't hurt you. I promise." I patted Dawn on the head.
"Th...they won't?" Rusty relaxed a little.
"Dragons are kind gentle creatures that can bring people together." Hiccup explained.
"Can...can I touch him." Rusty gestured to Thunder who was staring at him.
"Of course. Just put your hand out and turn your head." I said. Rusty seemed nervous but did as I told him. Thunder leaned his head against Rusty's hand. He smiled for the first time.
"I thought I'd never say this, but Rusty. Thunder is now your dragon." I smiled happily to a very content Thunder. Rusty gasped.
"I...he...he's mine?!"
"Yep." I replied. Thunder nudged him before rolling on his back groaning in pleasure as Rusty rubbed his stomach.

........................................................Time Skip...............................................

After Rusty and Thunder bonded a bit, Hiccup asked Rusty if he wanted to go for a walk. I knew that Hiccup wanted to know more about Rusty and his strange friends. Rusty agreed and they walked away from us deep in conversation.
"Unbelievable." Astrid said shocked.
"What's unbelievable?" I glanced at Astrid who seemed shocked about something.
"Thunder and Rusty!" Astrid shouted like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Ohhhhhh, yeah. It's good that Thunder has someone to look after now. They should bond quite well before the flying stage." I commented before walking of. I could tell that Astrid was shocked at what just happened. I chuckled to myself as I sat down in front of the fire.

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