Chapter 36 This Is My Home.

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Kalina's POV.
I woke up slowly, not really wanting to get up. Dawn nudged my hand before licking it. Star growled at her but nudged me at the same time.
"Ok, ok! I'm getting up." I said quickly. As I stood up I noticed that Realm wasn't where she fell asleep. Infact, I couldn't even see her anywhere.
"Your such a worry wort sometimes!" Snotlout walked over with his hands crossed. When he reached me he pointed to the ocean.
"Hiccup put Toothless's tail on auto so that he could go and get something to eat. Realm went with him."
"Ohhh." I sighed in relief.
"Well, well ,well! If it isn't the best girl I've fought in a long time." Alvin's voice made me jump suddenly. I turned and faced him.
"It was only mock fighting Alvin. If it was a life or death situation i think you might have won." I replied sarcastically. Just then Hiccup wandered over.
"Hi guys. Just here to tell you that we will be taking off in about an hour." Hiccup said sounding a little nervous.
"I don't believe it! Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is actually nervous for once?" I asked him shocked. He rolled his eyes as he walked back to Toothless. Wait. Toothless? Then where is Realm?
"Where's Realm?!" I shouted Hiccup quickly. He turned, smiled and then pointed behind me. I swung around only to come face to face with a white head and a mouth full of teeth. I jumped back with fright and gave a little scream. Snotlout, Ruff, Tuff, and Alvin were holding in their laughing, I could tell. Silence came from the group until Ruff broke it. She cracked up laughing and soon the others followed. At first I saw how it could be funny, but then their laughing just became annoying. Annoying enough that I grabbed my staff and ran after the twins who fled like mice running from a cat. However Alvin and Snotlout were still chuckling as I walked past them. I gave Alvin a death that made him shut up, and then faced my boyfriend. Snotlout instantly stopped laughing.
"Ok. Don't get mad. We all just thought it was funny to see you jump out of your skin with fright. I mean, it's not everyday you see Kalina The Dragon Princess jump with fright......Right?" Snotlout said all this so fast that he nearly choked from not breathing. I decided not to give him a heart attack, so I just turned around and walked back to a confused Realm.
"Thank you for making me be laughed at!" I snapped at her.
"Sorry.........but you have to admit, it was quite funny." Realm gave me a dragon smile. I sighed a rubbed her head. That's when I remembered that we were leaving in like forty five minutes. I quickly ran over to Star and started packing my stuff. I then put on all my armour and then Stars and Dawns. Rusty was in charge of Thunder so he had full responsibility on what armour he put on him. Once I finished doing all of that I mounted Star and we flew into the air. Hiccup and Toothless were just taking off as we flew over them.
"Everybody mount your dragons! We're moving out!" Hiccup yelled to the Vikings below. Within about five minutes every single person was either on a dragon or in a ship pulled by dragons.

...........................................................Time Skip............................................................

We've been flying for hours now and we haven't spotted a single island. Plus it was getting cold. I grabbed my cape and pulled it around my neck. I looked over my shoulder and saw Astrid pulling her hood over her head. Hiccup looked at her uneasily. Toothless came a glided next to Star and I.
"We'll need to find a place to land soon Hiccup."
"I know." He replied worriedly.
"Star and I could go ahead and have a look?" I asked him quickly.
"Hmmm..........that might not be a bad idea actually." He sounded a little bit more hopeful. I nodded.
"Let's go!" I told Star. She zoomed of ahead of everyone else. And within about five minutes we couldn't see anyone. I scanned the area.
"Can you see anything Star?"
"I was wondering when you'd ask me." She replied. She then shot down to the water and veered left. A very large island started to appear.
"Great job! Let's go and tell Hiccup." I nearly jumped up and down with excitement. She gave me a goofy grin before flying back. It took us about fifteen minutes to get back to everyone.
"Hiccup! There is a large island about half an hour away from here!"
"Awesome! Everyone follow Kalina and Star!" Hiccup yelled to everyone. I could instantly tell that there was a little bit of excitement.
"Star. Lead the way." She nodded and then flew in front of the ships so that they could follow.

Soon the island came into sight. The dragons pulling the ships almost seemed to get a new bit of energy and pulled with more determination. Star flew up back into the sky but still in the lead.
"I wonder if anyone lives on this island?" Astrid said behind me. The thought hit me like a ton of bricks. What if people do live on this island? Will they hate the dragons? Will they except us or fight us? Star sensed my sudden tension in the saddle and growled at me. I rubbed her head when suddenly a Bola came whizzing past us. Then another and another.
"Hiccup!" Astrid shouted as she plummeted towards the ground. Stormfly was rapped in a net and falling towards the ground. Hiccup dove down and Toothless caught her. Star shot down towards Stormfly. But suddenly a huge red and orange dragon appeared and grabbed Stormfly. It was Torch and Alvin.
"No offence but I don't think your Night Fury could hold a Deadly Nadder." Alvin said. I mentally face palmed myself. Star glided under Torch and I cut the Bola off Stormfly.
"Thanks!" She said quietly. She then squawked at Torch who immediately let go. She flew back to Toothless so Astrid could get back on her. I looked down at the sea and saw land instead. People were reloading and looking terrified. We all landed on the beach and waited to see what will happen. Some of the people fled, but others stayed. That's when a stocky man holding a sword came towards us. He had brown hair, narrow head and a brown beard. He was wore a bear skin as a cape. And he had a creamy coloured top with some red thread through it. Then he had black furry yak pants and brown furry boots.
"I'm Chief Forest The Great. What do you people want?!" He sounded angry but curious at the same time. That's when I realised that he looked a lot like Eret.
"I'm Chief Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III." Hiccup said quickly.
"And I'm Chief Alvin The Treacherous!" Alvin glared at Chief Forest.
"Well I'd like to know what you's want" Chief Forest pulled his sword out.
"Look. We don't want any trouble. We are just trying to find a new island to live at until we decide to go back." Hiccup explained.
"Well you won't be staying at this island because you have dragons!" Chief Forest gestured to our dragons.
"If you don't hurt them, they won't hurt you." I said quickly.
"And you are?"
"Kalina, The Dragon Princess." I replied as I dismounted off Star. Chief Forest gasped as I took my Night Fury mask off.
"Your.....your dead!" He pointed his sword at me shocked.
"What?" I said completely confused.
" were taken by dragons here when you were four!"
"I was taken by dragons when I was four but not from........" I froze because I remembered something. This was my home island!
"Wait......hold on a second.........this island is called Skye?" I gasped in shock. He nodded in response.
"Kalina. What's he talking about?" Snotlout walked over and put a hand on my shoulder.
" my.....home island." I managed to say. Hiccup and the gang gasped.
"But something doesn't add up. Your name wasn't Kalina it was Esther." Chief Forest scratched his head in bewilderment. That's when everything flooded back to me. My sister. My parents. The dragon raids we used to face. It all came back. I fell back in shock but Star caught me. That's when a thought hit me. What if my parents or my sister Karniki were still alive?
"I'm remember now." I said trying to standup straight.
"So you didn't remember anything?" Chief forest asked completely shocked. I shook my head.
"But your friends with the dragons now? I thought they would have killed you?"
"No. Dragons are kind gentle creatures that can bring people together." Hiccup answered for me.
"They can?" Chief Forest said curiously.
"Look around. What do you see?" Hiccup asked gesturing to all the dragons. Chief Forest was about to reply but suddenly the ground started to shake. A hole appeared and Realm shot out of it. She flew around in a circle before hovering behind me.
"What in the name of Thor is that?!" He shouted. I smiled and rubbed Realms head.
"Chief Forest. I would like you to meet Realm. Realm this is Chief Forest." I explained standing in between the two.
"Why do you have to make an entrance?" I growled in dragonesse to Realm. She didn't say anything. I turned back to Chief Forest.
"Realm is a Screaming Death. But she won't hurt you." I told him quickly. Alvin slid down Torch's back and walked up behind me.
"Now will you let us at least stay the night?" Alvin glared at Chief Forest.
"Well, if you keep the dragons under control......I guess you could stay as long as you like." Chief Forest smiled for the first time.
"Thank you." I said happily.
"It's okay everyone! These Viking won't hurt you!" Chief Forest yelled out to his people. They soon started to come out or the forest line and walk towards us. I looked at them and saw several familiar faces. I turned back to Star and Dawn. But Dawn wasn't looking at me, she was staring at something behind me. I looked in her direction and saw a teenage girl standing their. She would be about fifteen sixteen years old. She had dirty blond hair and brown eyes.
"Esther? Is it really you?" The girl asked. I looked her up and down but I couldn't recognise her.
"Well my name is Kalina. But my former name was Esther." I replied.
"Don't you recognise me?" She said quietly. I shook my head.
"What's your name?" I asked her.

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