Chapter 32 It's not a threat. It's a promise!

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Kalina's POV.
Astrid and I helped Alvin and Bruce ( Mary's husband ) search for anymore dragons or Vikings. But it looked like Drago got them all or took some with him.
"Alvin. Maybe we should check the underground area?" I said hopefully.
"Hmmm.......yes. You might be onto something there. But you can only get there by dragon." Alvin replied glancing at Star.
"How about, you ride Sky. Astrid will ride Stormfly. And I will take Bruce and we'll ride Star." I gestured to the dragons behind us. Alvin and Bruce nodded in agreement. I mounted Star and Bruce jumped on behind me. Alvin mounted Sky who didn't really care what happened now. And Astrid called Stormfly and mounted her.
"Alvin! Lead the way." I shouted.
"Okay. Follow me!" Alvin ordered before Sky took of and they headed towards a Whispering Death tunnel. We followed him. Sky nose dived down the tunnel, before it opened up into a dragon nursery. And there were live dragons and Vikings in here.
"Alvin! Alvin!" They cheered happily, to see their chief alive and well. They then spotted me and Astrid. Whispers went around.
"Is that Astrid Fearless Hofferson from Berk?" One Viking would say.
"It's a Night Fury! That must be the dragon princess!" Another would reply. Alvin landed Sky, and his people soon crowded around him.
"Make way! Make way!" Alvin ordered them. They parted to let him through. Star landed and Stormfly followed suit.
"My people! I'm sorry to say this, but, there are no survivors besides us." Alvin told them sadly. Everyone gasped. That's when an idea came to me.
"Alvin! I think I know what you should do!"
"What?" He looked at me curiously.
"Well. I didn't tell you this yet, but Drago also attacked Berk and we lost as well. So Hiccup decided to move to another island until further notice. He is still on Berk, just on the other side. But I was thinking, maybe you and your people should join forces with Berk, and eventually we will be able to fight against Drago!" I replied, raising my hands in the air.
"Yeah!" The people cheered.
"Well. If Hiccup doesn't mind, I think that's a good idea." Alvin smiled for the first time.
"Prepare your dragons! We will set of for Berk at first light!" He finished his sentence.

........................................................................Time Skip............................................................................

It was early the next morning and Astrid and I decided to ditch going to Dragon Island, because there was a few spare dragons here anyway.
"I think everyone is ready to go now." Alvin walked up to us with Sky following.
"Okay. Me and Astrid will lead the way so that know one will get hurt." I told him before mounting Star. He mounted on Sky.
"Mount your dragons! And follow Kalina and Astrid!" Alvin ordered his people.
"What about the spare dragons?" He quickly asked me.
"I'll call them." I replied with a smile. Alvin didn't really understand that I could speak dragonesse.
"Let's go!" Astrid said before Stormfly took of into the air and shot through the tunnel. Everyone else soon followed her and Alvin. I waited till everyone had gone out besides the spare dragons.
"Okay you guys. Follow me!" I screeched in dragonesse to them. Star growled and shot of into the tunnel that everyone else had used. The spare dragons followed us. Star caught up with Astrid and Strormfly.
"Do you reckon it will be safe to fly over Berk?" I looked at her worried.
"I don't think we have a choice really. Besides, Berk is right there." Astrid pointed in the distance. Berk was coming up.
"Everybody! I need you's all to stay as close as possible. We do have to fly over Berk, so Bola's will be shot at us. Be careful!" I warned everybody of the oncoming danger.

A few minutes later we were nearly at Berk. I could already here the people shouting all sorts of things.
"Everyone get ready!" Astrid shouted. The first few bola's were shot at us, but the dragons dodged with ease. We were now just passing Berk.
"Astrid! Lead everyone to Hiccup. I'm going to do something!" I shouted out to her before turning Star back to Berk. I think Astrid said something but I didn't hear her.
"Cmon Star. I think I might have a few words for Drago!"
I guided Star down to the dragon racing stand. Sure enough, Drago was sitting in the seat that Hiccup would usually sit in directing the dragon racing. Star hovered opposite Drago.
"You?!" Drago growled standing up.
"Much better!" I smiled. Star shot a Plasma blast at Drago which made him fall of the stand.
"In fact. That's way better!" Star landed and I got of her and walked towards Drago with my staff in hand.
"Now you listen to me Drago! I saw what you did to Outcast Island. I was here when you defeated Berk! And I am going to promise you one thing. When Berk and Outcast Island are ready and strong enough, we'll be back to defeat you!" I snarled at Drago with my staff at his neck. I then turned and mounted Star. Drago stood up.
"Is that a threat?" Drago sounded angry.
"No, it's not a threat. It's a promise!" I replied. Star then took of to find the others.

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