Chapter 14 Dagur! Part 2

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Kalina's POV.

The minute I saw Dagur I turned Star and we shot back to Berk.
"Kalina? What is it?"
"Da..Dagur! It's him and his armada that's coming at us!" I said hurriedly.
"What!? He's dead!"
Gobber came up behind me.
"She's right, it is Dagur. The ships sails have the Skrill symbol."
"Oh no, he better not have!"
I looked at Hiccup. "Have what?"
"Have the Skrill!" And at that he ran of to find Toothless.
"What's wrong with Hiccup?" Said Astrid as she and the gang came up on their dragons.
I mounted Star. "It's Dagur and his armada coming at us," I paused. "And he might have the Skrill with him."
At that Star and I shot up into the air and hovered over Berk. Everyone was going nuts and running here and there.
"Everybody!" I shouted. Know one listened.
"Star can you help me out?"
"Sure" she replied. She fired two plasma blasts at the square. Everybody stopped dead in the tracks.
"Everybody!" I shouted. "I know that your all afraid but please, panicking will not help! I've identified who's on the ship." I took a breath. "Dagur!"
Everyone gasped. Some of the Vikings said that "he was dead", others said "It can't be him".
"Look, the best thing we can do is prepare ourselves the best we can and fight with all our might. And never forget this, Nothing's Impossible with Vikings on the backs of Dragons!!"
They cheered and clapped.
"Now let's go kick Dagurs butt!" I shouted
"Yeah!" everyone cheered and then started preparing there dragons and themselves.
I smiled "Now that's more like it."
Turning Star I looked over at the oncoming ships. There must be at least 30 ships full of Vikings. And they were starting to load up their catapults already.
"Their may be more of them but we have the hearts and souls of dragons!" I said to Star.
Looking over at Hiccup and the gang, I realised that I was ready, and prepared, to fight until my very last breath for Berk.
"Let's start this battle with a bang Star! Plasma Blast!" I shouted, and she dived down towards one of the ships and Plasma Blasted it. "Dodge" I screeched to her. Star saw the oncoming bolas and dodged them with ease before Plasma Blasting again.
"Look out!" I heard some of the men on board say as they dodged her blasts.
"Spine shot Stormfly!" Astrid shouted as her Deadly Nadder pinned some Vikings to the ground.
"Larva blast Meatlug! Fishlegs shouted loudly.
About 20 Vikings not including the gang were blasting, firing, and spine shooting towards the ships, Whilst the rest of Berk fought with their dragons on the ground.
"Hiccup! Take my place. I'm going to help on the ground for a bit! I shouted before turning around shooting down towards the docks.
"Plasma Blast the docks so they can't get out of their boats without getting wet!" I chuckled.
Star did blast at the docks and I have to admit, it was pretty funny watching Dagur and his men get wet.
We circled over Berk and blasted at any of Dagurs men.
"Land here Star!" I commanded.
No sooner did we land then that two of Dagurs men came charging at me. Star blasted one while I hit the other on the back of the neck with my staff.
More men came and more men left, It was just an ongoing battle.
"Arrgghhhhhh!!" I heard the familiar sound of Dagur's silly war cry.
I swung round and blocked a sword blow from Dagur.
"This time Hiccup, this time I will get your Night Fury!" He said confidently.
"Is that what he wants" I said to myself.
He swung his sword at me and I blocked again.
Laughing evilly he said "What's the matter Hiccup! Too surprised to see me alive?
This time I flicked the switches on my staff to reveal my sword at one end and my axe at the other.
"Not really" I replied to his question, before swinging my axe at him and cutting slightly.
"Argh!" He screamed like a baby before giving me a death glare. "Since when were you a good fighter?" He asked angrily.
I smiled, "Hiccup's always been a good fighter" I said casually whilst admiring my staff.
"But you are Hiccup, aren't you?" Dagur asked questioningly.
I flicked a switch on my mask which somehow made my eye colour change to look rich sea blue but with no pupil. That's what it looks like to everyone. But it's just a blue coloured plastic that covers my eyes, and I can still see.
Dagur gasped.
"I'm not Hiccup, my name is Kalina and I ride a Night Fury named Star. And if anyone dares to try and harm anything I love, they'll have to go through me first!"
Dagur at first didn't say anything and then he suddenly pulled a dragon muzzle out of one of his pockets and threw it towards Star.
"Star!!" I screamed. She turned to see what was wrong and the muzzle went around her mouth.
"Haha, she's mine now girly! He said as he approached Star.
"That's it! Your going down Dagur! I screeched. He turned only to see the staff coming straight for his head.
He dodged and came at me with his sword. I blocked two blows and struck at him with the axe end of the staff, it missed him again. "Damn" I muttered. I looked around to see where Star was, only to find she was right behind me. Dagur came charging again but I blocked only to make him stagger back slightly. Turning to Star I cut the muzzle.
"Go to Hiccup" I told her "Go!"
She turned and took of leaving me with Dagur.

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