Chapter 13 Dagur! Part 1

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New Rider POV.
I mounted Star and we flew out of the Hangar. There was a beautiful sunset to greet me as we flew up into clouds.
" Beautiful" was all I could say. Star and I stayed out and enjoyed the sunset until it was gone and we then turned back to Berk.
As we landed I noticed that most of the village was heading up to a large doored building. I walked up to a female Viking and asked " Where is everyone going?"
" Oh, up to the Meade hall. Twice a month everyone gets up and goes to the Hall and we eat, drink, chat, and dance if you feel like it." And at that she left. I looked over at Star. "Well, I don't feel like being left out so how about we go and check it out?" I mounted Star, and as we flew up I noticed that the gang was standing just outside the large doors. We landed next to them.
"Hi guys" I said as I walked up to them.
"Oh, Dragon girl we thought of a name that you might like."
"Ok, tell me." I said curiously.
They all looked at each other and then shouted in unison "Kalina!"
I looked at them stunned, but the name kind of sunk in.
"Kalina?" I said to myself out loud. I repeated the name several times.
I looked at the gang. They all had hopeful faces, especially Snotlout.
"I like it" I said happily. They all sighed with relief.
"It was really Snotlouts idea but we all thought it was a good name." Hiccup said.
I smiled and looked at Snotlout, "Thankyou" I said calmly.
He blushed slightly.
"Now let's eat!" Shouted Ruffnut, destroying the moment.
I gave Ruffnut a glare then we walked inside.
Next day.

I woke up to a horn blowing really loud.
"Star!" I quickly called. She came bounding up the stairs and into my room.
"What's going on?!" I asked her quickly as I jumped out of bed.
"Someone spotted armoured boats on the horizon. It looks like there's going to be a battle!" Roared Star.
I looked surprised but I didn't say anything. Instead I went over to my wardrobe and started getting dressed in my armour. I'll describe what I look like.
I have my mask on and my honey-blonde hair is loose. ( my hair when loose is down to about my waist) I put on my black Night Fury cape and my silver coloured shoulder pads, which are made from Gronckle Iron. I've got my red/black coloured shirt on and my brown spiked skirt. Underneath I have my black leggings and my dark brown fur boots that reach just below my knees. My cape also has a tan coloured fury hood ( just like Astrids.) On each arm I have a red and brown bracer and it has three Nadder spikes. I have also upgraded my staff. It looks similar to Valka's but it's made out of Gronckle Iron. When I hold it, my hand is in the middle where there's two switches. One switch makes a sword come out one end and the other makes an axe come out. I just have to put on one more thing before i am ready. I picked up a pair of Night Fury scaled gloves and put them on. They were special, not just because they are made from Night Fury scales but they also have claws made from Gronckle Iron on them.
I looked at myself in the mirror, "I'm ready" I said to Star. I looked at her and realised that I needed to put her armour on as well. I quickly ran downstairs and opened a box that I kept her saddle and stuff in. I grabbed her saddle and put it on her and then grabbed her leg wraps. These wraps were also made from Gronckle Iron and they had spikes on the front like my bracers. As I was putting them on Star the door opened and Hiccup stepped in. He was dressed in his armour as well.
"Let me guess, Star told you that there's ships on the horizon?" He said sarcastically.
"Yep" I said without taking my eyes of one of Stars leg wrap I was putting on.
"Look, you don't have to fight if you don't want to" Hiccup said worried.
"Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it for the world!" I looked at Hiccup.
"I'm going out there and fighting for this village, and nothing you say is going to stop me" I said calmly.
"Well, be careful" is all he said before running out the door.
"Let's go!" I shouted to Star. She ran out the door and I mounted her and flew up into the sky.
I looked down towards the on coming ships. They were only a few minutes away. There was a Skrill symbol on the sail of the lead ship.

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