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The Other Night Fury (Toothless x reader) by rossella_4_chan
The Other Night Fury (Toothless Donnie's nerd
Basically how the movie hidden world plays out but instead of the Light Fury, its you but as a Night Fury like Toothless, she also felt like the last of her kind. you fo...
How to Train Your Dragon by thelittleblackghost
How to Train Your Dragonby Boo!
Male Astrid x Female Reader Based off the Dreamworks movie: How to Train Your Dragon (Y/n) = Your Name (L/n) = Last Name (H/l) = Hair Length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) =...
The Night Rider by SamuelScutter
The Night Riderby SamuelScutter
What if Hiccup had left after being chosen to kill the Monstrous Nightmare. After three years of being presumed dead and freeing dragons from in and out of the archipela...
How to train your dragon by raysbookss
How to train your dragonby Rays <3
Male Astrid x Female reader •Second and third book complete and published •From the movie 'How to train your dragon'
HTTYD - Truth or Dare - RTTE by DragonsInTheAbyss
HTTYD - Truth or Dare - RTTEby Decipher the Slyfer
hello amigos, a little hint about me, I love the httyd truth or dare so I decided to write one myself so........................... Welcome to a book where secrets are r...
Hidden Fury (Astrid x Male!Reader) by DragonessFire
Hidden Fury (Astrid x Male!Reader)by DragonessFire
(Takes place after the second movie) Berk has just gone through the largest storm they've ever seen. There's much to be done to repair the damage. But as they go to get...
We've Found You (ToothlessXFemaleNightFury) by TheSheShifter103
We've Found You ( TheSheShifter103
The people of Berk and many others believe that Toothless is the last Night Fury, but what happens when Hiccup and the gang find another Night Fury by chance? Read and f...
Behind the Smile (A modern HICCSTRID story) by LostSOULS1234
Behind the Smile (A modern Menix
Hayden Haddock was a boy aged 17 (almost 18) goes to Berk High- where he constantly got bullied. His parents died in a car accident when he was 6- he stays with one of h...
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Reader by MultiFandomAccount0
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Readerby ♡ Unknown ♡
*** REQUESTS CLOSED *** My one shot book for the HTTYD/RTTE fandom. Most are X Readers, while a few are OC inserts (per requests). Characters that I have one shots for s...
Hiccup, an awkward, scrawny boy, meets a girl, a strange girl who has a strong dislike for Vikings. Will he find out why? "H-Hey!" "Manē sparśa na karaśō...
The Last of Their Kind by lazykats15
The Last of Their Kindby ᴺʸᵃʰ~
Everyone thought Toothless was the last night fury. Oh, but they thought wrong. Little did they know what was lurking on a small island deep in the dogs, that they hadn'...
Leaving Berk - A Hicstrid Fanfic by Marie_cos
Leaving Berk - A Hicstrid Fanficby Marie_cos
What if Hiccup left Berk after finding out he was supposed to kill the dragon. Not only does Hiccup disappear, but Astrid does as well soon after and goes after Hiccup. ...
Save Me Before I Go Hiccstrid by DaronJayLemke123
Save Me Before I Go Hiccstridby DaronJayLemke
Hiccup being done with everyone's shit has left Berk. 3 years later he now lives on the edge with a army of dragons. Hiccup launches a attack on Berk as revenge. In the...
Runaway reader x hiccup haddock by JOYQ888
Runaway reader x hiccup haddockby JOYQ888
"Goodbye, Berk." "Goodbye, Hiccup." A girl who loves dragons, betrayed by her best friend, had to ran away from her dragon-killing tribe. Years late...
The forgotten ( Hiccup x reader ) by hiccupxreaderstories
The forgotten ( Hiccup x reader )by hiccupxreaderstories
Y/n was the daughter of a long line of chiefs in a dragon hunting village. Growing up she always admired what her peers done but deep down she knew she would never hurt...
Loss of love (hiccup x reader) by hiccupxreaderstories
Loss of love (hiccup x reader)by hiccupxreaderstories
Y/n ran away from Berk at the age of 12 with her skill x night fury named Strike. She adventures near the island one day and discovers they have made peace with dragons...
Hiccstrid One Shots by httyd_k
Hiccstrid One Shotsby Zeph
Why write one Hiccstrid story when you can write a thousand. In this Hiccstrid Collection there's everything from modern Hiccstrid stories to What if stories to the good...
The Blind rider (httyd x reader) by random5374
The Blind rider (httyd x reader)by random5374
Y/n y/l/n a lone rider with her stormcutter Adira fly past some islands looking for ice tailed pike for her baby singetail she runs into dragon riders they seem to be fr...
Run Away and Back Again (HTTYD) by LaraeTheBig
Run Away and Back Again (HTTYD)by LaraeTheBig
He ran away because he was nothing but a burden. Five years later a mysterious rider came to Berk to defeat Dagur, but the truth is he came back to Berk to protect them.