Chapter 28 Dragon Race Anyone?

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Kalina's POV.
Days soon turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. It's been three months, and nearly everyone on Berk had basically forgotten the whole Drago thing. Even Hiccup was looking a lot more relaxed. The Bewilderbeast, Valka and Cloudjumper had returned two weeks ago and had brought a new dragon with them. It was called a Groncicle. It looked like a Gronckle but made of ice. It was pretty cool, and as you can imagine Fishlegs had gone nuts over it. Everyday he was in the academy studying it and teaching it stuff, as Valka had decided to leave the Groncicle in his care. Everyone was happy, even the dragons. Thunder and Dawn were growing up quickly, and i and Snotlout were still going out. But I knew that happiness doesn't always last long. I had a bad feeling that Drago had a bigger plan. His attack three months ago was just a test attack to see how strong we were. I mean, he didn't even bring any dragons. I know that he'll come back, and he'll be prepared. I guess we have the advantage of the Bewilderbeast now, plus I could always train some more dragons.
"Hey Kalina. Are you okay?" Astrid's voice interrupted my thoughts.
"Yeah I'm fine. Just thinking."
"Oh. What about?" She came and sat next to me. I was sitting on a hill that overlooked Berk.
"Just the events these last couple of months. I'm just worried about Berk's safety." I replied worriedly.
"You're thinking about Drago again, aren't you?" She glanced at me.
I sighed "Yeah. I just can't help but have this bad feeling that Drago will be back. And when he does, he'll have a much better plan of attack."
"Hmmm. I guess your right. He didn't even bring any dragons! Like, what sort of man doesn't bring dragons to attack Berk?" Astrid shouted confused. I could tell that it worried her too.
"But anyway. Let's not worry about Drago now. I'm sure there's way better things to do." I jumped up and helped Astrid.
"Yep. Your probably right." Astrid replied. We then walked back to Berk.

"Hey guys!" Astrid shouted to the gang as we walked into the academy.
"Hi Astrid. Hey Kalina. What's up?" Fishlegs walked over to us.
"The sky." I joked in reply.
"That doesn't even make sense!" Tuffnut said confused.
"I totally agree with you there bro. Like, how does that even make sense?" Ruffnut stood next to Tuffnut.
"For once in your life try stopping it between here and here." I pointed to my head then my mouth. Tuffnut pointed to his own head then his own mouth with a confused look. I face palmed myself.
"No matter how hard you try they will always be dumb or stupid or both." Astrid chuckled.
"Pity. They could be really smart and useful." I commented.
"Doubt that." Fishlegs glanced at the twins who were talking about blowing up this certain tree.
Snotlout suddenly ran off and mounted Hookfang.
"Dragon race anyone?!"
"I'm in!" I shouted before calling Star.
"Me too!" Astrid called Stormfly.
"Me three!" Fishlegs mounted Meatlug.
"Us four!" The twins mounted Barf and Belch.
"Let's go!" Astrid shouted before flying out of the arena followed by the rest of us.

The dragon race was fun. And it made us all forget our worries. Astrid won because she took the black sheep off me by front flipping off Stormfly, landing behind me and grabbing the sheep before jumping off and landing back on Stormfly.
"Damn you Astrid!" I muttered under my breath.
"Haha!" She exclaimed before dropping the sheep in her basket.
"Astrid takes the game!" Hiccup shouted. Everyone applauded.
"Kalina comes second and the twins come third!" He finished his sentence.
"I guess sometimes you gotta lose." I mumbled to Star "Hey Astrid! Good race."
"Yeah it was. We should do this more often." She replied cheerfully.
"Yeah." Is all I said.
Hiccup suddenly came up in between us on Toothless.
"You two were very competitive today. Are you's okay?" He glanced at Astrid.
"Yeah. We're fine, we just need to have a little bit more fun." Astrid blushed.
"I think I'll leave you two alone for a bit." I smiled before turning Star and heading home.

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