Chapter 40 Captured

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Kalina's POV.
The search had begun. We had all left before sun up and it was now midday. I was on the north side beach with Karniki. We were waiting for Hiccup and the gang, because Hiccup had said that 'we will meet at the north side beach.'
"Raawwk!" Stormfly's familiar squawk made me jump. She landed with a very tired Astrid.
"Heck! You look like you've already been flying for a week. What happened?" I jumped of Star and walked over to Stormfly. Astrid slid of but when she hit the ground her legs collapsed under her and she sat down with a thud.
"Hiccup, Fishlegs, Snotlout and I were flying past some caves when suddenly bola's came out of no where and went around us. I managed to cut the net off before we would have hit the ground. I was then chased the grey Night Fury." Astrid's eyes slowly started to shut and she blacked out. I caught her before she would have hit the ground. I looked up at Karniki and grimaced.
"Here, put her up in front of me and I'll take her back. But you wait here until I come back. Okay?" Karniki said before picking Astrid up and placing her on Sky. I nodded and walked back to Star, before turning and watching Sky disappear in the low flying clouds. After about ten minutes I heard a low growl. I swung around only to see Valka, Eret, Alvin, and Ruff and Tuff. Their dragons landed and they slid off.
"Where's Hiccup?" Valka walked up to me with a worried look. I sighed. How was I going to tell her that Hiccup, Fishlegs and my boyfriend are stuck in a cave somewhere probably being questioned or threatened.
"Astrid came back and she said that they got ambushed near some caves. Hiccup, Fishlegs and Snotlout were captured but she managed to escape. Karniki is taking her back now because she blacked out." I slowly told Valka everything. Although I don't think it helped much because her face just went from worry to panic.
"We'll think of something and go get Hiccup back." Eret tried to pacify Valka but to no avail. Alvin walked up and he suddenly seemed to look different. I looked him straight in the eyes and I got an idea.
"Treachery!" We both said at the same time. Everyone looked at us confused.
"Alvin The Treacherous! For once instead of using something good, we may have to lean upon something a bit more affective." I nearly jumped with excitement.
"Treachery. Of course!" Eret face-palmed himself.
"Okay. Let's wait for Karniki and then we will figure out a plan."
Hiccup's POV.
"Ow!! What....where am I?" I rubbed my head and looked around. I could see a little bit of light out a hole in the wall I was leaning against. I turned to look through it but my legs wouldn't move. I moved my hands to my ankles and felt a strong rope. But after a bit of fiddling I undid it.
"Hic....Hiccup?" I heard Fishlegs voice.
"Fishlegs! Where are you?" I crawled on my hands and knees to where I thought he was.
"I'm over here." His voice was a lot closer. I saw a movement and touched it.
"Arghhhhh!! Something's touching my leg!!! Help!!" Fishlegs completely panicked.
"Shhh!" I hissed at him "It's just me."
"Phew!" He sighed.
"Fishlegs? Hiccup?" Snotlout's voice was right next to me. I moved over and stared as hard as I could into the never ending darkness. I could just make out Snotlout's shiny helmet.
"Snotlout. Fishlegs. Whatever you do, don't panic. I had rope tied around my legs, so see if you can feel if you do as well." I said as I sat down on the damp ground. After about fifteen minutes they were both undone.
"Okay. It's nice to be able to move but where on the earth are we?!" Snotlout basically yelled. I instantly noticed that it didn't echo.
"Will you shut up! I am going to see If I can find somewhere to get out." I told them before crawling away. I headed back in the general direction of where I was originally tied up. Sure enough I spotted that small hole with light streaming through it. It was big enough for two if my fingers to fit through it. I peered through and saw something absolutely amazing. There were dragons everywhere! It reminded me of my mums sanctuary. Astrid! Where is she?
"Hey guys! Where is Astrid?"
"Don't you remember? She cut the rope and got away." Fishlegs replied. I sighed knowing that she was safe.
"Come and check this out! It's like mums sanctuary." I called them over. Snotlout was first next to me and I could actually see him. He peered through and gasped. I realised that the only difference between this dragon nest and mums was that this one was surrounded by rocks, not ice. Fishlegs ambled over and looked as well.
"What is this place?" Snotlout looked around.
"I wish I knew." I suddenly felt around my armour and gasped in shock when I placed my hand on my inferno.
"Thank goodness we're not completely defenceless." I lit my fire sword and waved it around. We were trapped in a rock cell by the looks of it. I stood up and walked around.
"How did they get us in here?" Snotlout questioned.
"I don't know but I think I know a way out." I walked over back to the hole. I then swapped sides on my sword and lit the Hideous Zippleback gas. Before I sparked. As you can imagine there was a massive explosion. I fell over landing on Fishlegs who landed on Snotlout.
"Get off!!" Snotlout complained. I stood up quickly and walked over to where I there used to be a rock wall. But it was just a huge hole. I stepped through into the dragon nest area. Snotlout and Fishlegs followed with dropped jaws.
"This place is amazing." I said in a whisper.
"Well it would be amazing if that thing stopped eyeballing us." Snotlout pointed to my left. I turned around and stared at the grey Night Fury that stood before me. And let's just say that it wasn't happy. It was growling and baring his teeth at us. I looked at its eyes carefully. They weren't black anymore. They were blood red with a black slit. He started to walk over slowly. It reminded me of the way Toothless walked over to me when he was being controlled by the Alpha.
"Any suggestions?" I asked Snotlout and Fishlegs. They shook their heads and started to back off. I sighed. Here goes nothing.
"Hey big fella. You don't have to be afraid of me or my friends. We just want to leave and never return. How does that sound?" I talked to the Night Fury calmly with my hand out in front of me. His steps actually slowed down but still coming at us.
"Perhaps you would like to tell me who rides you? Or.....where my Night Fury named Toothless is?" I noticed he had a saddle on. Suddenly he stopped and turned around. I glanced at Snotlout and Fishlegs. They shrugged their shoulders and looked around. I turned and walked after the Night Fury. He didn't seem to mind. He climbed down rocks and past trees. I followed him. He suddenly stopped at a rock wall and roared at it. I walked up and put my ear against it and listened. I could hear a similar answer.
"Hey guys! I think our dragons are in here!" I shouted for joy. The grey Night Fury gave me a gummy smile and backed up a little. He suddenly started to suck in his breath. He was getting ready to shoot. I jumped out of the way as he shot at the wall. It broke and started to collapse. Toothless, Meatlug and Hookfang suddenly bounded out towards us.
"Toothless! I'm so happy to see you bud." I hugged his head as he purred back.
"Oh Meatlug!! Don't you ever leave me again!" Fishlegs ran over to Meatlug who pushed him over and licked him.
"Hookfang you stupid dragon! You know you could have broken down that wall yourself!! But it's good to see you!" Snotlout rubbed his dragons head. Hookfang decided to light himself on fire and he did.
"Not Again!!!" Snotlout screamed. I turned back to face the grey Night Fury.
"Thank you. Now all we need to do is get out of here. Could you be so kind as to show us?" I walked up to him. I then jumped back in fright, because there was this sudden explosion behind him and everything went smoky.
"I....I can hardly see anything!" Fishlegs mounted Meatlug and hugged her for comfort.
"No kidding!" Snotlout replied mounting Hookfang. I mounted Toothless and looked back towards the smoke and where the grey Night Fury was originally standing. He wasn't there.
"Ummm.......where's the Night Fury?" I asked know one in particular.
"Uhh.....duh! Your sitting on it!" Snotlout answered pointing to Toothless. Fishlegs face-palmed himself.
"No! The grey one!" I snapped at him.
"Ohhhh......I have know idea. But that person might." Snotlout pointed to the smoke. I carefully looked at where he was pointing and noticed a figure coming towards us. He or she was dressed very similar to Kalina's battle outfit. They came closer and closer until they were within three meters of Toothless. Toothless growled showing his teeth, and he started to glow blue. The person stopped and took their hood off to reveal a woman with long brown/blonde hair that reached her waist. She was wearing a Night Fury mask identical to Kalina's but it was a more grey colour. She had silver overlapping scales that covered her chest area until her hips, where a grey spiked skirt went down until just below her knees. She then wore black tights and black fuzzy boots.
"Who are you?" I asked slowly dismounting Toothless.
"I ask the questions around here! Who are you?" The woman had a deep voice with a strong accent.
"My name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Chief Hiccup. And these are my friends Fishlegs and Snotlout."
"And your dragon?" She pionted to Toothless.
"Oh. This is Toothless. And he would like to go. Now!" I glared at the woman. She just shrugged her shoulders and backed off a bit before bending down and picking up a staff that laid on the ground. She then turned back to face me and then roared, swinging her staff around and then whacked it on the ground. There was a loud growl as the grey Night Fury landed behind her.
"You may be a chief but he is an Alpha! And know dragon can resist the Alpha's command!" She pointed at the Night Fury then at Toothless. I smiled knowing that Toothless can't be controlled because he is also an Alpha.
"As much as I know you would like your Night Fury to control Toothless, he can't. Because Toothless is also an Alpha!" I smiled at the woman. She gasped and stared at Toothless who was now glowing blue.
"!!" She backed up to her Night Fury, cursing me. I was about to speak but suddenly there was another explosion and several dragon riders swooped down and landed behind us.
"I was wondering when you guys would show up." I joked. Kalina smiled as Star walked up beside Toothless and started to glow white. Dawn came up on the Toothless's other side and growled at the woman. Kalina turned to face the woman and gasped.

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