Chapter 23 Twins!!

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Kalina's POV.
Star was now just two days away from her due day of giving birth and it was hard. She was in a lot of pain, mainly in the morning and before she went to sleep at night.
"Hey girl, how are you feeling today?" I asked her as I made breakfast.
"Tired and can't wait for the little mongrel to get out!" She complained.
"Just two days to go girl, and then it will be all over." I tried to calm her.
"Yeah" Is all she said before eating her basket of fish.
That's when I remembered, I've got a date with Snotlout at lunch.
"Is Toothless coming today?" I asked her.
"Yeah, he's going to stay with me all day."
"That's good, because I've got a date with Snotlout at lunch time."
"Okay, how long have you's been dating?" Star asked me curiously.
"A few weeks now I think, why?"
"Well when are you's gonna get married?" She gave me a cheeky smile.
"Star! That's not going to happen for a looooooonnnggg time yet!" I gasped in shock.
She just gave me a smug smile before laying in front of the fire for a nap. I heard a nock, or should I say scratch at the the. I opened the door to see Toothless standing there.
"Hey Toothless, Star is just in front of the fire having a nap but you can come in."
"Thanks." Is all he said before taking a spot next to her.
I smiled before heading out the door and going over to the forge.
"Hey Gobber! Need any help?" I asked him.
"Hello Kalina! Yeah I could use a hand if you don't mind?"
"Sure! I don't mind, but I've got to be at the Meade Hall by lunch." I replied before putting an apron on.
"Alright! Now let's see......if you go to the side window you can take a couple more orders in for some saddles." He said cheerfully.
"Okay!" Is all I said before going to the side window and opening it. No sooner did I open it than did about twenty Vikings quickly rush over wanting a saddle built. I noticed that every Viking had a piece of paper with a number on it. I looked to my left and saw some numbers written on pieces of wood.
"Here goes nothing." I mumbled to myself before pulling of a numbered piece of wood.
"22!" I called out to the crowd.
"That's me! That's me!" A male Viking cried out.
That's when I recognised him.
"Hello Gunner! What saddle do you want built?"
"Okay....I want a defender saddle made for a Snafflefang but with lots of spikes, and plenty of storage spaces!" He gasped for breath.
"You got it!" I replied before walking over to Gobber.
"Okay......Gunner wants a Defenders Snafflefang saddle with lots of spikes and plenty of storage." I told him.
"Okay, thanks lassie. You could take one more order before you leave if you want." He asked.
I walked back to the window and pulled down another numbered piece of wood.
"34!" I called out.

Okay so after I finished at the forge I made my way up to the Meade Hall. Once I got there I took a few breaths of air, ( I wasn't riding a dragon so I had to walk there!) opened the door and walked in.
"Hey babe!" Snotlout called out to me from a table.
"Hi Snotlout, sorry if I'm late!"
"You could never be late, your to beautiful!" He replied sarcastically.
I blushed before sitting down and eating my plate of fish soup.

........................................................Time Skip.............................................................
Once I'd finished my soup I chatted with Snotlout for a little while. Suddenly Toothless burst through the doors of the Meade hall and ran straight to me.
"What is it boy?" I asked Toothless.
"Star is giving birth!!" He panted.
"Oh my goodness! Snotlout go get Hiccup and the rest of the gang and meet me at my house! Star is giving birth!" I shouted before mounting Toothless and shooting out the Meade Hall.
It took like two minutes to get to my house and run in the door.
"Star! Oh my goodness!" I gasped.
Star was not heaving or pushing or anything, because right next to her lay two baby Night Furies. When I saw them I started to get teary eyed.
"Star...there.....beautiful!" I exclaimed on the verge of crying.
She gave me a gummy smile before nudging the two awake. One had green eyes identical to Toothless's while the other had Aqua coloured eyes. When they saw me they jumped in fright.
"It's okay, I'm your friend." I told them calmly in dragonesse.
I walked up to them slowly and turned my head and put my hand out. I soon felt two scaly noses touch my hand.
"I better tell Toothless." I sighed as I rubbed the green eyed one.

"Toothless! Come in here!" I called to him.
Toothless came bounding up to me.
"Congratulations boy, your a dad now." I suddenly burst into emotional tears.
"Kalina is everything okay?" Snotlout came up and hugged me.
"I couldn't possibly be better. Take a look inside." I gestured to the door.
Snotlout walked in and I heard him gasp, then I heard a thud. I quickly ran in and saw Snotlout on the floor, he'd fainted.
"Kalina! I heard that Star was............" Hiccup stopped talking as he ran in and saw Star and her twins. He couldn't move, he just stood there frozen. He then fainted as well.
"Really!" I muttered.
Soon Astrid, the twins, and Fishlegs ran in.
"Oh my goodness!! Their so cute!!!" Astrid squealed in delight.
That's when I heard another thud. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Fishlegs on the ground, I face-palmed my self. That's when I realised that the twins haven't said anything. I looked at them and was quite shocked to see them just staring at the baby Night Furies.
"Ughhh guys, are you okay?"
"Couldn't possibly be better.............are you gonna teach them to blow up stuff?" Tuffnut asked.
"Okay everybody out!!" I shouted, starling Star.
Everyone quickly evacuated except Fishlegs who was still out on the floor.
I sighed and looked back at Star.
"Tomorrow you can show the little ones around Berk, but for now just rest."
"Good idea" she replied and put her wing over the little ones and fell asleep.
"Fishlegs, Fishlegs wake up!" I Whisper-yelled to him.
He shot up and looked around.
"Fishlegs! There asleep so get out." I growled motioning to the door.
"Right!" He said and got up and walked out the door.

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