Chapter 37 My Sister.

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Kalina's POV.
"Karniki." The girl replied. I gasped in shock and confusion. My legs started to shake and they gave way. I collapsed on the ground and blacked out.

I woke up slowly, and saw Snotlouts face looking at me.
"What.....what happened?" I sat up and looked around. That's when I remembered that I blacked out after my sister told me who she was. I looked straight ahead and saw her standing their looking worried.
"You suddenly blacked out. Are you feeling okay?" Snotlout answered my question. I stood up slowly and leaned on him. Karniki smiled when she saw me wake up.
"I can't believe it's really you!" I stared at her in disbelief.
"Who is she?" Snotlout asked me confused.
"Well......doesn't my big sister give me a hug or something?" Karniki joked quietly. I smiled and ran over to her and enveloped her in a big hug. She hugged me back and sighed.
"I finally found my sister." She said happily as we parted.
"That's your sister?!!" Astrid shouted. I looked at her and nodded.
"Who are they?" Karniki asked me. I instantly realised I that I hadn't introduced her tho the gang.
"Well, let me introduce my friends to you. This is Fearless Astrid Hofferson. She's pretty cool, plus she's Hiccups girlfriend."
Karniki and Astrid shook hands.
"Then theirs Fishlegs Ingerman. He's our Book Of Dragons in a human version." I chuckled. Fishlegs said hello and they shook hands.
"Then theirs these two twins. Ruffnut, and Tuffnut Thorston. They like to destroy more than being useful in anything." I gave the twins a glare so that they'd act nicely. The both shook hands with Karniki.
"And then theirs my boyfriend Snotlout Jorgensen. He is more on the show off side of life." I plainly stated. Snotlout shook hands with Karniki. Just then Valka and Eret walked up.
"And I might as well introduce you to Valka and Eret. Valka is Hiccups mother. And Eret was a former dragon trapper but is now a very good dragon rider." I gestured to them as they walked up. Valka shook hands with Karniki.
"I can't believe that you are Kalina's sister! That's just amazing." Valka sounded very happy for me. Eret shook hands with Karniki as well, but didn't say much. Star suddenly nuzzled my hand.
"And how could I forget you. This is Star my Night Fury dragon." I rubbed Star on the head as Karninki stepped back.
"Don't worry. She won't hurt you. You've just got to show her that your not a threat."
"It's not that I'm afraid. It's just were taken by a Night Fury. And Mum and Dad were taken by a Night Fury. I don't know up if I can trust them anymore." Karniki stepped back again.
"Star was the exact same Night Fury that took me. But......Mum and Dad were taken by a Night Fury too?" I stared at until she answered.
"Yeah. But the Night Fury, as far as I remember, was more of a dark grey in colour but it's eyes were completely black with no pupil." She shivered at the though of the dragon. I averted my eyes to Hiccup who had just walked up.
"Another Night Fury?" Hiccup asked curiously.
"You are?" Karniki walked over to me but was staring at Hiccup.
"Oh. Karniki, this is Chief Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Hiccup this is my sister Karniki." I quickly introduced the two.
"Your sister!" Hiccup gasped. I nodded.
"Wow. Well it's nice to meet you. But what were you saying about another Night Fury?" Hiccup shook hands with Karniki.
"My.....Our, mum and dad was taken by a dark grey Night Fury a few years ago." Karniki clarified sadly. Hiccup scratched his head which usually meant that he was thinking.
"Hmmm. Chief Forest said that we are welcome to stay as long as we wish. So....perhaps once we've settled in, we can search this island for that Night Fury." Hiccup said every word more excited. I nodded in agreement.

......................................................Time Skip...................................................

It was now just on dusk. I had been chatting with my long lost sister for a couple of hours now. She had shown me through her village which was hidden in the forest. The buildings and houses were really cool. Most of them had leaves covering the roofs. Some of them even had plants growing in the roof or vines on the side of the house. Karniki showed me into her house. It was a completely different look inside. The roof, walls and floor were all made of a light coloured timber. The table was actually a solid flat rock in the middle of the room. The kitchen was in the back and the bedroom was upstairs. The bed was made exactly like the ones back on Berk. When Karniki led me back downstairs and outside it was nearly dark.
"Oh no." She whispered under her breath.
"What's wrong?"
"If it's not raining we get dragon attacks.'s not raining." She started to shake with fright. At that moment Hiccup ran up.
"Chief Forest just told me that if its not raining they get dragon attacks!" He shouted.
"I know. Karniki just told me."
"We should get the other dragon riders and help with the fighting." Hiccup said quickly. I nodded. He ran of and called the gang. I whistled for Star and Dawn. They landed behind me with Rusty and Thunder not far behind. I turned to Karniki.
"Either fly with me or help protect the people!" I gave her an option.
"I'll help protect the people." She said before running of to the towns forge. I mounted Star.
"Rusty! You can't ride Thunder yet. So I suggest you go and help the people as well." I looked at Rusty. He nodded and ran of following Karniki. Thunder followed him.

Star and I flew over to the gang. It was completely dark now so it was hard to see. Star spotted them and landed beside Snotlout.
"We are all going to protect the people and fight the dragons off at the same time......" Hiccup was telling us what to do. I looked down the beach and could see Realm watching us curiously.
"Star. Go over to Realm." I whispered into her ear. She backed up slowly and then walked over to Realm. I was still on her back. I just didn't want to hear a whole lecture about how to fight dragons.
"Realm. If it looks like the dragons are going to beat us, you can step in."
"Okay." She nodded in agreement to my idea. Just then I heard a scream in the village.
"Let's go!" I ordered Star who immediately took of into the air. Dawn followed us. We flew over the village and saw about thirty dragons in the main area and more advancing on the village. A woman ran from a Deadly Nadder that was chasing her. Dawn swooped down and confronted the Nadder. Star and I swooped down and grabbed the woman and then set her down next to the forge. Rescuing and stopping someone from becoming ashes was basically what we were doing for a while until I heard Karniki's very panicked voice.
"Kalina!!!!" She screamed my name. I turned Star and saw a Timberjack standing in front of Karniki. She held a shield and was backed against a house. The Timberjack was getting ready to blast. Star swooped down and I jumped of her and landed in between Karniki and the Timberjack. I had my mask on and I held my staff. Pressing the switch on my mask that made my eyes look like they were blue with no pupil I swung my staff around and roared at the dragon. He roared back and tried to bite me. I dodged and then tried to hit his head with my staff but he moved away. I noticed that his eyes weren't in splits. Which meant that he wasn't being controlled. He went to bite me again but there was a loud roar and all the dragons flew away. I stood there watching all the dragons fly away. Toothless landed next to me and Hiccup dismounted.
"Their flying away?" Hiccup sounded confused.
"Not really. Look!" Karniki pointed to a large dark grey dragon in the lead of all the other dragons. It had a rider sitting on its back.
"That's the dark grey Night Fury!"

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