Chapter 35 Realm?!

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Kalina's POV.
It's now been two days since we landed on this island. And only one great thing had happened. Rusty had talked to the chief of his tribe who said that he would like to meet Hiccup. So Hiccup and the chief talked for a long time before walking back to the main camp. Hiccup told us that we were not to worry about the 'Bushy creatures' anymore. And that Rusty was coming with us on our journey since he'd made friends with Thunder. So now, the plan was to leave tomorrow in search of a uninhabited island. It was currently about mid-day and it was quite a cold day.

"Kalina." Dawn walked over to me with a sad look on her face.
"Hey Dawn. You look sad. Is something the matter?" I asked her calmly.
"'s just.....why haven't I got an owner yet?" She blurted out suddenly. I thought on how I was going to reply to her.
"Dawn.....sometimes things don't happen the way we had hoped them too. For example, look at the situation we're in now. Do you really think that Hiccup thought we were going to lose to Drago?"
"No." She replied quickly.
"That's right. What I'm saying is that you need to expect the unexpected all the time, especially with new things. And you will have an owner one day, you just have to be patient." I finished calmly as I stroked her head. She sighed heavily and I noticed that she'd fallen asleep. I smiled before leaning against the rock behind me and falling asleep myself.

..................................................Time Skip....................................................

I woke up slowly to the sound of laughing and happiness. I quickly looked next to me and saw that Dawn was still fast asleep, and I noticed that it was a dark moonlight night. I got up and walked over to the camp fire that the gang usually sit around before I stopped and ducked behind Barf and Belch, who happened to be standing their at that very moment.
"Kalina was really different. I could see that!" Snotlout told the gang and a few other Vikings who were standing around.
"You can say that again. When I first saw her it started of with a Plasma blast." Hiccup added chuckling slightly.
"Remember when she took us to her cave of dragons!" Tuffnut sighed. I had an idea and I crept over so that I was behind the twins.
"You mean when you followed me!" I growled behind the twins. They both fell off their logs and everyone cracked up laughing. I stood there with my hands on my hips, holding in a laugh.
"And the other thing you should know is that she's a good fighter." Fishlegs whispered to Alvin, but loud enough that I could hear.
"Heard that Fishlegs!" I snapped at him before sitting down on the log.
"Are you now?" Alvin had a curious look on his face.
"Trust me! Don't fight her. I've had experience." Snotlout quickly told Alvin who had other ideas. He suddenly grabbed his sword and stabbed it in the ground next to him.
"Really? You think you could beat me?" I gestured to the sword in the sand.
"Well it's worth a shot isn't it?" Alvin stood up as if I had said yes. I sighed knowing that their was no way out of this. I was in my armour so I turned and walked back to my sleeping spot and grabbed my staff before walking back to Alvin. Things were about to get interesting. The minute I appeared again the crowd started to cheer.
"And start!" Astrid shouted. Alvin swung his sword at me and I dodged easy before swinging my staff at him. He dodged as well. Ok so he wasn't as dumb as Dagur and he certainly wasn't as small as Dagur. Hiccup looked a little worried but curious at the same time. Alvin must have sensed that I wasn't concentrating and he charged at me with his sword raised. I crouched down as he brought the sword down. But my staff blocked it. He kept on applying pressure but I was holding the staff steady. I then suddenly jumped up from my crouched position knocking the sword out of his hand. He gasped silently. I smiled before doing a commando roll and picking up his sword.
"I believe you may need this." I held the sword in my hand mocking him.
"What the? Your too quick!" He shouted, annoyed that he'd been beaten by a girl.
"Do you give up then?" I leaned against a rock to rest. Little did I realise that's exactly what he wanted me to do. He suddenly charged at me which surprised me enough that I dropped his sword. He grabbed it before pinning me against the rock.
"Give up yet?" He asked me proudly.
"Hmmm, let me think about that one." I replied before using all my strength and I pushed him back before kicking him in the stomach and hooking my staff around his legs and pulling so that he fell over. I flicked the switch which made my axe come out one side of my staff. I stood over him and held it to his neck.
"No I don't think I'll give up yet." I replied cheekily.
He sighed in defeat. "Ok, ok, you win."
I smiled as I walked away and took my mask off, leaving a dumbfounded Alvin on the ground. As I walked back to my sleeping spot I suddenly heard this screaming sound. I ran back to the camp and saw everyone looking at each other in confused ways. The scream suddenly happened again and I noticed the dragons trying to hold their ears. That's when it hit me. I ran to the shore line and looked at the sky. Sure enough I could see the faint but large grey-white dragon coming towards us.
"Realm!" I shouted out to her. Within two minutes I could make out every detail of her as she came speeding towards us. She landed next to me with a thud. That's when I noticed that she had a Bola wrapped around her body.
"Drago did this?" I looked at her. She nodded.
"He has taken nearly all the dragons off dragon island so I turned and fled to find you." She told me hurriedly. I rubbed her huge head.
"You can stay with us as long as you like." I tried to calm her down. I grabbed my small dagger that I keep in my boot and cut the bola away. Hiccup and the gang ran up and gasped.
"She won't hurt us will she?" Hiccup walked very slowly over.
"No. She got shot at by Drago. He has taken all the dragons from Dragon Island."
"What?!" Astrid shouted shocked.
"I think that Drago is planning something revolved around dragons. And whatever it is, we have to be prepared." I said concerned for the safety of all our dragons.
"We're heading out tomorrow. So everyone get a good nights sleep, because tomorrow will be a busy day." Hiccup ordered before walking away. I walked over to my sleeping spot and sat down. Star sat down behind me and I leaned against her. Dawn came and rested her head in my lap. And Realm flattened her spikes and curled her tail around all of us with her head leaning against a rock that could barely hold her weight. I smiled and then fell asleep under the Stars.

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