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Chapter 21 Airmail

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Kalina's POV.
Star was now 6 months pregnant, and it was obvious too. When she walked she looked like she'd eaten a barrel. Her belly nearly dragged on the ground. Toothless was more worried than ever, but Star would just tell him to calm down. The other problem with her being 6 months pregnant, was that I couldn't ride her. In fact she could barley get off the ground herself. So I would borrow Toothless or Hookfang and ride them if I felt like it.

It was once again early in the morning and the Terrible Terrors were singing on the rooftop. I looked over the bed and was surprised to see Star wasn't there.
"Huh?" I muttered "Where could she be at this hour?".
I quickly got out of bed, got dressed and went downstairs.
"Star?" I called. She didn't answer. I suddenly heard a blast outside.
I opened the door only to see her blasting at the ground.
"Hey girl.......your morning sickness is a little early for the day?" I questioned.
"Not really, it's only because I woke up early." She replied before walking back inside.
"Oh.....you hungry?" I said trying to change the subject.
"Yeah, I could a whole yak!" She said sarcastically.
I chuckled, "Okay, hungry pregnant Night Fury! Breakfast is coming right up."
Star ate her breakfast whilst I made mine. By the time I started eating she was already finished and resting in front of the fire.

Once I'd finished breakfast, I put the dishes in a bucket filled with water and headed outside.
"Hey Kalina....aren't you meant to be at Alvin's today?" Astrid asked.
"Oh...my goodness! I completely forgot!" I gasped before high-tailing it to the Gobber's forge.
"Hiccup! Are in here?" I shouted.
"Yeah, I'm in here!" Hiccup replied from the back room.
I opened the door to the back room and saw Hiccup drawing something.
"Hey can I borrow Toothless to get to Alvin's?"
"Sure! I think he'll enjoy that." Hiccup replied happily.
"Toothless!! Your going for a flight!" Hiccup called out the window.
Toothless came bounding through the forge and jumped on Hiccup.
"I'm not taking you flying! Kalina is." He said pushing Toothless off him.
Toothless turned to face me and then nudged me out the door.
"I guess I'm going then." I said sarcastically before walking out the forge and mounting Toothless.

It's fun riding Toothless, he does all these cool air tricks that Hiccups taught him.
"Okay bud, let's see what you've got." I told Toothless in dragonesse before putting his tail on auto.
He suddenly shot up into the clouds before falling backwards, spinning and then levelling out.
"Wow!" I said trying to catch my breath, "What else have you got?"
Toothless just gave me his famous gummy smile before diving towards the ocean. I spotted some Thunderdrums diving in and out of the water. One blue Thunderdrum jumped out of the water just in front of us, and Toothless shot towards it and barrel-rolled underneath it before flying along the water.
"Okay...I'll admit it, your a pretty cool Night Fury." I told him as I patted his head.
I looked up to see Outcast Island ahead.
"Let's go!"

"I think that will do today Alvin." I said as I handed him a Terrible Terror.
"Thanks Kalina, here's your runes for today." Alvin said as he gave me four runes.
"No problem. Toothless! Let's go boy."
"Coming!" He roared back.
I mounted Toothless and he took of for Berk. I sighed and laid down on Toothless's back.
"Something the matter?" He asked.
"Just thinking of Alvin....even though we're friends now, I still feel this little bit of hatred towards him." I said sadly.
"I remember when Alvin was our enemy, I hated him badly. Mind you, I would prefer him any day then Dagur." Toothless growled.
"Yeah, at least all Alvin wanted was to train dragons to fight against Berk. Dagur wants your head!" I said worried.
"Trust me, he won't be getting it!" Toothless growled.
"Finally!" I exclaimed when I spotted Berk, "Dinner and bed for me!"
"Same here!" Said Toothless before diving down to land.

"Hey Kalina, how did it go?" Hiccup came up and pated Toothless.
"Yeah it went good, I was teaching Alvin how to use Terror's for airmail." I replied, "Anyway, Toothless was very good. I'm off to see how his girl is going." I said gesturing towards my house.
"Okay, see you later." He said before wandering of.

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