Chapter 25 Drago!

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Kalina's POV.
3 weeks later
Thunder and Dawn were getting bigger everyday and more cheeky. Well, Thunder was, but Dawn seemed slightly more calmer and sensible. Star claimed that "Dawn would be just like her" while Toothless reckoned that "Thunder was very similar to him." I didn't really care, they both were cute and friendly, and that's all that matters.

"Thunder! Dawn! Today we will be working on our flight skills!" I told the them in the academy. They could both fly but they needed to work on there turning and diving.
"Awesome!" Dawn exclaimed excitedly. She loved flying and practicing her air manoeuvres.
"But we did this two days ago!" Thunder complained. He thought that he was already good at his flying and preferred to chat with his friends.
"Yes we did do this two days ago but you's still need some work on it." I replied sternly "Now your mum and dad will be up there with you's and so will I, now get going!"
They ran out of the academy and took of into the sky with Star. I ran up to Toothless who was waiting for me to mount, and we took of after them.
"Okay Dawn, I want you to try and copy what Toothless and I are about to do, okay?"
"Okay!" She replied happily.
I put Toothless's tail on auto and told him what to do. He shot up into the air before falling back down towards the sea. From Dawn's point of view it probably looked like we were going to crash into the sea. But Toothless new what he was doing. And about fifty meters from the water he opened up his wings, did a backflip and flew along the water before flying up to Dawn.
"Good job bud." I commented to Toothless.
"Now it's your turn, but first I want you to practice falling backwards and levelling out in the sky before the water part." I told Dawn.
"Okay!" She replied excitedly.
Toothless and I watched her as she shot up as high as she could before falling backwards. Just as she passed us she opened her wings, backflipped and levelled out.
"Well done! You did that perfectly!" I commented cheerfully.
"Thanks!" She blushed slightly.
"Now lets go over and see what Star is teaching Thunder." I said worriedly before Toothless flew over to Berk.

Once we arrived I noticed that everyone was looking at the sky. I glanced up only to see Thunder diving straight towards us. Toothless must have known because he tucked in his right wing doing a barrel roll on the spot, so Thunder wouldn't hit us. After Toothless levelled out I glanced down to see that Thunder was still diving at breakneck speed towards the ground.
"Thunder! What are you doing?!" I yelled to him. He didn't reply but instead opened his wings out literally about 4 meters above the crowd and flew above there heads before flying back to Star, who happened to be hovering next to us with the biggest gummy smile on her face. Thunder came up and hovered opposite Dawn.
"So what did you learn today?" He said proudly. He must of thought that Dawn couldn't possibly be better than him.
"I'll show you!" She replied sassily, before shooting up towards the sky. All of Berk watched Dawn disappear above the clouds. We waited. Then suddenly I saw her falling towards the ocean like how Toothless and I did it. She then opened her wings and did a backflip before levelling out and flying back towards us.
"Beat that!" She remarked at Thunder, who happened to have stopped breathing for a second.
"How...what!?" Is all he could say.
"New it" she remarked sassily before flying of to see some of her friends.
I looked at Thunder "You did a good job to Thunder."
"Yeah right" he muttered sadly.
"Thunder! Everything you do will always help you in battle. Remember that." I told him calmly.
He sighed in reply before flying of.

I landed Toothless at the forge where Hiccup was.
"So how did he behave today?" Hiccup asked gesturing to Toothless.
"Very good. We taught Star the falling backwards trick."
"Yes she did that very well before, and Thunder did a good job to." He commented.
"Anyway, I'll leave Toothless to you." I said before wandering away.

...................................................................Time Skip...................................................................
Kalina's POV.
Next day.
I heard a horn blow in my sleep. What? A horn blow?! I shot up in bed and looked around. The horn blew twice more.
"Star! We are being attacked!" I jumped out of bed and straight into my armoury. It took about fifteen minutes to get changed into all the armour. I ran downstairs and grabbed Star's new saddle. It was a defenders Night Fury saddle. Star was at the hangar putting the twins their, but I knew she would be back any minute. Hiccup suddenly opened the door without knocking and ran in.
"Dra...Drago!" He gasped still in shock.
"Drago! Here!?"
"Yes! I thought I killed him but he's here!" Hiccup then flew out the door. And I suddenly realised what Berk was about to face again. Star came running through the door and I quickly put her saddle on and her leg wraps. I also put on her head shield. It was a new thing I'd made out of Gronckle iron that covered the top part of her head except her eyes.
"Ready girl!"
"Ready as I'll ever be." She replied worried.

She ran out the door and I mounted on her and flew in the sky. I could see Drago's ships about ten minutes away, and there were lots of them. Enough to beat two Berks!
"Great! This is the last thing Berk needs!" I growled. That's when I remembered the nest.
"You know what girl, there actually may be a way to beat Drago after all!"
"How?" Star asked.
I smiled "Star! We are going to Dragon Island!" And at that she shot of for Dragon Island.

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