Chapter 8 Wow!

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???????? POV.
I looked around at my surroundings and decided to go in the direction of some teenagers.
They suddenly mounted their dragons and flew down to a large round shaped arena looking thing.
I mounted Star, and she new where I wanted to go.
We flew down into the arena.
"Glad you decided to join us said" a strong looking boy.
"And you are?" I asked.
"Snotlout," he replied. "I'm the best dragon rider....before you came, that is."
"Oh!" I said.
"He's not" said a girls voice. I looked on my right to see a young lady with blonde hair and really pretty blue eyes, she wore a red shirt with a fur hood. She had a spiked skirt and knee high boots.
"I'm Astrid" she said.
"Hi Astrid" I replied
She smiled, she looked friendly and was being friendly so I decided to like her.
"Well" she said "do you fight?"
"Fight people?" I said
"Yeah" she replied.
"Sort of."
"Here" she said throwing me a double sided axe. "Pickone of us and have a shot at beating us."

I raised my eye brows, and looked around. "Snotlout!" I asked.
"You verse me!?" He said bewildered.
"Yep!" I replied.

"And start!" Shouted Astrid.
Snotlout charged towards me and swung his mace, I dodged easy. He did the same again and I did too.
"Okay." he said, "plan B."
We circled each other for a bit then he suddenly went to the right and swung his mace. I dodged and then using the handle of the axe I hit the back of his neck. "Oowwww!!" He screamed and with more determination charged full on.
He was to close to dodge so with all my strength I jumped up and front flipped over his mace, landed, and kicked him in the back. This time I charged and hit him full on so that he fell to the ground. He dropped his mace as he did this.
I pointed the sharpest part of the axe at his neck and said "do you yield!!"
"Yes Yes!!" He said as he panted, gasping for breath.
As I looked up I noticed that Astrid's jaw had dropped and a fat boy had dropped his small knife. And the twins eyes were bulging. I smiled, "BOO!" I said. The fat boy fainted.
Besides myself I cracked up laughing and so did everyone else, except Snotlout.
"Fishlegs! Get up!" Said Astrid.
"Ahh so that's his name" I said. "Yeah" she replied. "And those two are Ruffnut and Tuffnut," she said pointing to the twins.
"Cool" I said sounding casual. did you beat me!?" Said Snotlout. I turned and walked over to him and offered a hand to get him up.
"I don't have high expectations," I replied. I helped him up.

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