Chapter 19 The Nest

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Hiccups POV.
"Astrid!!" I called out to her as I couldn't see her.
"Toothless! Find her quick!" I shouted as I clicked his tail to auto.
Toothless dived down towards the ground and spotted Astrid.
"What the?!" I gasped, she was standing up and looking for something.
"Astrid! Are you all right? I thought you fell of Stormfly?"
"I did, but Star caught me!" She gasped hugging me.
"Yes! She caught me and dropped me here before taking off into the oncoming dragons." Astrid glanced in the direction that Star went.
"Well, are you okay to fly?"
"Yeah I think so" she smiled before whistling Stormfly.
I turned to call Toothless only to see him glowing the brightest blue I've ever seen and staring at something. I turned around to look in his direction and saw the most amazing sight of all. Okay I saw Kalina, but what was on either side of her is what grabbed my attention. On her right side hovered the same Screaming Death that saved Berk. But on her left stood, with wings out in a fighting stance, Star but she was glowing completely white.
"Wow! Kalina?" I asked, just to make sure it was her.
"Yes, it's me Hiccup." She replied sadly.
"This is where you've been many years?"
"Sixteen years. I was taken by Star when I was four. shouldn't be here! This is where I must stay to protect these dragons from Alvin The Treacherous." She replied slightly angered.
"Wait,what!? Alvin trains dragons just like us, that's a good thing." I questioned her.
"No he doesn't! He keeps them locked up in cages and forces them to work for him, because he doesn't know how to train dragons! That's why I take them off him, to give them a better life." She said the last part as calmly as she could.
"Look...I don't know what you've seen Alvin do, but Berk is friends with him now. He just doesn't know how to train a dragon properly. And I'm trying to think of a way to help him........" I trailed of as I wasn't sure what to say. That's when an idea entered my mind.
"Kalina! If you think Alvin isn't training his dragons the right way, maybe you could help him instead of being his enemy."
"What!? Me and Alvin working together, training dragons?!" She gasped in shock, as if the idea was the most terrible one in the world.
"Yes!" A deep voice echoed behind me.
"Alvin! How did you get in here? Hang on a second.....did you just say yes?" I asked him quickly.
"Alvin! Get out of here right now or I'll set the dragons on you!!" Kalina yelled.
"Wait Kalina, wait....maybe we can sort this out once and for all. Alvin is willing to let you help him train dragons. If you accept than their won't be this war anymore." I said as calmly as I could.

Kalina's POV.
Hiccup had just finished his sentence and was standing in between Alvin and I. What he said could stop a war and mean peace, but at the same time all I wanted to do was get rid of Alvin.
"Kalina, please....the last thing anyone wants is a war." Astrid said trying to approach me.
Star growled at Astrid and she stopped walking towards me.
"No Star!" I told her in dragonesse. "She's right, the last thing I want is a war on my hands."
"What are you saying?" Star looked at me.
I looked at the gang and at their hopeful faces, at Alvin's face, and realised that we could all be friends.
"Realm! Tell all the dragons to go to dragon island, and there they can live with you as there leader!" I roared in dragonesse to the Screaming Death who hovered next to me.
"You sure?" She growled at me.
"I'm sure" I replied.
She roared to all her dragons and then sent homing signals to control them before disappearing out the hole. Of course every single dragon followed her except the gangs dragons and Star. When they had all gone I mounted Star and looked at a surprised Hiccup.
"I guess that's your answer Hiccup"
He smiled "Thankyou Kalina. You won't regret your choice."

So you can guess what happened in the end. I ended up living on Berk but going to Outcast Island twice a week to help Alvin train dragons. And Star told me something I could hardly believe.

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