Chapter 27 Hiccup

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Kalina's POV.
It's now been two days since Drago came. Berk was back together and trying to move forward but it was hard. We were all thinking the same thing. What if Drago comes back? What if he beats Berk? What will he do to us? These questions were flying through our heads and worrying us. But I think it worried Hiccup the most. Every time I saw him, he was slightly of colour and and very busy. I decided to go and see Astrid, so I headed to the academy with Dawn and Thunder.

"Hey Astrid, can I talk to you in private for a second?" I pulled Astrid to the side.
"Yeah sure! Just give me a second." She replied back. A few minutes later she came up.
"What's on your mind? Is something the matter?"
"Well yes, something is the matter. I can't help but notice that Hiccup is looking a bit of colour. I know that with the Drago thing and all that he's probably been worried, but usually he's got it under control." I told her.
"Yeah he's been really stressed about the whole Drago thing. I don't know how to comfort him." She sounded upset.
"You know what.....there is something we can do!" I said out loud.
"Get the rest of the gang and meet me here within half an hour!" I ordered her before running of.

.....................................................................Time Skip....................................................................

I walked into the Academy and saw Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Astrid, Snotlout and Eret.
"Great! We're all here. Now I've had an idea. As we know, Hiccup is really stressed out with chief stuff. So I thought that maybe we could all help him get back on his feet by helping him with his chiefing!"
Astrid smiled "That's a great idea!" The others agreed as well.
"Awesome! Let's go find him!" I shouted before running out of the Academy. The others followed.

Hiccup was at the forge helping Gobber with some saddles when we found him.
"Hiccup!" We called out in unison.
"Hey guys! Is something the matter?" He looked up drearly.
"No, everything is fine Hiccup. We were wondering if you would like some help?" I told him hurriedly.
"Oh I'll be fine Kalina. But thanks for offering anyway." He replied.
"No Hiccup. We all insist!"
Hiccup glanced at us "Really?"
"Yes really. Now what do you want us to do?"
Well I've got to go and see who's been tipping the yaks at Mulch's place. Then I'm going over to the Great Hall to see which dragon snuck in and burned a wall. Then I've got a meeting there as well. Plus I've got to go help build a boat for Gunner, his last one a Scaldron accidentally burned." He told us quickly.
"Well I can solve who did the yak tipping!" Astrid said annoyed. She pointed to Ruff and Tuff.
"Again guys! I told you's to stop that!" Hiccup exasperated.
"Oh sorry.......but you know that it was fun!" Tuff said cheekily.
"Really not helping Tuff!" Astrid punched him in the shoulder.
"Well Snotlout and Fishlegs can help Gunner fix his boat. That only leaves two jobs. The meeting and the burned wall." I thought to myself out loud.
"Plus the Yak tipping!" Astrid added.
"Ruff, Tuff! You tipped the yaks over, you's are going to help Mulch put them back on there feet!" Hiccup ordered them. They quickly ran of in the direction of Mulch's farm. Snotlout and Fishlegs walked down to the docks where Gunner was. And Astrid and I followed Hiccup up to the Great Hall (also known as the Meade Hall) to see who burned the wall. When we arrived i could instantly tell which dragon burned the wall.
"Monstrous Nightmare did this." I told Hiccup as I walked up to feel the burn marks. It was still warm.
"And it's still warm, so it must have done it not long ago." Astrid felt the wall.
"Who owns a Monstrous Nightmare?" I asked Hiccup.
"Lots of people own Monstrous Nighmare's." Hiccup replied. go and do your meeting. Astrid and I will try and see who did it. Okay?"
"Okay. Thanks!" He replied before walking away.
"Okay so what's your plan?" Astrid glanced at me with her arms crossed.
"Go down to the village square and call everyone who owns a Monstrous Nightmare down to the academy!" I ordered before running of to find Star.

"Hey Star! Could you give me a lift to the academy?" I ran up to her.
"Yeah sure! I'll bring Thunder and Dawn too if that's okay?"
"Yeah that's fine. Let's go!" I mounted on her and we flew of to the academy with the twins following.
When we arrived there was already about twenty Vikings with their Monstrous Nightmares. Star landed and I waited for a few minutes till everyone was there.
"Okay everyone. You're probably all wondering why I called you's here. Well, in the Great Hall, a wall has been pretty badly burnt by a Monstrous Nightmare. So I would like to ask you all a few questions. And get your Nightmare's to fire when I give the command." I explained to them.
I walked by each Monstrous Nightmare and asked a few questions.
"Okay. When I reach three tell your dragons to fire!"
Each Monstrous Nightmare fired at the wall in the Academy till they were out of flame. What I was looking for was to see who had the littlest amount of flame. A green and yellow Monstrous Nightmare was out fairly quickly. I walked up to him.
"You're out of flame quick. What did you use the rest on before?" I asked it in dragonesse.
He dropped his head "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to burn the wall in the Hall. I wasn't meant to be in there in the first place! It's just that I was dared by a Gronckle to do it. And I don't say no to a dare. But please! Don't punish the Gronckle." The young male Monstrous Nightmare pleaded.
"Thank you for telling me. I won't punish the Gronckle but don't do anything stupid again. Understood!" I replied sternly.
"Yes, I understand."
"Good. Everyone, you can be on your way now. It was this Monstrous Nightmare." I gestured to him. Everyone gave a sigh of relief and wandered away. I talked with the owner of the Monstrous Nightmare before sending them on their way. I turned to face Star.
"I think we can head home now girl."
"Thank goodness!" She replied, tired. I mounted and we flew home.

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