Chapter 31 Outcast Island

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Kalina's POV.
Hiccup was right. Torch was a big help. He keeps all the fires going at night, helps with catching some fish. And because we're building the boats on land, Torch can lift the boats into the water. He also helps collect wood from the forest. Hiccup was grateful for Torch's help and for all the other dragons help. But we do need more dragons before we set sail.
"Hiccup." I called out to him.
"Hey Kalina! What's up?" He asked whilst he was handing a plank of wood to a Viking.
"The sky" I joked "No, actually I wanted to ask you if you wanted me to go to Dragon Island and bring a few more dragons from there?"
"'s not a bad idea." Hiccup thought out loud.
"Actually it's a good idea! When do you want to leave?"
"Well I'll pack my stuff and leave in an hour or two." I replied excited. I was also hoping to see Realm again.
"Okay. Do you want anyone to come with you?" Hiccup gestured to the gang who happened to have over heard our conversation.
"Ummm...........does anyone want to come with me?"
"I'll come!" Ruffnut volunteered.
"No I'll come!" Tuffnut pushed her over.
"If you don't mind Kalina, I think someone like me, who knows how to train a dragon should come with you." Fishlegs gestured to himself.
"I'm happy to come!" Astrid glared at the still fighting twins.
"Or you could just take your boyfriend." Snotlout finished.
"Well, it looks like everyone is willing to come with you." Hiccup commented.
"Okay......I think I'll take Astrid. No offence to everyone else."
"Awesome!" She jumped in the air. Everyone looked at her.
"What are you's gawking at!" She snapped at them before running of to pack her stuff.
"Okay, now that that's sorted. I've got to go and help build the boats. Snotlout! Fishlegs! You's can help too." Hiccup ordered. They grumbled a bit but followed Hiccup.
"And what are we going to do?" Ruffnut and Tuffnut said in unison.
"You two could go and search for any wild dragons that could possibly be in the forest." I suggested before walking over to Star to pack.

..............................................................................Time Skip............................................................................

Astrid and I set of for Dragon Island about half an hour ago. We did have to pass over Berk, and Bola's were shot at us but they missed. I was glad that I picked Astrid and know one else.

"Kalina. Why did you pick me and not Snotlout or the others?" Astrid asked as her dragon Stormfly glided next to Star.
"Well the twins are just stupid in general, and would probably scare the dragons away. Fishlegs is a bit timid and too slow. And Snotlout, well, I thought it was best to leave him to help Hiccup. So I was left with you, and you are a good dragon trainer. Just a little bit violent, but I can deal with that. " I replied chuckling.
"It's not violence! It's communication." Astrid remarked with her hands on her hips. But suddenly her eyes widened and looked in my direction.
"Ummm.....Astrid? Hello....." I waved my hands around.
"Look!" She pointed in the direction of Outcast Island. If you were flying Between Outcast Island and Dragon Island it only took about twenty minutes. I looked in the direction of Outcast Island and saw smoke.
"Oh no." I said under my breath. Astrid must have read my mind because we both took of towards the smoke. About five minutes later we could clearly see Outcast Island. It was ultimate destruction. Buildings were on fire and there were dead people everywhere. There was also dead dragons which made me angry.
"Who could have done this?" Astrid asked horrified. I spotted a blown up ship near the docks. It had Drago's image on it.
"Drago!" I replied angrily.
"Kalina! Is that you?" Alvin's voice called out from the ground. I looked down and saw Alvin carrying a dead body. Me and Astrid swooped down and landed next to him.
"Mildew?!" Astrid ran up to Alvin who was holding a dead Mildew.
"I know I always hated him but I it's sad to see him dead." Astrid became teary eyed.
"Drago did this didn't he?" I looked at Alvin. He nodded in response. I walked away to see if there were any live dragons or people. Astrid followed still in shock at what she's seeing.
"Somebody, help!" I heard a mans voice. Alvin put Mildew's body on the ground and we all ran of to the voice. We ran past some rocks to see a man bent over his wife's dead body.
"Oh my goodness." I ran up to the man. I knew his wife from all the dragon classes I did here with Alvin. Her name was Mary. She was a kind friendly woman who loved dragons, she actually owned a Deadly Nadder named Sky. The more I looked at Mary the more I hated Drago.
"Is she dead?" The man asked sadly.
"I'm sorry sir, But Mary is dead." I replied crying. Yes I was crying. Astrid put her hands on my shoulders to comfort me. Alvin took his helmet off and said a little prayer.
"Raaawwk!" I heard a Nadder behind me.
"Sky! Your alive!" I ran up and hugged her.
"I wish I wasn't. I couldn't even save my rider." Sky nuzzled Mary.
"You shouldn't say things like that. Mary was a wonderful woman in all aspects. She was tough and stern, but also kind and gentle. If she couldn't survive a war like this, not many others could have either." I tried to comfort Sky.
"Kalina, Astrid. If you's don't mind, maybe you's could help us search for any live dragons or people?" Alvin asked us hopefully.
"Sure, we'll help." Astrid replied. I nodded in agreement.

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