The Girl With The Night Fury Tattoo (Hiccup Love Story) -Finished- by Kitten_Candy
The Girl With The Night Fury 🐱🍬
Sometimes, being different can be for the better. [HTTYD ff <3]
  • toothless
  • hiccup
  • dragons
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A night fury's love boyxboy by kaylachloe
A night fury's love boyxboyby kayla
This is a story about hiccup and his beloved dragon, toothless. Where hiccup and toothless get stranded and hiccup turns into a dragon. Warning mpreg and bestiality
  • fantasy
  • httyd
  • wattys2016
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The other Night Fury (reader x Hiccup) *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* by vibranium_assss
The other Night Fury (reader x Thea
You have lived on Outcast Island ever since you were a baby. When you were 12 you had a traumatic experience and through that, you met the world's rarest dragon, a nigh...
  • hiccup
  • tố
  • dragon
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To Tame A Dragon Tamer (Hiccup x Reader) by xxOceanDustxx
To Tame A Dragon Tamer (Hiccup x xxOceanDustxx
You are a normal village girl in Berk, and as you know, Hiccup made history when he made peace with dragons many many years ago. (This story sets in a year after the sec...
  • hiccuplove
  • howtotrainyourdragon
  • httyd
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(HTTYD) To Protect Its Own by MalissaNgov
Hiccup Haddock the Third was an outcast from his own village, even to his father. When he met Toothless, he felt something he has lost long ago. The belonging of a famil...
  • httyd
  • wattys2017
  • astrid
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How deep is your love (HTTYD) by Vala411
How deep is your love (HTTYD)by Vala411
(Modern AU/ Vampire AU) An unconventional take on a vampiric love story. What happens when an old Vampire meets the love of her life again after centuries.
  • ruffnut
  • hiccup
  • hiccstrid
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Random x teen/child/baby reader *REQUESTS CLOSED!!!!!* by BadwolfRed18
Random x teen/child/baby reader * BadwolfRed
All of my favorite fandoms based on the reader being a child or baby. I've always had a guilty pleasure for reading fandoms with the reader being a child or baby. They a...
  • doctor
  • majorfluffiness
  • starwars
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Come Back in Five Years.... by Star_Crow
Come Back in Five KGL
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the son of the chief of Berk Stoick the vast. He was considered the runt, weakling.... failure of the village. But when the village finds...
  • banished
  • httyd
  • majorcharacterdeaths
One shots (Requests open) by Ftfanx777
One shots (Requests open)by
Just some one shots , feel free to request peoples! Here are the people I already did 'cause I don't have enough tags. (Characters in preferences will also count for thi...
  • httyd
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • generatorrex
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Reader x Toothless (how to train your dragon) Toothless x Reader by Robin_Neko
Reader x Toothless (how to train Jes
Y/n is a night fury. Thought to be the last one of her kind. And then things changed. Y/n met Toothless. And hiccup. And the twins. Life changed into an adventure. In s...
  • toothlessxreader
  • httyd
  • dragons
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Deception (A Dragons Race to the Edge Fanfic) by ToothlessNightFury12
Deception (A Dragons Race to the
You have always felt underestimated by the dragon riders, even though you try to warn them about the perilous dangers ahead. When an attempt to prove yourself goes badly...
  • viggogrimborn
  • xreader
  • dragonsedge
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Hiccstrid Oneshots Book 2 by AstridnHiccupalways
Hiccstrid Oneshots Book 2by It’s All About Love
Round two! Hope you all enjoy!
  • cheesylove
  • love
  • protective
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Forgiveness~ Httyd Dagur x reader  (Sequel to Betrothed~) by Otaku-chanxoxo
Forgiveness~ Httyd Dagur x Otaku-chanxoxo
As stated in the title this is a sequel to betrothed, my other Dagur x reader story. I highly recommend reading that one before this, so your 'relationship' with Dagur...
  • dagurthederanged
  • dagurxreader
  • httyd
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Bet Me! « Hiccstrid » by hcfferson
Bet Me! « Hiccstrid »by HOTTFERSON
"I'll make you scream my name" -Hiccup Haddock -- The main characters (Astrid, Hiccup, Ruff, Heather, Snoutlout, Fishlegs, Eret, Valka, Stoick) does not belong...
  • pervstrid
  • hiccstrid
  • romance
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Hiccstrid: Long Lost Viking by XxPinkSkyxX2
Hiccstrid: Long Lost Vikingby Queen Skyler
{Hiccstrid Viking AU} What if it wasn't Valka that was taken by a StormCutter? (or maybe a Night Fury...) What if it was a certain viking girl? What if it was Astrid? As...
  • astrid
  • rolereversal
  • drama
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I Ran Away by KennaRose16
I Ran Awayby Kenna Tennyson
Hiccup left home 6 years ago, breaking many hearts. but when Stoick get a letter from frightened Hiccup they set out to help Stoick's lost son. But what they discover is...
  • astrid
  • hiccup
  • httyd
On wings of the night (Toothless x Reader) by Lunarwolf62
On wings of the night (Toothless Lunarwolf62
(Y/N) is a dragon. but not any dragon a night fury- the rarest and she might be last of her kind until she met him- a night fury and the Alpha dragon. Toothless. HELLO...
  • httyd
  • xreader
  • toothless
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Imagine Fandoms *Requests Closed* by NeeshaQuinn
Imagine Fandoms *Requests Closed*by Neitia Dore
Imagines for Teen Wolf, The Originals, Once Upon A Time, Gotham, The Flash, Avengers, HTTYD, Jurassic World, ROTG, Amazing Spiderman/2, Supernatural, Big Hero 6 If you h...
  • oneshots
  • gotham
  • theoriginals
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We are leaving.... Together. by _Pure_Night_Fury
We are leaving.... ÅVĒÑGĒR FØR ŁĮFĒ
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third son of Stoick the Vast, chief of the Hooligan Tribe. Hiccup has been a disappointment since the day he was born, he is usually referr...
  • runaway
  • thegang
  • rtte
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Runaway by Arthodium
Runawayby Arthodium
Hiccup had to escape Berk before his final trial, and this time, he succeeds. Astrid, distraught thinking that she chased him to his death, and Stoick is on the lookout...
  • hiccstrid
  • toothless
  • fishlegs
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