Chapter 12 Astrid

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New Rider POV.
Hiccup had rescued Snotlout just before he would have hit the water. I had jumped off Hookfang onto Star and flew up next to Astrid. " right, what's next?" I looked over at Astrid." I think a race back to Berk is needed" she said sarcastically. Hiccup came up and dropped Snotlout back on Hookfang. I gave Snotlout a death glare. "Trust me, I won't do that again to you, I promise". I looked at him, "You better not" I said slightly angered.
"Last one back at Berk is a rotten racer!" Astrid shouted, " And it's not going to be me!"
"Go Star!" I shouted, Star shot forward and we overtook everyone except Hiccup and Toothless.
"C'mon Toothless, we now have a challenge and I don't intend losing."
"There's something I didn't tell you Hiccup" I said.
"What?" He replied curiously.
"I speak Dragonesse!! I shouted. I then made a series or grows and screeches to Toothless, saying, "Will you allow a female Night Fury pass through?"
Toothless replied "of course" and then said to Star " I wouldn't want to make a female Night Fury angry now would i ?" He then slowed down so that Star and I were in the lead.
"How did you do that?" Said Hiccup questioningly.
"When you live with dragons most of your life you start to understand their language" I smirked. " Let's go".

Back on Berk.
"That was an awesome race!" Said the twins in unison as we landed on Berk.
"I've never raced anyone before, but it was fun" I said looking over at Hiccup. "If you don't mind I wouldn't mind staying a while, I'm starting to like this Viking life" I said smiling.
Hiccup smiled back "I'm glad your enjoying yourself. If you want you can join us everyday when we do some flying, you might learn some things".
"Sure, I'll come" I said happily, " but right now I'd like to explore your village". And at that I mounted Star and flew off towards the hangar.

As I flew around Berk I realised that it was quite a large village. I was just entering a place called the Hangar. As we flew in I discovered a dragon stabling area, and there were dragons everywhere! "Wow" I exclaimed. Even Star looked surprised. I told Star to land near a Storm Cutter dragon. As i landed Valka stepped out from underneath the Storm Cutter.
"Hello, how are you liking things here on Berk?" She asked quickly.
"Oh, it's a lovely place, I definitely want to stay here a little while" I said calmly.
I looked at her dragon, "What's his name?" I said motioning to her Storm Cutter.
"Cloudjumper" she replied.
I smiled and then wandered away. That's when I spotted a Tidal Class sign above a large square door. I looked around to see if anyone was looking, they weren't, so I opened the door and saw a winding staircase. "Cmon Star, let's check it out." She followed me down the winding staircase until we came to another square door. I opened it only to be absolutely gobsmacked. There were Scouldrons, Thunderdrums, Seashockers and a...............Huge Bewilderbeast!! "WOW, this place is amazing!" I walked across a metal ramp to the edge and admired the Bewilderbeast. This area was massive and coated in ice. "Unbelievable" I exclaimed.
"Glad you like it" said a girls voice behind me. I turned to see Astrid walking towards me.
"It's amazing" I said.
"Well, we couldn't have done it with out the Whispering Deaths" said Astrid as she looked down at the Bewilderbeast
"Huh?" I said confused.
"Well, when Alvin The Treacherous was our enemy he somehow found a cave underneath Berk and placed lots of Whispering Death eggs in it. Unfortunately one of those eggs was a Screaming death. When our well dried up, Hiccup went down with Toothless and saw all the tunnels. By the time he came back up, the Whispering Deaths were already destroying Berk. But with the help of our dragons those ghastly beasts flew away."
"What about the Screaming Death?" I asked curiously.
"Well the minute the Whispering Deaths disappeared, the ground started to shake like an earthquake. Even the air shook. And then the Screaming Death appeared. It was a horrible, ugly, scary, creature that had no heart. But it didn't really destroy anything. It tried to go more for the people to eat instead. And the worst of it was that she called the Whispering Deaths back. But Hiccup got the Screaming Death to follow him and Toothless to the rock stacks, and there she flew into a rock and injured her wing. We didn't see her for about a year. And when we saw her again she bigger and nastier then ever, plus she was sinking some islands. But we got her running again, and we haven't seen her since.
"Wow, quite a story" I said.
I looked over at Astrid, she was looking a little lost.
"Astrid?" I asked to get her attention.
"Yeah" she replied.
"I just want to say that, I don't want you thinking I'm going to try and steal Hiccup away from you. You two belong together, and I want to make sure that know one pulls that apart."
Astrid smiled "Thank you" she said, "it's nice to know someone who won't steal Hiccup from me."
I stood up and yawned, "I think I might go and grab something to eat then head of to bed. See you later" I said and then I disappeared up the winding staircase.

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