Chapter 16 Girl talk

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Star's POV.
So you see, whilst my rider was blacked out and in someone's room , which I had no idea where, I was trying to look for Toothless. Because he's the Alpha and he might know where my rider is.
"Toothless!!" I roared when I spotted him near two Deadly Nadders that were fighting.
He either didn't hear me or wasn't listening because he continued on trying to stop the fight.
I landed behind him and waited till he was finished giving the two Nadders a word.
"Toothless!" I growled this time to show him I was angry.
"Oh Star, how are you going? Are you okay?." He said slightly concerned.
"No I'm not okay!" I snarled "Where's my rider!?
"Kalina? Well I think she's up at Gothi's hut." He said calmly. He must have been completely oblivious to the fact I was prepared to skin him!
"And where is Gothi's hut?" I tried to say as relaxed as possible.
"Up there" he said motioning to a hut right on top of a massively tall rock stack. "Oh, before you go, I was wondering if you want to....ummm.....go for......a flight around Berk when your not busy."
I looked at him. That's when the realisation that Toothless and I were most likely the only two Night Furies left hit me.
"Are you asking me out?" I replied.
"What!? No no no, ........ughhh..........................yes." He said as he dropped his head to the ground.
"Well, then I except!" I said before giving him a lick on the cheek and flying up to Gothi's hut.
3 hours later.
Kalina's POV.
Astrid and I were having a bit of a girl talk over at Raven Point.
"So how are you and Hiccup going?" I glanced at Astrid.
"Oh fine, i mean being Chief and all he hasn't got as much time to spend with me as he used to, but that's okay." She said sadly.
"Don't worry, he'll find some time to spend with you. You'll just have to be patient." I gazed out at the ocean.
"Yeah, your probably right. Hey, are you and Snotlout dating?" She quickly asked.
"What!? No! We're just good friends, that's all." I replied hastily. I didn't want to imply the fact that I liked Snotlout.
"You like Snotlout! You like Snotlout! You don't have to keep it away from me, I won't tell anyone." Astrid chuckled.
"Oh.....whatever! I do like him but if you tell anyone!....."
"I won't want to see you" Astrid finished my sentence.
"Yeah" is all I said.
Me and Astrid jumped with fright.
"Who the heck....Ruffnut!! Don't do that, I could have gone in defensive mode!"
"Man! Your just like Astrid." She muttered as she picked a spot next to me. "Can I join you's in your girly conversation."
"Yeah, as long as you don't tell anyone our secrets if we have any!" I hissed at her.
"I won't, I promise!"
"Good, so, who do you like?" I said giving Ruffnut a interested look.
"Well, before you came Fishlegs and Snotlout were fighting for my attention, but now your here, they seem to have moved there attention to you. Which annoyed me slightly."
"Why does that annoy you?" Astrid and I asked in unison.
"Well I kind of enjoyed the attention, and Snotlout isn't that bad a looking." She said dreamily.
I sighed "Snotlouts mine, so keep away!" I said confidently.
"Really?! I like to see you try!" Ruffnut glared at me.
"Just watch me kid!" I shouted.
"I'm not a kid!" Ruffnut suddenly grabbed me and tried to wrestle me to the ground, but I pushed her off me so that I was on top of her.
"Don't wrestle with the genius!" I said sarcastically.
"C'mon you two, just stop it. Why don't you let Snotlout decide?" Astrid said as she gave me a hand up.
"I hate it when your right!" I muttered.
"Damn you Astrid!" Ruffnut glared at her, and then disappeared into the forest.
"I guess we should head back to Berk" I looked at Astrid.
"Yeah" is all she said.
That's when I remembered the party happening tonight.
"Are you coming to the party tonight?" I asked Astrid.
"Of course! Why wouldn't I, besides Hiccup has an idea...." She quickly trailed of.
"A what?"
"Nothing" Astrid relied.
I shrugged the thought of and mounted Star.

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