Chapter 46 How To Train A Skrill.

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Kalina's POV.
I spotted the large icy area that Hiccup told me about. He had said that they buried the Skrill in a ditch of ice, and then blasted ice overtop.
"Okay. The Skrill is buried somewhere here." I told Dagur. He was already looking down at the ice.
"Star. See if you can sniff anything out?" I let Star land on the ice so that she could sniff around. Dagur and I got off and looked around as well. After about half an hour of searching we had no luck.
"Arghh!! Hiccup! You better not have lied!" I growled and hit a piece of ice that happened to be lodged next to me.
"Hmph." Dagur muttered. He walked over to where I was standing and examined the piece of ice. I looked at him curiously.
"What is it?"
"I'm not sure. Call Star over." Dagur ordered. I nodded and whistled Star. She loped over and sniffed around the chunk of ice.
"Can I blast it?" She suddenly asked. I nodded. BOOM. She blast the ice. Dagur and I both looked where she blasted and gasped. Their was the Skrill staring straight at us. The tip of his nose was just sticking out of the ice.
"Wow." Dagur and I said in unison.
"I've looked at books, seen its skull stuck on a wall, and even tried to find it. But I never ever thought I'd see it this close." I said slowly.
"I can't believe we've found it! But how do we train it?" Dagur quickly realised that this dragon is still deadly dangerous and could kill us both in the blink of an eye.
"Let me think...." I wandered over so I could look the Skrill straight in the eye. The looked evil but alive. A perfect match against Drago.
"We could melt him out, and then you could speak to him?"Dagur suggested. I thought about what he said.
"You know what......that's a great idea! Dagur, I don't often say this, but.....your a genius!" I shouted.
"Star! Give the Skrill a slow burn." I told her. She walked over and jumped on top of the ice that the Skrill was in and fired slowly. The ice melted very quickly and soon the head was completely uncovered.
"Hold it their girl!"
"Okay, his head is out so we just have to wait for him to wake up." I explained to a confused Dagur. Just then the Skrill closed and opened his eyes. He raised his head and tried to move his wings but they didn't budge.
"Rooaaaaarrrrr!" It screeched knives at us and tried to electrocute his body, but to no avail.
"Hey! Calm down. We ain't gonna hurt you. Actually we are asking for your help." I tried to soothe the terrified reptile. He growled back.
"You can speak our language?" He replied shocked.
"Yes I can. Now are you willing to help us?"
"Help with what?"
"A bad man called Drago Bloodvist has overtaken my island. I have come and asked my friend here called Dagur to help with the battle, but he needs a dragon to ride. And I was hoping that you could be that dragon." I told the Skrill. He looked over at Dagur and scanned him.
"I know Drago. He killed my mother. I will help." He nodded agreeing with me.
"Thank you!" I exasperated a little. Star jumped down and blasted at the ice. The Skrill electrocuted his body and stretched his wings.
"It's so good to stretch these cramped limbs!" He said. Dagur walked up to me.
"So is he going to be friendly?"
"Yep! All you have to do is show him that your not going to hurt him. And I also suggest that you name him." I pointed out. Dagur stared at the Skrill and thought. The Skrill eventually stopped stretching his wings and walked over to me.
"Dagur. Put your hand out and turn your head away." I ordered. He seemed reluctant at first but then did it. The Skrill spotted Dagur's hand and nudged it with his nose. I smiled.
"He is now officially your dragon." I praised Dagur who rubbed the Skrill on the head.
"How about Lightning The Fierce!" Dagur said looking proud with himself.
"I guess you could call him Light for short." I added, chuckling at Dagur. He glared back at me and then looked back at Lightning. I mounted Star and rested myself on her back.
" I just mount him or what?" Dagur asked nervously.
"Yeah! You can mount him. Just be careful, he might have other ideas." I said quickly. Dagur looked worried but managed, with shaky hands, to mount Lightning. I have to admit that Lightning looked proud to carry a rider. Lightning then took off into the air and flew around in large circles. Dagur eventually got the hang of riding and whooped with joy. Star took off and we all started to head back to Beserker Island.

Once we arrived I instantly noticed the armoured ships and the best Vikings fighters being loaded. We landed at the forge and Dagur ordered a Skrill saddle. Anyone who walked past would stare at me, until they saw Lightning. Looking at all the Vikings suddenly gave me an idea.
"Hey Dagur. Do you have any caged dragons around here?"
"Yeah! In the kill.........I mean the arena over there." Dagur pointed to a large circle shaped arena. I nodded my thanks and then mounted Star. She knew where I wanted to go. We swooped down and through the main entrance ( It had a metal roof on top ) and landed in front of a lever. Their was five enclosed cages. Telling Star to shut the main doors so that none of the dragons would get out, I pulled the first lever.
"Raaawwwkk!" A purple and yellow Deadly Nadder jumped out. It took me a couple of minutes to train him. I then pulled the second lever. Nothing came out. I peered around the door and looked in. I still couldn't see anything.
"Star! Plasma Blast!" I ordered. BOOM! A Changewing flew out in terror. It took me a while but I managed to train her. Some Vikings were starting to gather around and watch. I moved towards the third lever and pulled.
"Roaawww!" A Scouldron sprayed some hot acid at me, but I dodged.
"Of all dragons, why does Dagur have a Scouldron?!" I muttered under my breath. Let's just say that I ended up letting the Scouldron go free. I walked over to the fourth lever, took a breath, and pulled.
"Whispering Death!!" Some of the Vikings screeched. The Whispering Death looked around and then moved towards me.
"Hey! I'm your friend! I'm here to help you." I talked to it in dragonesse.
"Your the Dragon Princess! Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry for scaring you!" He replied and dropped his head in front of me. I trained him and then stuck him with the others.
"The final lever." I sighed. I pulled the lever.
"ROOOAAARR!!" A large blue male Thunderdrum sent a sonic blast out. It knocked me back but Star caught me. He moved towards me and was about to blast.
"Thornado?!" I asked. Hiccup had told me that his fathers dragon. He was a blue male Thunderdrum.
"How do you know my name?!"
"Long story. And I'll tell you one day. But for now, I need your help." I explained. It didn't take me long to remind Thornado of his training.

"Wow! Did you train all of them?" Dagur walked in followed by Savage.
"Except the Scauldron who I let go, yep I've trained all of them." I replied feeling quite smug with myself.
"I was coming here to see if Savage could have a dragon to fly?" Dagur approached me with a very nervous Savage.
"Hmm.......let's see." I muttered to myself. Savage was nervous. So he needed a dragon that he could trust. I called the Nadder forward.
"I think you should start off with a Nadder. And then when you get better, you can go onto something a bit more interesting." I told Savage. He nodded.
"Now first you have to name the Nadder. It's a male if your wondering." I added quickly. It would be quite funny if he gave it a girl name. Savage looked at the Nadder and thought hard.
"I know this name is plain but how about Flash?" Savage looked at me.
"Flash sounds great! Deadly Nadders can go quite fast, especially if you give them chicken. But anyway, enough talk. I want you to hold out your hand and turn your head away." I started to teach Savage how to bond with a dragon. He did precisely what I said. And within twenty minutes he was on and flying.
"I think my job here is done." I said. Star came over and I mounted on her. We flew out into the clouds and did twists and turns. The sun was nearly gone by the time we landed near the great hall. I let Star go so she could catch some fish and I went inside and had some mutton. After that I asked Dagur where I could sleep. And then I called Star and we went to bed.

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