Chapter 5 A Real Race

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???????? POV.
"Star, I shouted, DIVE!!"
She did a backflip and dived straight towards the other rider and Night Fury.
We flew straight past them and down.
"Fall back and plasma blast!" I shouted.
Star rolled so that she was falling on her back and plasma blasted straight at the a Night Fury.
Hiccup's POV.
"Look out!!" I screamed to Toothless.
He swerved but the plasma blast hit us still and hard.
Luckily if a dragon is blasted by another dragon of its own kind it doesn't affect him much.
"Toothless, do anything to follow that Night Fury!"
I moved my prosthetic leg down a few clicks and put Toothless's tail on auto.
He instantly dived down and heeled the other Night Fury. But he did so so quietly that at first the rider didn't hear us.
The rider turned around and faced us.
"Heck!?" I said aloud.
"Your but a girl! How do you have a Night Fury and ride well at the same time?"
"You can, can't you?" She replied.
I couldn't see all her face because she had a metal looking Night Fury helmet.
"Wh..who are you?" I asked.
"Know one knows," said the girl.
"And you won't either!" She replied slightly angry.
"Why?" I asked
She dropped her head in a shameful looking way, as if she didn't know what to say.
"Tell you what" I said, "how about we fly slowly over to Berk and perhaps you will know what to say?"
" can't" she replied.
And suddenly her Night Fury dropped down, and when I went to followed she was gone.
"Damn!" I muttered.

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