Chapter 41 We Are Family.

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Kalina's POV.
I turned to look at the rider and owner of the grey Night Fury. I gasped. She had the exact same helmet and staff! I dismounted off Star and walked directly up to the woman. She backed up a few steps until she was against a rock wall. I stared at her straight in the eyes. She stared back.
"Who are you?" I simply but sternly asked. She hesitated.
"Tanika." She replied quietly. I stepped back in shock. Something new was coming back to me.

"Cmon Karniki! We need to get inside before the storm catches us!" I grabbed my sisters hand and pulled her towards our house.
"And the dragons!" She added as she ran along side of me. We reached our house and ran inside.
"Kalina! Where have you been?! I need you to fill this bucket with water from the well. Now!" My mother Tanika told me sternly.
"But mother it's dark!" I argued back.
"Now! Or you get no dinner!"
"Arghh!" I growled. I grabbed the bucket and walked outside. People were everywhere as they tried to fight the dragons.
"Night Fury! Get down!" Someone near me yelled. I was running towards the well at full speed. Suddenly I heard dads voice break through all the commotion.
"Kalina! Duck!!"
I crouched down to the ground only to see it disappearing quickly. I saw my dad running towards me and calling my name. I looked up only to see great black claws around my small waist.
"Night Fury." I whispered.

............................End Of Flashback..................................

"You! How?! You just decided that we needed water right their and then. So you tell Me to go outside! Outside where the dragons and dangers were! I knew you never cared for me! And you never will. Father loved me a lot more!" I paced back and forth in front of my new found mother as I yelled at her. She still didn't seem to recognise me. I then grabbed her mask and ripped it off, before shoving her to the ground. She tried to hide her face with her hands but I grabbed them and kept them back.
"Please Esther! Don't hurt me. I'm sorry about what I did to you when you were younger. Please! Forgive me!" Tanika cowered at my feet as if I was a Chief or something. I didn't reply, but instead I walked back to the gang and to Star. She understood my feelings and new what I wanted to do, but she also probably wanted me to be back with my family. Suddenly their was a low growl as another dragon landed behind me. But I didn't care. It was probably another dragon or one of the gang. That's when I noticed that gang had backed right away. And that Alvin was know where in sight. I looked into Star's eyes but she was staring behind me.
"Please darling. Please forgive your mother. She was not having a happy time when you were around. And you would make me proud if you did." My fathers deep but friendly voice was right behind me. I swung around to face him. He was a lot older looking and had some grey hair. His deep brown eyes stared into my mine.
"Dad?" I started to cry. He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I leant my head into his chest and just burst into tears. He wrapped his arms right around me and rested his head on mine.
"I missed you so much." I finished my sentence through sobs.
"I missed my little girl too." He said, releasing me a bit. I realised I still had my helmet on so I backed away out of his arms and pulled my helmet off. He gasped when he noticed my scar over my right eye.
"Who did that?"
"Dagur The Deranged." I replied feeling it slowly. He frowned.
"Is it really you dad?" Karniki's voice broke the silence. I turned around and walked to Karniki.
"I find my sister then our parents." I rested my hand on her shoulder. She suddenly ran to dad and jumped into his hands. I sighed as I watched them hug. Snotlout suddenly appeared at my side and put his hand around my waist. I rested my head on his shoulder.
"You okay?" He asked me softly.
"Yeah. Just sad and happy at the same time." I replied. Dad looked up at me and stared at Snotlout.
"Oh! Dad. This is my boyfriend Snotlout."
"Oh. It's nice to meet you." Dad shook hands with Snotlout an then turned back to me. Suddenly Alvin jumped out of know where and grabbed my mum, holding her hands behind her back.
"Let me go!" She growled at Alvin and tried to kick him.
I sighed and walked towards mum until I was just a couple of feet away. She stopped fighting Alvin and stared at me. Alvin grabbed her mask and ripped it off. I have to say that she still looked the same, but her hazel coloured eyes were more friendlier than fifteen years ago.
"Ok. I'm sorry I nearly killed you back their. So I'll be nicer and treat you like I should. But one wrong move and....."
"Kalina!" Dad warned me.
"Well. You know what happens." I finished. Mum nodded and relaxed a little. Just then her Night Fury came up and growled at Alvin. I nodded and he let her go.
"What's his name?" I gestured to the dragon.
"Storm." She replied.
"Well Storm. I would like you to meet our Night Fury family. This is Toothless who is the Alpha of Berk." I pointed to Toothless who purred a bit.
"And this is his girl. My dragon named Star." I rubbed Star on her head and she licked my hand.
"And this is their daughter Dawn. And theirs one more but he's back at the village." I finished. Mum and dad nodded in understanding.

"Well I think we should head back." Hiccup broke the silence. Everyone nodded in agreement. And within about half an hour, mum and dad had collected all their dragons and we were all now heading back to the village.
"You now have one big and, relatively, happy family." Astrid smiled at me.
"Indeed I do."

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