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Chapter 3 Another Night Fury

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?????????? POV.

I looked down to see a small island with heaps of dragons!?
"C'mon" I said to Star, "let's get a closer look."
We landed on a nearby rock and watched what was happening.
I noticed that there was a woman on a Stormcutter dragon and a man on a Rumblehorn.
That's when my heart skipped a beat.
Because there, holding a sheep flying towards some baskets, was a young man on a Night Fury!!
"I don't believe it" I said to Star," your not the last Night Fury anymore!!"
I couldn't stop myself, I just have to have a look. But how?
If I show myself they will be onto me and most likely steal Star.

Hiccups POV.
The race was finished and Eret had actually won to my surprise.
I thought that it might be nice to go on a flight with Toothless.
"Mum?" I asked as I was washing the red paint of Toothless.
"Yes" she replied.
"I am going to take Toothless on a flight around Berk but I will be back before night fall, can you take care of things whilst I'm gone?"
"Of course" said Mum. "Just be careful!
"Have I ever not been careful.........actually don't answer that!"
Me and Toothless flew up into the clouds and did front flips and turns.
"Let's just glide for now bud" I said.
As I lent back against Toothless's warm back and looked up at the clouds, I spotted a dark coloured object slowly coming towards us. The more I looked the closer it came and the more I realised that if Toothless doesn't move that object will hit us!
"Up Toothless" I shouted.
He quickly flew up and then suddenly............Woooossshhh.....the dark object flew past us at break-neck speed.
That's when it hit me.....Night Fury!

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