Chapter 33 Scare Alvin

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Kalina's POV.
Star and I soon caught up with the others, so we were now about ten minutes away from the beach. What I had just said to Drago kept running through my head.
"Kalina! I'm so glad that your okay. What did you do back there?" Astrid flew next to me.
"I just gave Drago a few words to think about." I replied, happy with myself.
"Like what?" Alvin asked flying closer.
"Nothing that you's need to worry about." I smiled as a reply. I think that they were going to ask again or something but I spotted the beach.
"Alvin! Order your people to prepare to land."
"Alright. Everybody! We are landing on that beach!" Alvin pointed to the beach where he could see some Berkians. Star shot down so that we would be on the ground before anyone else. Hiccup walked over with a shocked and surprised face.
"Alvin?" Hiccup wandered over to him.
"Hello Hiccup! Nice to see you again. I'll explain the whole story to you when your ready." Alvin dismounted of Sky and shook Hiccups hand.
"Well I think I'm ready for an explanation now." Hiccup raised his eyebrows and then looked at me. I sighed.
"Drago attacked Outcast Island and killed nearly every dragon and Viking besides the fifty odd here. Even Mildew is dead. So I had an idea. What if Berk and Outcast Island work as a team and eventually we might be able to defeat Drago once and for all!" I emphasised the last part. Hiccup went quite for a minute and thought to himself.
"You know what. That is actually a good idea." He replied with a big smile on his face. Alvin smiled as well.
"Plus theirs some spare dragons." I gestured to about fifteen riderless dragons behind me.
"Great! They'll come in handy." Hiccup nodded.
"Hey. Where's Torch?" I looked around and couldn't see him.
"He should be back in a minute. I think he went to get a bit more..........." Hiccup stopped his sentence because Torch came and landed behind me. Alvin gasped in fright.
"You always have to make an entrance don't you?" I spoke dragonesse to the very proud Torch.
"Always!" He replied cheekily. I turned to Alvin.
"Alvin, meet Torch. Torch, meet Alvin."
"He's on our side right?" Alvin walked up nervously.
"Of course he's on our side! And he's been a big help too."
"That's good." Alvin rubbed Torch on his nose. Torch purred in response, he obviously likes Alvin.
"Alvin! I think you got yourself a dragon." I gestured to a very happy Torch.
"Wow! Hang on.....what about Sky?" He pointed to Sky who was still distraught about losing Mary.
"I'm sure she will find another owner as good as Mary." I replied sadly.
"Mary is dead?!" Valka approached with a sad face.
"That is sad. She was a good woman, and very kind to the dragons." Valka explained before walking away. Mary must have been a very nice person, because a lot of people seemed to know her besides me.

"Well. It's getting towards dinner and bed for me. How about you's?" I looked at Berk and the Outcast's.
"I couldn't agree with you more their babe." Snotlout walked up and put his hand around my waist.
I blushed. "Snotlout! Not in front of everyone else!" I moved away from him.
"Aye, aye! Snotlout, I thought you were trying to win Astrid's heart?" Alvin chuckled at the situation. Hiccup instantly walked up to Astrid and put his hand around her waist. Showing everyone that they were together.
"Wow! What did I miss?" I gestured to Hiccup and Astrid. They smiled.
"We are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend!" Hiccup explained chuffed with himself.
"Congratulations!!" Everyone cheered and some even shook hands. Snotlout walked up to me.
"No one ever congratulated us?" Snotlout sounded jealous.
"Yeah, that's because your not the chief silly!" I punched him in the shoulder before walking over to the fire.

.....................................................Time Skip.................................................

Everyone soon settled down for the night. Hiccup had called a meeting earlier on and decided to put me and Astrid in charge if anything happened to him. And Alvin would be next in that line. He told Valka that she was in charge of the Bewilderbeast and the other dragons that didn't have riders. Gobber was to be in charge of the boats since his dragon was very slow anyway. And Eret was to keep an eye out for strange dragons or Vikings during the traveling, because his dragon is a Rumblehorn, and they are tracking dragons. Hiccup had also told us that he was hoping to leave in three days. Which means that we had to work quickly. Astrid, Snotlout, and I were to help Hiccup and Alvin with the boat making, whilst Fishlegs and the twins were to watch the people and make sure no funny business was to happen. I chuckled when Hiccup assigned our jobs but I didn't say anything. I was now heading of to bed, or should I say that my bed was Star's body.
"Hey girl. You tired?" I sat down next to her.
"Yeah. I'm tired." She replied bluntly. I sighed and noticed that the twins weren't anywhere in sight.
"Star! Where's the twins?!" I jumped up and looked around. Star jumped up to and started sniffing the ground. Toothless walked over and started to help to. That's when I spotted something black move near Alvin's camp. I jogged over quietly and hid behind a rock. Star and Toothless followed. That's when I spotted two black shapes sneaking over to Alvin. It was the twins. What are they doing? Star and Toothless must have though the same thing because they stayed silent. Alvin hadn't seen the twins yet, because I planned on surprising him. That's when Thunder climbed the rock that Alvin was sleeping against, and Dawn sneaked around in front of him. I instantly knew what they were planning to do. "They are going to scare Alvin!" I whisper shouted to Star and Toothless. Star started to move towards the cheeky twins but it was to late. Thunder shot a Plasma blast towards Dawn, and Dawn shot one towards Thunder so that they stopped each others blasts. But by doing that it makes a big explosion. Alvin being all defensive and all, jumped up and grabbed his double sided axe and swung it around. When he spotted the twins he gasped. I jogged up to him with Toothless and Star following. They both bit the twins behind their necks which was a punishment for what they did.
"Never scare someone like that again!!" Star growled at them. They cowered in front of their mother. I turned to Alvin.
"Sorry for the wake up call. I forgot to introduce you to Star and Toothless's offspring. Thunder is the green eyed one and Dawn is the other." I gestured to the embarrassed twins.
"Oh? I didn't know that they had little ones?" Alvin put his axe down.
"We'll their eight months old already."
"Wow. They must have been small when they were born?!" Alvin seemed shocked.
"Well I better take them back now. Sorry for the disturbance!" I apologised before ushering them back to our camp. And leaving a bewildered Alvin behind. Once back in our camp I turned to the twins.
"That was very naughty of you's!" I whisper shouted to them.
"We're sorry!" They both said at the same time. I sighed.
"Just don't do that again." I replied before snuggling against Star and soon falling asleep.

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