Chapter 30 Torch

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Kalina's POV.
So we had a meeting with the gang last night, and decided on what to do. Anyone who owns a dragon will fly but everyone else is to help build a few boats. And once that's happened we will move to another island until further notice. Star had gone back to the cove to go get the twins and Hiccup and the rest of the gang were finding food. While I tried to tame some wild dragons. Right now I was race to face with a Monstrous Nightmare.
"Hey big boy. You don't have to be afraid of me. I'm going to help you." I tried to say as calmly as possible. The Nightmare's eyes widened when it realised I could speak dragonesse.
"That's better. Now you come along with me." I ordered, and it followed.

I walked back into the temporary campsite.
"Another Monstrous Nightmare! Aren't there anymore Nadders?" Astrid joked.
"Gronckles and Nighmare's are the only dragons I can find." I replied.
"Add two Terrible Terrors to the list." Fishlegs came up behind us with a Terror on each shoulder. One purple one and a yellow and green coloured one.
"How will they be useful?!" I chuckled.
"Well. Terrible Terrors are very territorial and will do anything to protect there land." Fishlegs stated.
"Fine. They can stay." I muttered.
"I wasn't planning on letting them go anyway." Fishlegs remarked.
Just then Hiccup, Ruff and Tuff, and Snotlout arrived. Star was following closely behind with the twins. Astrid and I ran over to them.
"We managed to catch two baskets full of fish plus two rabbits." Hiccup collapsed on the ground next to Toothless, because he was exhausted.
"That should do us till tomorrow." I sighed "Cmon, let's eat and then go to bed."
So everyone had one fish each and the dragons that hadn't eaten had 5 each. We then all settled down for the night. Thunder and Dawn cuddled up against me, whilst I leaned against Star. Toothless and Hiccup were opposite us and Stormfly and Astrid were next to them. Hookfang and Snotlout were on my right side and Ruff, Tuff were on my left side with there two headed dragon protecting them. Fishlegs and Meatlug were currently on night patrol. And the rest of the village that survived were spread out along the beach.

......................................................................Time Skip...........................................................................

It was early the next day as the sun was rising. I glanced over and saw that Snotlout and Hookfang weren't next to me. I stood up quietly so as to not wake the twins or Star and walked along the beach. I soon spotted Snotlout sitting on a rock and staring out towards the ocean. Hookfang wasn't anywhere in sight which worried me slightly.
"Snotlout? Are you okay?" I asked him quietly as I sat next to him. He jumped, and then realised that it was just me.
"Yeah. Just thinking." He replied sadly.
"Where's Hookfang?" I glanced around thinking that he might be just sleeping behind a tree or something.
"Oh he went of to find some food." Snotlout replied taking a quick glance behind him. I used that as an opportunity. As he looked around I pushed him of the rock and he fell face down into the sand.
"Ahhh!" He screamed as he fell over.
"Haha!" I chuckled standing up on the rock.
"What did you do that for?!" He stood up wiping the sand of his face.
"You looked so gloomy. So I thought I'd cheer you up a bit!" I smiled cheekily before running back to the camp. I could here his footsteps in the sand as he ran after me. Up ahead I could see the camp and I could see Hookfang. I ran up to Hookfang and told him to take Snotlout for a ride. He nodded and then took of into the air before swooping down and grabbing Snotlout.
"Have a nice flight!" I waved them of chuckling.
"What was that all about?" Astrid walked up behind me.
"Nothing much." I replied still chuckling. Astrid gave me a glance but didn't say anything.

.........................................................................Time Skip...........................................................................

Once everyone had woken up and had something to eat, we all went to our individual jobs. My job was once again training any wild dragons I could find. But luckily this time I had Star with me. That's when something really surprising happened. We were flying just above the tree line when suddenly a burst of flames came shooting past us. It surprised Star enough that she fell to the ground with a thud. I rolled away when she hit the ground.
"Ouch." I groaned as I picked myself up. I limped over to Star.
"Star? Are you okay?"
"I think so." She replied standing up slowly. I checked her over for injuries.
"Well there's no obvious injuries." I sighed relieved. That's when I heard really heavy footsteps behind us.
"Star look out!!" I yelled dodging the fire blast, before turning to see what dragon was trying to kill us.
"A Typhomerang!" I gasped. This Typhomerang was a very upset male. He was red, yellow and browny/orange in colour. His eyes were yellow and evil. Why is he so angry?
"Hey! Don't you dare hurt her!" I shouted to him, because he was staring at Star. He turned and looked at me.
"Yeah, I said it. Don't hurt Star!" I gestured to Star and spoke dragonesse.
"You can speak our language?" He growled at me. His eyes really creeped me out.
"I've always been able to! Now, you can help us, or leave us alone!" I was really worried that he would try and hurt us.
"I've been sent here to tell a girl named Kalina that Drago wants to talk with her." The Typhomerang glared at me. That's when I realised that this male Typhomerang was a slave of Drago.
"Why does Drago want to talk to Kalina?" I asked curiously.
"He didn't say. Except that he won't hold her hostage. He just wants to ask a couple of questions."
I glanced at Star. She knew what I was going to say.
"Tell Drago that I'll meet him at the academy before sundown tonight." I told the Typhomerang.
"Wait, your Kalina?" He looked surprised.
"Yes I'm Kalina. Now go!" I shouted to him. He nodded before flying away.
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Star walked over to me.
"It may be the only way to see what he's up to." I replied before mounting on her "let's go back to camp."

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