Chapter 11 Free Falling

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New Rider POV.
We had all been caught now. Hiccup was caught last and I was second last.
"That was fun!" I said happily. "What are we doing now?"
"well' said Hiccup. "As we head back to Berk we will do a trust exercise called free falling, I'll show you."
Hiccup suddenly moved his leg so Toothless' saddle was on auto then unhooked his prosthetic leg from Toothless' saddle and did the unthinkable, he fell off.
I gasped as I watched him fall towards the ocean. Toothless dived down, and glided just below Hiccup. Hiccup landed gently on Toothless and hooked his prosthetic leg back in the saddle and they flew up towards us.
"That's what I mean" Hiccup said slightly breathless. "Your turn!"
"Seriously? What you just did is stupidity on your behalf! You can't make me!" I said this slightly angered.
Hiccup just smiled. "Snotlout!" Hiccup called.
Before I could turn in my saddle, Snotlout's dragon had grabbed me off Star and dropped me just in front of her.
"I will get you for this if I live Snotlout!" I screeched. As I free-fell towards the ocean I heard the sharp screech-like sound of a Night Fury. Star came up under me and I landed on her back gently, just like Hiccup. I looked at Star.
"I'm alive!" I said slightly hoarse. "Yep" said Star casually. "I would never let anything bad happen to you". I was going to tell Star that she could have prevented Snotlout from nearly killing me if she just veered away, but I decided not to say anything. Instead I said " let me at that Snotface kid or else!" It must have sounded threatening because Star turned and shot towards Snotlout.
"Ahhhh!!!" Snotlout screamed like a girl. He turned Hookfang away and tried not to get 'killed' but unfortunately failed, because I jumped off Star onto Hookfang's back, grabbed Snotlout and threw him off his dragon. "And don't fetch" I said to Hookfang. He did as he was told.
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