Chapter 15 Thank you Girl

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Kalina's POV.
Star had gone up to help Hiccup and the gang, and I was still stuck on the ground with Dagur. Dagur kept on striking with his sword and I kept blocking. How long is this going to go on for? I need an idea, a plan. Surely Dagur will tire soon, I can't keep this blocking and aimless striking up.
"Arrgghhh!!!!!" Screamed Dagur as he came for me again swinging his sword.
I blocked again.
That's when it hit me, an idea. I looked around at the other Berkians and realised that we were losing. If I can stop Dagur relentlessly striking at me I can start my plan.
Dagur came for me again and this time I was ready. I blocked his blow but I kept on pushing him back and back with all my strength. I kicked his legs and he fell over, but instead of possibly killing him I left him there on the ground and ran to a rock that was jutting out of the ground. Hooking my staff in the rock I jumped up onto it, and then standing there I did something know one expected. I roared like a dragon calling, calling for someone or something to come to my aid, Berks aid. Nothing happened. "Cmon, Cmon" I muttered to myself, "where is she?"
I didn't realise that Dagur had come up behind me and was about to strike.
"Arrghhh!" He screamed again. I dodged, only to fall of the rock.
"Damn!!" I muttered in a little bit of pain. I clutched my right thigh, it hurt like hell. I quickly looked around and saw Dagur advancing towards me.
"Girls shouldn't fight men!" He said sarcastically as he started to raise his sword.
"Kalina!!" I heard Astrid scream my name.
Suddenly the ground started to shake like an earthquake. The houses and buildings around me started to crack. I smiled and turned around with my back to Dagur.
"SHE IS HERE!!!!!! I shouted raising my staff to the Berkians and to the dragon riders above. They looked at me confusingly. A Screaming Death suddenly shot out of the ground and up towards the the clouds. It stopped and looked around, on seeing me it flew down and hovered behind me. I turned and faced Dagur, he was absolutely horrified.
"You wanted a fight and you just got one!" I said to him angrily. "Leave and never come back, or face her fury!!
Dagur didn't seem to know what to do. " 5. 4...." I started to count down.
He suddenly turned and ran straight back to his ships and his men followed suit, and within 10 minuted they were out of sight. I turned to the Screaming Death behind me.
"Thank you girl, you saved my butt back there" I was talking dragonesse to her. She gave a little roar and disappeared.

The gang landed next to me. That's when I remembered my leg, It actually was extremely painful.
"Argh" I called out in pain and then fell to the ground.
"Kalina!" The gang quickly came to me.
"What happened?" said Snotlout worriedly.
"I...I fell of...the rock..." I managed to say before I blacked out.

2 hours later

I slowly started to wake up and look around. I could see all these little bottles and jars of things.
"Your awake!" Said a boys voice next to me.
"Snotlout?" I asked quietly.
"Yeah it's me, do you feel Okay?"
"My leg hurts, where am i?" I asked looking around to see where the heck he was.
"Your at Gothi's hut, you blacked out after the Screaming Death left. I bought you up here, and I've been waiting for you to wake up. You've been out for about 2 hours." He added.
"Ummm...okay" I wasn't sure what to say.
"I might leave you to ughhh.....get yourself...umm.......sorted". Snotlout said hurriedly before vanishing out the door.

No sooner than had Snotlout walked out the door that I got up and put my fur boots on and my black cape because it was freezing up here at Gothi's. I walked out to the front of her hut and saw a long verandah covered in sand. "Odd?" I muttered. "Why would you cover you front deck in sand?" I chuckled slightly. My leg still hurt like hell as I walked (limped) out on the varendah. That's when I noticed that their were no trees or even any sign of life, all I could see was sky. Confused I was, to the point that I walked straight to the edge of the deck and got the fright of my life. It was a sheer drop down, down to Berk.
"Wow! This is awesome!" I exclaimed.
"Kalina! Your alive!!" Roared Star as she came bounding over.
"Star no! I shouted. Star didn't realise I was on the edge of the deck and one more step I would fall off!
I fell.
"Arghhh" I screamed. "Star get your butt down here now" I screeched.
I soon heard the familiar screech of Star as she dived down after me.
"3...2...1..." Swoosh, I was on her back, and as you can imagine my sore leg got the beating.
"Sorry, I didn't realise you were on the edge". Star apologised.
"That's okay, just don't do it again!" I said sternly.
"Ahh, I see Berks hero is up and flying?" Hiccup said as he came on Toothless alongside Star and I.
"Berks hero?" I glanced at Hiccup.
"Yep, without you our your Screaming friend, Berk would have lost. And that's why we're throwing at party tonight in your honour for saving Berk!"
"Oh, you really don't have to do that for me". I replied.
"Of course we do" Hiccup said. And before I could say anything else he was gone.
"Well," I said to Star "looks like we will be attending a party tonight, in our honour."

That's when I noticed that Star wasn't really paying attention as I was talking to her.
"Is something wrong girl?"
Star sighed and looked over to where Hiccup and Toothless were. I looked where she was looking and immediately understood.
"Having some boy troubles I see" I said sarcastically.
"It's just....I feel like it's almost a responsibility that Toothless and I become a pair because we may be the only Night Furies left, and I just don't know if I'm ready for that." Star replied.
I could sense that Star didn't know what to do.
"You don't have to rush into anything yet, just take your time and get to know Toothless a little bit more, and then when your ready, you can, move on." I said worriedly.
"Okay" is all Star said before we landed in the academy.

"Hey, Kalina! Your up! How do you feel?" Astrid asked as she approached Star and I.
"Yeah I feel alright, still a little sore in the leg but I'll live." I said sarcastically.
"That's good, I was going to ask you, how did you call a Screaming Death?"
I knew that somewhere along the line that question was going to come up, I just didn't really have an answer.
"Ummm, well, I just met her at Changewing Island on one of my flights with Star, and because I can speak Dragonesse I guess I kinda made friends with her then and there."
"Cool!" Said the twins in unison.
"Can you get me one? Asked Ruffnut.
"No! She's going to get me one, not you" said Tuffnut as he pushed Ruff out of the way.
"No me!" Shouted Ruff.
"No!! Me!" Shouted Tuff.
"No, me!" And Ruff grappled Tuffnut to the ground for a 10 minute wrestle.
"Guys!" I shouted to the twins.
"What!" They replied.
"No one is getting a Screaming Death because there is only one!" I said sternly then sighed and looked at Astrid "Do they fight everyday or what!?"
"They fight more than once a every single day." She chuckled before saying "Do you want to go somewhere else?" As she motioned to the twins.
"Yes!" I replied before I mounted Star and flew out of the academy with Astrid on Stormfly.

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