A Dangerous Play

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I was drinking wine. Lots and lots of wine as the sun broke, when my Sight took over. It was the warrior once more, except this time he held onto me. Warmth enclosed me, his body towering over mine. I felt safe with him. But who was he?  It was then, that his eyes lost their misty haze and I was allowed to see. His eyes were a deep brown, almost black, but instead of the hardness I expected to see, all I saw was a gentleness that took my breath away.

Then the child. A child full of light, its green eyes staring up at the sky with pure joy.

Then the fire. It consumed the castle and everything thing in it. I felt the heat upon my skin, it was scorching. What was this?

Finally my brother's death once more. Blooding exiting his stomach as light left his eyes.

I gasped out the vision as my head pounded into me. I could barely think, what were these visions? They were not random. Maybe a message of some sort. I had to find Nikoli, but my head. Wine and emotions did not mix well.

"Miss?" I looked up at Herra's voice as she stood at the entrance of the kitchen.

"Herra. I have not seen you in weeks. How are you lovely girl?" She smiled at me, grateful.

"I am well Miss. Thank you." I nodded.

"That is wonderful Herra."

"I've actually come to collect you for the King, Miss." I stiffened slightly.

"Did he say what for?" She shook her head. "Well then." I finished my wine and stood, shakily. "Let's not keep our King waiting." Slowly I made my way to the King, Herra right at my feet.

We entered the battle room where the King and his advisors once more surrounded the outline of the Land. Nikoli came and sent Herra on her way as we made our way over. I noticed the Queen taking a walk of the room. Watching. As Queen she did not have a say in battle strategy, she observed it. She caught my eye and nodded.

Last I noticed Alxander sitting and listening to his father. My throat threatened to close at the sight of him but I drew breath. Do not appear weak. He is a man and they have walked over you enough. Crumble on the inside, not the out.

We walked until we both stood at the table. Were we not just at battle? I was about to ask Nikoli but something caught my eye. Prince Merida. He was here once more, standing just beyond the throne chair.

"Nasya." My brother spoke, noticing my body tense.

"He is here. Merida." I stood looking in that direction.

"What does it want?"

"He, is not doing anything. Just waiting. Watching."

"Can you tell if he is dead?"

"No. I cannot." I pulled my gaze from the Prince. "What is this?" I nodded to the maps and plans laid out before us.

"Nathoria. They want to look at it."

"Do you think it wise?"

"I want to look to. But there is a problem. To get there we had to pass through Damaris. To pass again would be foolish."

"Because he only grants one King. And we have used it." Damaris was a strict land, one so far North of the Kingdom that you only went there to cause trouble. The King has let many roam his lands but entrance to pass through it was only given once.

"Troy wants to take it." I spoke.

"Yes. They are planning now. They want to reach Nathoria within in a month's time. Damaris is merely an obstacle."

"So soon."

"We need to know what happened to those men."

"I need to speak with you. Soon. It's urgent." I whispered to him quickly before walking over to the King. I saw the plan vividly. It would be a bloodshed. Just another territory that was not his to take. I looked to the Queen who was already watching me. Her eyes speaking the words she spoke just last night. To prosper in this Kingdom your Sight is needed, but only for this Kingdom. Not him.

"There is another way." I spoke. All heads turned to me at once.

"No one has ever seen or heard of another way into Nathoria. Taking Damaris is the only way." An advisor spoke roughly.

"The only way to get your men killed yes." I was lying. I did not see another way. I didn't see any way to go around Damaris, but I had to protect it. Many lived there under a good King's rule, they did not deserve this.

"What exactly do you See?" Alxander's stare bore into me as he asked the question. It took mere strength to not crumble under his stare, but this wasn't about me. This was about the lives that would die only for Greed. I kept my Sight steady, jumping around the pictures.

"A bloodshed. Men will be severely lost."

"Men are lost every day in battle Nasya." Troy waved his hand to dismiss the idea.

"Your numbers will cripple at least by ¾'s." This got their attention. The lie got their attention. I said the complete opposite. Damaris would crumble under these forces. "Damaris may be small but they are powered by a witch now." Only a part lie. Damaris does contain a witch, but she is the mere age of 12. She hasn't even awakened yet. "We would reach Nathoria only to be met with an unknown force without the men."

"What way do you See?" An advisor asked.

"One that surges West."

"West! Towards the dust minds? Are you mad?" I was. Absolutely absurd because this was taking a turn for the worst.

"Cloudy as this may seem, it is the only way."

"A dangerous play Mistress."

Troy continued to look at me until he stood and came to stand right next to me.

"Then you shall have no problem coming with us." He held a gleam in his eyes.

"My King I-" I raised my hand to stop Nikoli from speaking further, to reject my involvement.

"As you wish it be, My King." I held my head high, looking him in his eyes. But shaking severe on the inside. What had I just pulled myself into?

"Good." He pulled me into his side. "Our visitors have arrived."

A vision overcame me, our visitors. They were chained by their hands, bags placed over their heads. Each one had a guard stand beside them. Power swirled around them, their auras burning brightly. I blinked as I focused back in the King.

"You've brought other beings here." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"We are facing a threat that we cannot see. Yet." He gave me a knowing look. "I've called all who specialize in Kingdoms across this Land." I took a look to Nikoli upon the King's words. "We will prepare for this threat."

"You think it Magic."

"I think it's something." He nodded to a guard at the door. "Send them in." He turned back to me. "I would never replace you." I turned my head slightly so he ended up landing a kiss upon my neck instead on my lips. Letting out a laugh he walked forward as my sisters of this World were brought in one by one and formed a line before us. An energy swirled within me as I looked upon them. One familiar. I stared at them as the guards removed there bags and freed their faces.

"Mother." Nikoli spoke first as our eyes laid upon her. She held her head high. We made a start to her but were stopped by guards, grabbing the both of us. They blocked our path. I looked to Troy with anger as he held a sickly smile on his face.

"After all. They are the best."

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