The Perfect Strategy

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 We ran for a long distance stopping every time the sun shifted. As we were about a mile away from camp I looked to the sun and a shimmer of an image clouded my vision. Hypire was moving faster than we anticipated. They had shifted a little more south as a shortcut. If we wanted to meet them halfway as a surprise we’d have to move now.

“They should move now.” I spoke sternly. “They’ll meet Hypire with enough force to slow them down until we send more. You’ll be able to send them off right when we get there.” The King nodded as he wrote a message on the scroll that was attached to the hawk on his arm. He let the hawk go and we continued to ride.

As we got to camp I quickly went to my tent and sat on the floor in the farthest corner. I crossed my legs and breathed deeply. I could already feel the toll on my Sight. I was blinded in all other emotion but pride, fear, and anger.

I sipped wine until the royal family entered the tent. The wine loosened me up, hopefully to dull my own emotions so I wouldn’t be cloudy.

“Nasya what do you See?” The King spoke. I closed my eyes and saw the Knights headed to towards Hypire.

“Hypire will reach them in minutes. Our Knights stand guard waiting.”

“Good what of the eastern front.”

“Clear as the sky sees.” The Queen nodded.

“Keep searching on the East. We have news of ambush just a while ago. We need no surprise.”

For a couples minutes it was silent until it happened. I was violently thrown into a vision, one that caused me to gasp. Metal met iron and flesh met flesh.

“It has started.” I breathed out. I swayed until Nikoli caught me. I was right, this was a terrible mistake. My mind burned with the aftershock of such violence and my heart beat faster than I ever could imagine.

“I need a servant now!” I heard my brother order. Julssa ran in almost immediately. “She needs cold cloths now. And make a tea with Marsilea leaves. You are to stay with her until this battle is over.” My brother command in his voice. He had as much power as the King did when it came to giving orders, no one stopped Julssa as she left to acquire the things my brother asked.

“Can she still See?” The King questioned as I held my head against Nikoli’s shoulder. My brother’s jaw clenched before speaking.

“You shouldn’t have brought her here.” He bit out. I meekly reached for his hand.

“Nikoli.” I warned.

“This environment is too harsh for her. You keep her inside walls all day except once every couple months. She doesn’t know the weight of war.” I breathed out again as fire clouded my vision and then the scene of death. Tears covered my eyes. Bodies on the floor.

“They hold fire. A weapon launching from the sky. We are evenly matched. The East is still clear My Queen.” Julssa was back and placed a cloth on my head. She took Nikoli’s place as I noticed the steam rise from the pot of tea that sat beside her. I breathed in deeply as sweat covered my body. My brother stood guard besides me, before a Knight called him outside.

I whimpered as a heat went over my body and I once again was thrust into a vision. My eyes widened.

“Forces are seen in the East.” The King scrambled outside and readied our extra Knights. I burned with every comforting touch that Julssa tried to place upon me. I was out of breath as well. This was my worst mistake. Thinking I could handle such damage.

My head rolled back as I saw an image of our Knights raging in from the East coming behind the fools who tried to ambush us. I gasped out loud as I came back to Earth. The visions were getting stronger. Defying every thought I tried to have of my own and clouding it with violence. 

It was then another came and I was transported not to a battlefield but to a room. A girl sat before me. Probably a year or two younger than I. She had long hair that reached her waist and shackles that enclosed her wrist. She stared at me with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry sister.” She whispered. “Find another way.”

Then I was pushed out of the vision, of everything. I yelped in pain as a burning sensation went across my eyes and began in my head. I opened my eyes to see the Queen and Alxander surrounding me.

“Miss. You bleed.” Julssa spoke her eyes on my face. I raised my hand to my face to feel wetness upon my face. My eyes dripped red. I shakily looked to my hands which had lost all coloring except of my blood.

“Nasya?” The Queen spoke.

“What has happened?” The King demanded as he stormed in with Nikoli right behind him. My brother’s eyes widened as he rushed to my side.

“I cannot See. The visions, they are gone.”

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